Open Waters


About 10 days ago I posted the quote above. The truth and wide message it holds went deep. Although I wrote some lines in Just A Thought… I feel like going a bit deeper into the subject.


Imagine a circle which displays the comfort zone. It is like an isolated island surrounded by everything else that exists. The most important and dramatic changes in our lives are not happening in our comfort zone. All inside our comfort zone is only what happened before in our lives. All we already experienced, and all we already know. If we want to develop we need to take a step over its border. We know that beyond that limit line lies an ocean of possibilities and options. All our potentials of growth find their tools beyond the comfort zone. And still when we take that step over that limit line we enter open waters.


Whether we are aware of it or not, throughout our lives we are reaching that end or of our comfort zone over and over again. That’s when new eras start, when we change our jobs, when we try out or learn something new. This can happen by a conscious decision of ourselves or when life creates conditions that kick us out of that island and urge us to swim. But however, we feel it when the time has come again to stretch the limit line of our comfort zone again. We feel an inner tension we may have tried to ignore for a while or we are given chances and ideas which won’t leave the mind anymore.


Perhaps we have no explanation why all of a sudden this feeling appears in us or why this vision shows up. But all that comes up is only a result of the steps we made before and what lies in front of us to be meant to discover. Again, our soul doesn’t forget why it has come here and what it wanted to experience. It knows that path and will send us signs to keep moving. Yes, it is confusing and scary that although we know where we wish to arrive often we feel like paddling in open waters and hoping that the direction we paddle is the right one. One thing is for sure: We will arrive! We definitely will! It may be a stormy sea at times and we may not only be accompanied by dolphins but also by sharks. We will experience support and obstacles, sunny and stormy times. But both the dolphins and the sharks support our journey.


What scares so much is that we may need to let go of the liana before we hold the next one in hands. And that is what holds us back for so long until our comfort zone has become too small and feels suffocating. The fear is not big enough anymore like the deep need to break that wall and let our grown self breathe again.


Before we don’t try, we cannot swim. Before we don’t swim, we cannot arrive. Swimming strengthens our muscles and once we reach the shore we step out of the water more powerful than ever before and well prepared. Have faith in your journey. You are only on it because your soul guides you. So, either you dare to jump or you need to make sure that you are fine with what is, in awareness of the restriction of your possibilities. Don’t forget, you are not alone with that problem. You have 7 billions of mates who deal with it every day too.


Stretch the limit line and feel how much more life has to offer!
We can never become more in sticking with what we already are!

In Love and Light



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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


At one point the pressure of acting against my needs and dreams and the power of people controlling me with humiliation and manipulation for their benefits got too big. Much bigger than the fear of standing up and walking through that dark mist. Once I took the first step I noticed that no one can actually hinder me… it was always my own conviction that they can.

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Some didn’t notice what they made and some didn’t care… anyway, we need to take care of ourselves and not wait until others feel sorry for us, right?


But you can only give what you have. If you are worn out and exhausted you are of no help for anyone. From whom do you benefit more? The energized, steadfast, content, and serene people? Or the ones who appear like slaves, insecure, respectless to themselves, and full of self-doubt? Who is more empowering?


This is yet another timely write dear Erika. One I was also meant to read today

“…But all that comes up is only a result of the steps we made before and what lies in front of us to be meant to discover. Again, our soul doesn’t forget why it has come here and what it wanted to experience. It knows that path and will send us signs to keep moving. ”

And I keep on keeping on getting those times… Its now time to follow them.. ❤
Love and Blessings dear friend.. And thank YOU xx ❤

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Hi Shamira! Yes, it is not always easy. And often we don’t even notice that we are using excuses in order to not get troubled to do overstep the limit line. But the day comes when our inner world pushes us to the border and we will do that step because otherwise, we will always regret when we look back!
Thank you very much, Shamira!

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