Wrap Your Fears In Love… And The Miracle Starts To Happen!


A couple weeks ago, a friend replied to one of my tweets with “Wrap Your Fears In Love”. I know, I already mentioned this and posted a haiku about it. But the effect of embracing our fears with love is so life-changing that I want to write a Monday post about it.


Fears are accompanying all of us. Here I am basically talking about repeating situations or tasks which cause anxiety. We need to be aware of the fact that whatever fear we feel arise is homemade! That’s why some people can be totally afraid of something which others don’t even notice. It has to do with all we experienced before, how we perceived it, and what we made (or did not make) of it. The more we accept fear as part of our lives the more we even consider it as a part of ourselves. But in fact, it is only a construct of our thoughts, caused by what we decided to believe – about ourselves and bout life.


There are more than enough reasons which plant fear and self-doubt in a person. A little child is the purest appearance of the combination of a spiritual being and its physical existence. It is in complete alignment with its soul’s plan, with itself, and it is in connection with its higher guidance. Then the physical world takes over. Since it has no experience with life on earth it sucks everything up like a sponge. Although it can feel a tension between its inner knowing and what it is taught about life and about itself it tends to believe the closest people in its life. This thought makes the responsibility of raising children even more serious. We not only have to protect them regarding physical threats. We not only have to prepare them to face this world. We also have to make sure that we let this being unfold in its own way or we will build barriers for it which it has to remove later in his adulthood. Often they are not even aware that there are barriers blocking them but even believe that it has to be that way … here we are again.


Whatever we believe about life is… a belief. Who can really claim to know the truth? We need to follow our own inner guidance in order to find the path that is meant for the individual us. We all have been influenced by so much and will influence others. The good news is that it is ok. Because out of that, we learn exactly what we are meant to learn. That is the reason that we can only be affected by other people’s domination which in the end, leads us to the necessary breakthrough moments. What we don’t need to learn, we won’t notice. Fear is only a sign that there is something meant to overcome.  Before we can let our spirit live this life in all its fullness we need to break the wall of fear.


When it is dark and you need to see better. Do you accept the darkness or do you use the option of switching the light on? Light is the opposite of darkness. When you turn on the light the darkness disappears immediately. They cannot exist together at the same time. Love is light and fear (not hatred) is the opposite of love. Check it out, when you are full of love then it is impossible to feel fear at the same time. It may be that when you think of fear that it comes up but that happens because you are thinking destructive thoughts which make love disappear. But a person filled with love can impossibly feel anxious. Again, it is a choice of our thoughts which define how we feel and if we feel separated or connected to who we are. A person who feels love is connected to its divine origin – to who it really is. And once someone is in alignment with who they really are then fear is no option. Aligning with love distances us from the identification with all that comes from the physical worls, and fear part of it. It makes us aware that we are not the game but only playing it. But nothing – NOTHING – can ever harm the light that we are.


Now, when conditions, incidents, or new challenges are causing anxiety then we need to remember that it is only part of this physical life to help us grow into more than we were before. If it is something we really feel uncomfortable with or not ready for, it is your right to say NO or to strike a different path. If it is something we cannot prevent from happening or which we actually even want to happen although we are afraid of then embrace the situation, person, or task with love. Smile at it and perhaps even say thank you to it that it gives you the chance to take another step on your life’s staircase in taking the challenge. You are more than your challenges. You are more than your fears. You are more than your thoughts and beliefs. Don’t judge the situation just embrace it with love. You will experience a warmth and a strength rising up inside of you, filling you completely. All of a sudden, you will find yourself looking down on the challenge and what once felt like a huge wall has shrunk to a simple step. With this power, you generated (YOU generated) you can not only face the current obstacle but every obstacle!

Wrap your fears in love… and the miracle you are can happen!

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In Love and Light

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Another brilliant post Erika.. We are brought up to Fear so much, it becomes hard to distinguish at times just how many things keep us held prisoner, as we allow Fear to rule instead of learning to trust and live in Love.
I picked out this sentence of yours as it stood out for me, almost jumped from the page it did 🙂
“Before we can let our spirit live this life in all its fullness we need to break the wall of fear.”
And that is it in a nut shell…
Excellent Erika.. apologies I have not been each day here.. But I am also breaking certain Fears, as I please self more and follow my instincts… And that has meant not being on the internet as much..
Sending HUGE HUGS my friend.. IN LOVE AND GRATITUDE.. ❤ ❤ ❤ xxx

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Hi, Sue! Never apologies for living life… lol! You are striking a chord inside of me with that totally. I too give more priority to life although I try to keep up with my joy of inspiring. But life comes first!!
Thank you very much for your wonderful comment, Sue! That sentence has a powerful energy and I felt it while it slipped out of my fingers. Fear (not trusting) can work like a filter between our spirit and life! Feeling this is already a step through fear because we know that we are more powerful than the construct of fear we created with our minds.
Lots of love, Sue 💖

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Another perfect post to confirm what I saw in my own life just last evening. Because of a certain situation within my life I allowed fear to Lead Me and in response I acted in ways that only fed the situation whereupon more fear was bred. It was always the other person and I never stopped to see my part in what I was doing. I took a good hard look at my own fear and I began to shake, not knowing if I could honestly change my attitude because this just hurt so much. And what did I do? I marched up to fear and I said with Love in my voice a different response then I had normally would have said. And in so doing I broke the straw in half and fear was stopped. Your post, Erika, shouted to the rooftops to me. There are times we don’t even know we are acting in fear until we really stop and step way back and instead of looking at the other person, look towards us. Thank you so much for being an instrument to show me I have succeeded with overcoming another fear. Bless you! 👏👏👏

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You always manage to bring smiles and happy tears to my eyes, Amy! It is amazing to feel what you have understood and overcome. From outside it may look so clear but when we are inside the situation and caught by our own clouds it is such a breakthrough when we are chasing the fog away and find out what blocked our view for so long. Yes, fear only becomes stronger the more we accept it and the more we wait until something happens or changes for us to lose it. Instead it is our awareness that has to change in order lift ourselves above the clouds.
Thank you for always sharing your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, Amy. Lots of love and big hugs to you, my dear friend 💖

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You are welcome, Erika. In verbalizing what I am learning, I make that insight so much stronger. Fear has a way of disguising itself so that we don’t even see it. And then there is the “self-righteousness” believing I had every right to act as I had been. Hmmmm …. In actuality what I accused someone of I was doing! All of us are mirrors of each other. Oh believe you me, some of the mirrors I do NOT want to look at. Hard stuff!! XOXOXOXO

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So true!! We are supporting each other in our development by mirroring and the reflection we see is exactly what we need to work out…. and yes, some reflections are not very nice… or even too bright!!
Lots of love, Amy 💖

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Wow, Nico, you really planted a seed! I have not thought about it before. But you are right. That topic holds so much to tell and the title would make a great book title too. I will make a note. Thank you so much for this amazing inspiration!!

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