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I am in charge of the Twitter account of my company. We are also following AI (Artificial Intelligence) channels. Like many of you, I observed the whole internet progress with raised eyebrows. But meanwhile, I am seriously concerned about the development of AI. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to blame it in general. There are great things invented to support the health system and surgeries. Dangerous work can be done by robots. What I think is fantastic are robots or other inventions which help disabled people to have much fewer restrictions. Drones can be sent to rescue people in difficult areas, and much more.

Just a few thoughts here what scares me:
It is not only that robots are about to replace workers more and more. What I think we mustn’t overlook is the fact that already today technologies exist which make robots learn from experience – much faster than humans. Then there are robots of the size of ants which can be released for observations. But there is also a big improvement of the look of robots and the mimic of their “faces”. This all is coming to perfection. People also work on developments which enable robots to “feel” – physically and mentally. Yesterday, I read that there are already systems which can read our brains/thoughts.

All of what I mentioned above can be used for the benefit of everyone. But we all know by history how many great inventions mankind turned into weapons to harm, control, and dominate. I have been pondering about this all before I learned that Steven Hawkins, Bill Gates, and others warned of AI getting out of control.

I don’t want to be a downer here nor do I want to spread panic. I simply think we need to be cautious and attentive. Technology is much much further than we may expect.

In Love and Light

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|You are using not only the brain in your head, but also the brain in your ‘core’ – your intuition, which often gives stronger feedback – if one will/can listen. You, of course, are in tune to that.

One of my friends sometimes scolds me – for being such a free spirit yet also being so ‘proper’ and obeying the rules or codes of honor… I’ve also been that way about ‘gadgets – instinctively not trusting their worth, though appreciating their use. Like calculators – yes they are great, but it’s also great to give our brains that much-needed workout to add or multiply or divide numbers. So what if we’re one minute longer than it takes with a calculator – we’re keeping the most important organ in good shape! My friends remain frustrated that I don’t use phones – but they are shortcuts and seem to abuse what free time we have in each day. One learns to plan ahead – and yes, phones definitely have a good benefits… Sooooo, if I’m gun shy of simple gadgets such as calculators and GPS tools for getting from a to b, I would definitely be paranoid about what you warn about! Our race seems to be addicted to any new marvel of technology, and what the next ‘toy’ can do – oh my, like the gadgets that play songs on request or tell you what the weather is at that moment or – whatever – constantly monitoring what’s being said? I rejoice in behind home (typing off line now) without any wifi or phone signal polluting the airwaves!
I remain off line a lot, but I still cherish your posts!

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Modern technology can be a blessing and a curse, depending on how we use it. Unfortunately (and as you said in your comment) many become slaves of their phones and social media. That way people can be localized and checked through and throuhg. Privacy is an illusion. The less we use them the more we are below the radar.
But then again, it has its benefits. I always made appointments with my kids in advance. Also, when it was about them to be home at a certain time. But I was glad they had their phones just in case.
We will see how this all develops. We simply need to be aware of it.
Have a great day, whenever you read this!

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Dear Erika, thank you for guiding me to this post which I missed. So grateful that you shared the link of it with me so I could read your thoughts..
Yes I agree, while in many instances these new technologies are being shown to benefit humans, there is also far more research being done beneath what we are being told about AI and just how far it now is advanced.. Its far more advanced than the general public is lead to believe..
While not wishing to get into the conspiracy theory ( of which there is plenty of truth ) I have discovered in my own ‘Awakening’ process, too much, and what you uncover once you begin this journey of digging deeper sickens me to my stomach.. And sometimes I wonder who is better off, those oblivious or those who are trying to expose the truth of how we are being lied to in so many things.
But the moment you begin to speak your mind ‘Labels’ emerge and we are classed as Woo Woo, or out of our minds.
But going back to the 5G, I found this video https://youtu.be/ljLynbr5iPc ,and its obvious to me that ‘They’ who ever they are.. 🙂 know this is causing damage to health, and its the ‘Silent Killer’ depopulating our over populated world.. And I am reminded of the Georgia Guide Stones, link herehttps://youtu.be/CjpGZN742Lc where inscribed upon it is revealed ‘they’ want to reduce the population so that 90% of us are gone.. yes 90%… What better way than to micro wave us all with something that most are unaware of is killing them and are clamouring to get ..
Sorry to sound a little morbid,.. Truth is often not pretty to hear.. And we the little people Trust that our governments wouldn’t allow anything to harm us.. Well, how many of our past generations, were plunged into terrible wars, by a handful of people whom they had elected and trusted… I watched a film with my hubby the other evening which was called Allied, the choice he was given at the end of the film was one of kill or be killed, I don’t normally like watching such films, but it was worth watching.
And that was what many soldiers faced.. If they deserted, or didn’t do as they were told, they were shot by our own.. What kind of society does that? What kind of people are we who do that.
And when you dig, even deeper you begin to understand this Matrix for what it is.. And I so understand now, yet to speak of what I know and understand, even my own family would think me nuts..
But I have had several out of body experiences throughout my past years, which are now confirming to me what i didn’t understand back then.. Now it is all making perfect sense, unfortunately for what is to come.
I am not concerned for myself.. but for the future generations..
And AI and all of those futuristic films with their rule is not fantasy..
So yes Erkia.. I am with you on your concerns… We are all being duped by it at the moment.. While the real work is being done underground.. Its time we all of us educated ourselves.
What is happening in the world right now is divide and control.. Whether it be with labels in gender, beliefs or politics.. you can see it, with Free speech being curtailed in terms of political correctness. Its just the beginning…
Which is why Brexit was a huge shocker. and it took ‘Them’ by surprise.. for its spoiling a hidden agenda.. and why its such a mess right now, because they want to take it back to the people for another referendum vote.. France is revolting, and its not just about fuel prices.. you wait if they dismiss democracy here, people are not stupid.. Especially here in this part of England where the vote was the highest to leave..

Gregg Braden said it plainly, in one of his talks about this time, and the cycles of the planet and cosmos, that we go through these ‘periods’ of climate change.. Temp rising, then they cool and they go into mini ice ages, its recorded in the geology of the earth.. But there are also periods of conflict.. We are in that period..
And have a great opportunity to rise up not in fear, but in love to transcend..
We are all of us hearing about Ascension.. This is why those who know, are trying their best to keep us down and in fear, and keep the frequencies from rising.. And why these micro-waves block our own energy fields, our own third eye, intuition, ect…
Why do you think we get our best insights often in the middle of the night, its when no one is using this technology its when our own awareness/energy can connect with consciousness..

Anyhow Erika.. enough of my rabbiting… I have a lot to get through in my self allotted time on the internet..
Sending you Loads and LOADs of love and well wishes my friend..
Love and Blessings
Sue 🙂

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Sue, you got me glued and glued and glued. I share all of your concerns form AI to the Brexit and all those accompanying symptoms. It is horrible and shocking for me to see that so many are excited and defend this all as progress. Yes, in some way it is. The problem is (and I wrote it in my post) that it won’t be used for the benefit but for more control of human life. As I said, I agree with all you said in your comment!
Those microwaves can harm our bodies. But then again, our awareness of it can make us surround ourselves with a sheltering field. We are able to do that. But it needs awareness. Awareness of who we are, what we are able to do, and about what we have to become resistent.
But anyway, the real awareness is the one about what is going on and deny the development. We are having a saying which is fitting here too: “What if there was war… and nobody participates?”
Lots of love and blessings to you too, my dearest friend 💖

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I have been working as a consultant in AI for the last three years and there have been moments during my work that I have been terrified! I recently finished reading Homo Deus and that book didn’t help either in assuaging my fear. The way I see it, we will be redundant in a few decades and who knows what that may translate into for our mental health.

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Mental health is a legitimate concern, as I believe that connections have already been established between early dementia and watching the mindless drivel so popular on TV. Conversely, exercising the mind regularly has been acknowledged as beneficial … especially in an aging population (that’s my demographic!).

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Today I saw a nother article regarding programs which are able to read minds. Your comment only confirms my serious concerns. And if even you are terrified although (or right because) you understand much more about it and have more background information this weighs even more. Yes, more and more empoyees are replaced by machines. Poverty would grow too when less people have work …. and yes, of course, the mental illnesses which might go according to that development… very scary!!


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