Sometimes we are focused on a particular way to reach a goal. Or we think we know the perfect solution to a problem. Maybe we even believe that there is no solution to a problem. However, the constructs of the mind may take us on an odyssey because we become blind to the many possibilities meant for us.

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In times of trouble, desperation, pressure, and frustration, never forget that this shall pass too. While facing the challenge and going through it, you are digging deeper into your potential.

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#JustAThought… The Moment of Enlightenment

I still believe that the core purpose of the journey through this lifetime lies in rediscovering our own light, in the way we deal with what happens leads us closer to recognizing who we really are. Joy, pain, drama, success, love, loss, stress, relief shows the results by the consequences of our actions and reactions. Every little incident tells us something about ourselves and the more we experience the more we might see that it is up to us how we experience what happens. Nothing new! BUT…

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Just A Thought… Can it be?


What if World War III was not caused by one country attacking another but by something attacking all countries?

What if World War III would not divide but unite?

What if this was World War III? Despite all the tragedies and economic disasters, wouldn’t we be lucky?

These thoughts were just running through my head.

In Love, Light, and Health

#JustAThought… The Shift

A virus teaches
People to slow down and breathe
Nature gets a break

A virus changes all
Losing people, money, time
Daily exhaustion

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#JustAThought … What Means Success?

In our society success seems to be defined by sales numbers, collecting awards and degrees, follower numbers, likes, possession… Yes, we all need to make a living and of course, want to enjoy life since money still rules this world. But even aside from the thoughts about our financial security still, the need for having more and more and more doesn’t stop. As long as society plays that game, those plans will work out.

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Just a Thought… Stop bowing, start living

“We have always done it that way. You cannot make money with what you would like to do. You don’t have the money to do it. You have to stick with our kind. It is the tradition. It is the culture. The family won’t let me.”

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Just A Thought – What Means Freedom?

First thoughts may be doing what I want, no obligations, no duties, only taking care of myself and my needs. Perhaps this comes to mind first because barely someone can do this. But let’s pretend to go for this. It would lead to isolation pretty soon because it would mean to lock everyone out. In thinking we’d free ourselves we’d send ourselves in a home-made prison.

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Just A Thought – Healthy Busyness


I remind myself
To deal better with tasks when
I love what I do

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Just A Thought… Overcoming Fear – Path or Goal?

Carol Anne asked an interesting question about a week ago: If you could be totally amazing at just one thing, what one thing would you want to be amazing at? My first thought was I want to encounter obstacles, challenges, and life’s tests without pushing me through fear first. Then it made me think.

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