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Keep shining…

Whatever bad things happen

I am not willing to focus on the bad

I am not willing to lose my faith

I am not willing to lose my love Read more ›

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Although you won’t find my usual Monday post today I want to share some inspiring thoughts with you. With closed eyes, I picked a quote and it was the one above. Read more ›

Just a Thought…


Not even 24 hours after the fire in the cathedrale of Notre Dame was noticed 600 million Euors have been donated by the richest France families for the reconstruction… Read more ›

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Have you ever thought of being happy with what you have? Read more ›

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I think every one of us is thinking about the change of the year. It has something melancholic and something hopeful and exciting at the same time. Read more ›

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Bildergebnis für inner sun

Shine your light. Let it illuminate your path through life and share it with everybody who crosses your way. A smile is less arduous and needs fewer muscles than a grumpy face. It heals you and plants healing seeds in others. There was something planted inside your heart before you opened your eyes for the first time. You are meant to make it blossom while we walk on this earth and the fruits are supposed to be shared. Fruits, only the individual you can produce. Your inner sun makes the fruit grow and your deeds are the fertilizer.
Shine your light and share it with everyone! Read more ›

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We all have bad days or days in which we cannot change that we need to do things we don’t really like. But don’t see today’s appearance as a fact of how tomorrow as to be. Read more ›

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Bildergebnis für AI

I am in charge of the Twitter account of my company. We are also following AI (Artificial Intelligence) channels. Like many of you, I observed the whole internet progress with raised eyebrows. But meanwhile, I am seriously concerned about the development of AI. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to blame it in general. There are great things invented to support the health system and surgeries. Dangerous work can be done by robots. What I think is fantastic are robots or other inventions which help disabled people to have much fewer restrictions. Drones can be sent to rescue people in difficult areas, and much more. Read more ›

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Bildergebnis für Inner Balance quote

Life can fall out of balance which can be challenging. This happens when something changes. Things need to fall out of balance in order to rebalance in a different way. Like magnetic blocks. You can throw them apart but they will be pulled together again when even in a different formation. Read more ›

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Bildergebnis für quote

When I think of what I want to achieve in my life and to whom I want to grow, then I ask myself what shall be written in my bio. There is only one thing actually. I want to look back and can say, I have become a happy person. What more could I reach? What could I ever miss as long as I am happy? When I am happy, I feel content and love will never leave me. Whatever comes and goes in my life can make me sad but never unhappy. When I can say, I am happy, then I have become all that I can become.

Have a happy weekend!

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In Love and Light

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