Just A Thought – What Means Freedom?

First thoughts may be doing what I want, no obligations, no duties, only taking care of myself and my needs. Perhaps this comes to mind first because barely someone can do this. But let’s pretend to go for this. It would lead to isolation pretty soon because it would mean to lock everyone out. In thinking we’d free ourselves we’d send ourselves in a home-made prison.

Isn’t freedom rather the ability to embrace life as it is without feeling the need to escape. It has a lot to do with understanding that we are not our circumstances but the one who is in the driver seat and navigates through them. The being that drives that car has always been free. It is the mind that decides which way to turn the key.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Love your deeper thoughts always Erika.. Indeed the very fact we are ‘Wanting’ ‘Freedom’ Implies we are imprisoned.. We have to come at our thoughts from a different perspective, as you and I both now understand and know .
It is the same principle as manifesting… To Want something only means you are sending that message of Want into the Universe, so there for you live in Lack, because of your Wanting, implies you do not have what you need.. So you will always be Wanting..

However if we turn our thoughts to the ‘Present!’ The ‘Gift’ given in the NOW of moments… When we see ourselves as already Free, embracing that feeling of love of all things.. We are Free… because we have stopped restricting and limiting ourselves to the confines of the boxes we place ourselves when we tell ourselves we cannot do this or that..

Its all a matter of how we, our minds perceive our circumstances… And we ALL of us have a Key,, Within ALL of us.. Its just applying it to the ignition and learning how to steer our thoughts..

Beautiful thoughts as always my friend..
Sorry I have not got all that much time here today dear Erika… I have been on a mission most of this wet windy day in catch up mode.. But I will be back..

Love to you my friend.. Enjoy the rest of what is left of your day ❤
Hugs your Way… 💖🌈💖

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That is the big mistake many make when they try to achieve or have something. They send out “I am missing out on something” vibes and that is already the answer of universe. That’s why it is important that we practice gratitude because that sends out the “I am blessed” vibes”. But who am I telling this… since you already said it in your comment. It is just the big misunderstanding when people are sending wishes to the universe and don’t understand why they don’t get it.

As you said, a matter of perspective and thoughts… here we go with your post again. Wonderful how both go along with each other again.

Thank you very much for your wonderful comment, Sue. Have a lovely evening 💖

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Reading this just gave me the chills Erica!! I have always said that I want to give a TED talk!!! I admire that platform a lot and after I watched Brene Brown’s Netflix special I was convinced that that stage is for me. I fully agree, I opened a door with this blog and I love connecting with like minded people on here. I too believe there are no accidents or coincidences. Our paths and trajectories are already aligned and set in the stars. I can see myself on that TED talk stage. It’s wild that you said that, it’s always been a goal. I have done public speaking to large groups when we (my fiance and I) lived in Florida) and I’m about to do my 1st poetry slam this Friday!!
By the way, are you on social media?

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I love when I get chills reading peoples replies or comments. Because they confirm the feeling of a deep truth. Your path of spreading awareness has only begun.
Btw. where are you from?
Yes, I am on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (AuthorErikaKind). But I am a bad user since I don’t have time to linger there every day. My platform is my blog and I only use social media for drawing people to my blog.


Completely understandable. I really feel what you just said here and I believe it. I’m originally from a small town in Northern NJ born and raised about 15 minutes outside NYC. Then I moved to RI, where my ex-husband is from for 13 yrs….messy divorce landed me in South Florida outside Miami where my family retired to. Met my fiance who moved us back to his home in Sallas, TX where I currently live. I soooooo miss the beach and living on the East coast. Where are you from?

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So, you are living in Dallas right now. Cool. 4 years ago I went there together with a blogger friend to meet another blogger. I have not seen a lot of the city since we stopped somewhere in the suburbs. But I saw the skyline when I changed planes in Dallas.


Yes!! It’s a cosmopolitan city and I work right downtown. I manage a boutique inside a high end hotel and I love it. It’s more concierge shopping so on my downtime I get to write. My dear friend is the owner so it’s kind of a dream position for now. Eventually, I would love to write and travel around doing speaking engagements to share my story🙏

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Wow, that’s like a jackpot. Fantastic that you got there. I hear you regarding what you would love doing in the end. As we always say, small but continuous steps … they will lead to your destination. Big hugs your way 💖


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