The Challenging Point of No Return

It is really funny! Sunday is usually the day when I prepare my Monday post (not the one for the next day but for the following week later 😁). So on that Sunday when I was pondering what I could write about nothing was already on my mind. Hmm… so I was sitting there staring at my laptop, fingers on the keyboard, and ready to type but…

empty spaces. That is the moment when I start planning which is: stop thinking! I stop pondering but look up and say: “Please, tell me what I shall write about!” That way the channel is open.  Then I am doing ordinary things but looking out for signs of inspiration. Prior to that morning, I made a backup of my laptop. I saw my external memory still lying there and… here we go!

When we are going through life we can find ourselves in situations and circumstances which require our actions. It just happens due to the way we live and also in order to learn and develop from what we experience. Sometimes certain situations not only hold new elements but are simply new and scary all over. We are asked to decide whether to stay in the old which we don’t want anymore for a long time already or take that step into the new completely unknown which feels liberating and deeply scary at the same time. We are aware that we are standing in front of the point of no return.

It can likely happen that we give in again since feeling guilty and perhaps selfish and taking the responsibility for breaking down everything and affecting the lives of others with it can be overwhelming. It is the moment when we need to step aside and reflect. As long as we are in the midst of the emotional stream we will break down physically and mentally at one point. Maybe we really resign because we cannot take it anymore. But that is exactly that point we need to look closer: Do I want to look back and say “I already made it so far but I did not take that last step only because I was too afraid”?

We need to get into an observing and more objective position. We need to remember what brought us so close to that moment of changing our lives. Was it a mood? No, it was an inner conviction. We headed towards that point of no return because of a reason and we need to recall everything. If this recalling fills you again with determination and the knowing that the difficult way again/still feels like the right one then go! Life is more than what was! If we let ourselves direct by our fears or insecurities we will always look at our dreams like clouds that are blown away by the wind. If we want to live the life we feel is ours inside of us then we need to step up for it. Then we need to take the journey through the thorn bush and risk some scratches. The scratches will heal again but not going through them will keep us from ever experiencing the side we already see in our hearts as the life we are supposed to experience.

When a change needs to be made it is normal and actually a good sign that we feel emotional because it shows that what was has a place in our hearts and will always have. Life is change. Life is risking something. If we never risk a change how shall we ever know how it feels to really live? What makes us grow is not the security of our comfort zone but the inspiring fresh air of the world that is waiting behind us. Our comfort zone is a small limited space within a universe of possibilities. Yes, it needs a bit of courage to step over the limit line but you feel it in your heart when it is time to do it. Reflect, remember why you got at this point, and motivate yourself not to back out again! You don’t need to explain it to anyone. It is enough when you feel it deep inside that it is time to leave for more!

Remember that all you do will lead you toward the destinations you are meant to arrive. So, don’t be afraid and take action. Taking responsibility, making that step consciously, and following that path determined will empower you even more because you know that YOU did it!

Whatever this all has to do with my external memory… at least it inspired this post!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Point of no return: reminds of Beatles lyric “Once there was a way to go back home again…” I pondered that a great deal almost half a century now. The home was not a physical place but a state of mind and that loss of innocence, pessimism and cynicism became the new place. I lament my apotheosis that brought me to such thinking. I suppose now “home” is where we are at the moment.Thanks for your recent visit to my blog.

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Hi, Carl! I thank you for stopping by, reading my post, and leaving such a thought-provoking comment. Yes, home is a state of mind. That way we have the power to change a “home” we don’t want. The collective mind is most creative and the more people decide to believe in a home of love the closer we get to that place!

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