When You Listen To Your Heart, Fear Loses Its Voice!

What is the greatest motivator you can imagine? The joy of making your life more than it is now. This has nothing to do with being discontented or even unhappy. It is actually the other way around. It is the knowledge that each step we take in life leads us to another platform. FromΒ there we see new things which trigger something which was lying dormant within us waiting for the moment when we are ready to wake it up.

This is what I would also call zest for life. The joy of living. The joy of discovering life. Taking life as it comes towards us, looking at it, accepting it, and making something of it that moves me forward. But does that mean that it is all just a smooth flow on a calm river? For sure not!

Each of those last steps to get onto that new platform also holds some fear. I have never been there before and I don’t know how it is until I get there. Most of all for someone who always tries to be in control of her life this can be scary and confusing. But it is not wrong, it is only new. Once experienced the liberation of going past the fear stretches the mind. It teaches it that there is a power that is wiser than itself. A power and wisdom that exists far longer than the mind which can only talk from the experience of its own lifetime. It has no idea what the soul is destined to experience and is aligned with the power of the soul opening up endless possibilities. So simply shut up that inner dialogue!

I think the happiest people are those who experience what they are able to do. Those who grew out of themselves and realize that they are able to achieve everything they feel is a truth within them. The mind is important to get us through the physical world with its physical laws. But if we let the mind be in control of what the soul wants, we are limited in our desired development which causes frustration and even depression.

As I said, a feeling of fear or confusion may be with us whenever we go for something new. But that fear is only a mindset resulting from too little information. Knowing this and (even more important) knowing that it is our purpose to expand the spiritual beings we are into this physical world we will accept that fear may be a sporadic companion but not an equal partner! That way we make ourselves and our creative powers visible in order to learn and develop from experience.

To live life means filling your life with meaning. And you can only give your life meaning when you let your Self fill yourself! Once you went past your fear – not because you were forced to but because you decided to – and you see that what waits on the other side is the place you are actually meant to operate then you gave your mind that important “stretch experience”.

Many people have overcome so much. They made it through all thunderstorms. Still, they don’t see how far they have come. Mostly the reason is that they did not realize that they made it and only felt like the fighting victims instead of the powerful fighters. They will be lamenting all life for how many struggles they had to face but not how many times they overcame them. That’s why it is so important that see fear and go beyond it consciously. Then each new challenge will be seen as another option to grow into a bigger, better, and more powerful person than before.

You can make a change. It may be hard in the beginning. Like it is with all new things we learn. But once you see what you yourself are able to achieve and that you can only achieve it when you take action you won’t ever go back anymore. No stomach pain can ever keep you from following the voice of your heart anymore!

Your life is yours! Make it yours!

In Love and Light

(Inspired by a conversation with Amanda of Inside The Life Of Moi)

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Stepping out of our comfort Zones often bring us to that point of fear.. Where we are fearful of letting go of the familiar as we explore new territory..
I think we as a world are experiencing now as a whole, as our stress levels escalate and frustrations comes from not being in control of situations. We put ourselves under pressure as we compete with ourselves, feeling uncertain of the outcomes.. So we continue to feed that fear with more fear..

Learning to Trust our own inner instincts.. Our hearts, has become alien.. As we throughout these last few decades especially have relied upon others to tell us what we should do.. Be it to follow fashion trends, what to eat, what to buy or who to vote for.. There is always some one else telling us what to do..

When we stand apart and think for ourselves and act upon our own instincts against the ‘norm’ we can then often be ridiculed, labelled and fearful of doing the wrong thing.. As we feel vulnerable and can feel singled out..
Fear then grabs us and we often retreat back into our inner shells not trusting our own hearts for fear it will let us down..

Trusting takes time.. But when we do learn to follow our hearts and listen to that inner voice, the one that speaks of love and compassion, that cares and serves..

Then we are in the flow.. And that flow is so beautiful..

You dear Erika are in the Flow.. A beautiful flow of energy… Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and insights, quotes and music.. For each post aligns us within your energy..

Love and Blessings dear friend for being who you are.. ❀ ❀ ❀ xxx Sue xx

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Wow, Sue! I feel honored by your detailed comment!
What you said here totally speaks to me! I so agree with what you wrote about us putting ourselves under pressure because we think we have to be perfect.
And then again becoming insecure when we are criticized or questioned… or worse. Why do we think there is something wrong with us and not with the one who laughs at us? Isn’t that strange? We need t learn to listen to ourselves and believe what our inner voice says because it is the only voice that comes from the only source which knows where we have to go!
Thank you very much for your kindness, Sue. I am totally humbled by your words. You know and see so much and reading this from you touches my heart πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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