#JustAThought … What Means Success?

In our society success seems to be defined by sales numbers, collecting awards and degrees, follower numbers, likes, possession… Yes, we all need to make a living and of course, want to enjoy life since money still rules this world. But even aside from the thoughts about our financial security still, the need for having more and more and more doesn’t stop. As long as society plays that game, those plans will work out.

But does it make one happy? Or does it only feed the hunger to keep up that race? Isn’t there the motivation behind to only satisfy my own ego by impressing others and their egos how much better I am? Sometimes even by faking results. There is something for eveyone and that is why no one must be discouraged to share their skills. Not the majority says what’s good. Especially, when it is more of a herd reaction to go with the crowd than a personal decision. In that case, the object everybody is running after is an empty shell and will break sooner or later.


I don’t say success has nothing to do with money and acknowledgment. Making money with what I do can be a consequence of success and yes, a confirmation that I must do something quite right. But money and becoming famous should not be the motivation and driving force behind my deeds. If what I do is coming from the heart and not from a place of being focused on money and achievement, it will always turn out wonderfully and will bring beautiful confirming successful results.

I would like to know what success means to you.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Just a thought, Success


Great piece of work!!! Success means different to different people. Its always about the mindset that you carry about success. How you view it to be.. This thought process of yours needs to be understood and appreciated by readers. Great going!!!

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There is a whole range of points of view regarding success. Everybody has their own motivation to achieve things and when they call it a success. I think it is very inspiring to learn about the different opinions. As you said, it is about the mindset.
I thank you very much for your appreciating words. 😊


Powerful post, Erika! Success to me is keeping myself and my family as healthy and as happy as possible each and every day. Success to me is making someone smile. Success to me is doing something for someone when I see they are tired. Success to me is not getting pulled into someone’s negative stuff as they pour on the dark no matter what you say. Success to me is intending to do something and following up with action in order to bring achievement. Success to me is feeling and knowing every day that I am living my dreams and more dreams are in my future. Success to me is going to bed each night with a smile, with a knowing all is well in my life, and knowing that I did my very best that day.

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Your thoughts have brought such big smiles to my face, Amy. It is feeling happiness and sharing it in order to ignite it in others too which brings more happiness to oneself. What more do we need that having this inner concept of happiness which carries us through the wildest storms? Again, such wonderful thoughts. Thank you, Amy 💖

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This is awesome! Success for me is having enough to meet our needs, the house, health insurance etc. And also having the ability or the means to create! This is a matter of following my heart. I once had a friend that said, poverty can be best described as a lack of options. I think that’s true really.

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Nico, that is beautifully put. That’s exactly how I feel too about it and you summed it up so well. And I like what your friend said about poverty. Money is only one aspect (and it is only necessary for our physical existence) but there is so much more which makes a life and a living!

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Great thoughts, Erika! I fully agree to them. Burnout often is one of the syndromes resulting from the trial to be, what one not really is. Thank you for your wise words, and the motivation to overthink the own life. Enjoy your weekend. Michael

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Oh, yes, of course, that’s great that you mention this. Burn out is definitely one those mental diseases which are mostly coming from that unhealty race, next to other physical problems caused by stress.
Thanks a lot for adding this, Michael. Have a lovely Sunday!

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Thank you too, Erika! You are engaging me to such thoughts. ;_) Enjoy your Sunday too. Just a minute ago Pete (beetleypete.com) informed me about my failure thinking about her British storm “Ciara” on the Italian “Chiara”. 🙂

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Success to me means to be happy with, what I do. The happiness from joy are so much more important than just the money, as we also need to survive. To be able to do, what I like to do, I find important.
Money can be a nice support for many ideas, but let alone they mean nothing.

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We are on the same page, Irene. Money alone cannot make happy. But we can fuel our happiness with the meaning we fill our lives with. And once we are happy we have it all!
Thank you very much, Irene 💖

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