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It is Friday. A work week lies behind most of us. Hopefully, the week was successful. Perhaps you were confirmed that you are right on track. Perhaps you noticed that you were doing things naturally, faster, and totally self-confident which caused you stomach pain only weeks ago. Realizing that, only increases your self-esteem and joy which again supports the further development. 

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There may have been hard times until you reached that point. But there was something inside of you that kept you going even though you would have loved to throw it all away at times. For whatever reason, you did not give up and here you are: Proud of yourself and smiling! New challenges seem not so scary anymore because you experienced that you can!! Smiling more, achieving more, smiling more! You can make it everywhere but never lose your smile and you generate a passion inside of you that gives you the power to hang in – against all odds!

Happy Friday 😃

The quote below doesn’t actually fit this post. But I found it so funny and true that I couldn’t resist to share it. 


In Love and Light

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A smile can hold so much power just the way you expressed so poignantly. It can trick a grief ridden mind into believing life’s still not that bad, cheer up one’s spirits and of course annoy those who thought they could treat you however they pleased and you’d too broken to do much.

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Right! A smile can cange the way we feel right now and can be the ignition point for the change of an attitude. When we make someone else smile we do so much for ourselves at the same moment. And yes, it can also give us the power to step above the low energy of others!

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I thank you very much for stopping by and leaving such a nice commend. Yes, indeed, smiling is definitely underestimated. We can face the serious side of life much better with a smile than with a doubtful or angry face. Thank you, again!


Erika, your last quote in the box tickled me. Do you know who the happiest people in the US are right now? It is those folks who turned down the invitation to work for the commander-in-chief. The second happiest are their spouses. So, any time our tempestuous President’s name come up, they just smile. Keith

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I’m smiling as I write this. Both quotes are so true! Thank you for the uplifting post, Erika. Like you, I needed it! Had a run-in with a nasty family member when I attempted to be nice. Smiles don’t work with this one. Oh no. I swung back BUT speaking TRUTH in Love. Some people’s pain is killing them. Let’s smile together, shall we? 😘

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I know what you mean. You can be nice and determined to stick with your inner conviction and stay close to your heart. But the pain that has others in its grip can radiate and affect so strongly. I have a family member like this too. The pain of the past is so deeply rooted that it breaks through in particular attitudes regarding the mood. Very challenging and energy draining!! So, let’s step back, see that it is not us and lift us up with another smile 💖

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Thank you, Erika! In facing fear as I did yesterday, I realized that I held Within Me a deeply held fear of this sister of mine. Her words towards me are like hot lava and so I developed a fear. In what I did in standing up for myself and stating my truth firmly with Love, I faced fear itself. And in so doing I saw how much pain this woman is in. Thus, compassion was born. All is good!

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I understand that very well. I had the same experience with my father many years ago. All of a sudden I realized it has never been about me but about his own fight within. And there too, it was possible to step back from the scenery and watch it from a distance seeing the person beneath the surface. It is a hard lesson to learn and even after that realization still not easy to distance but it helps so much to deal with it differently. Thank you for sharing your experience, Amy. That was an amazing reminder and helps me too dealing better with that other person. Big hugs 💖

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