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I am in charge of the Twitter account of my company. We are also following AI (Artificial Intelligence) channels. Like many of you, I observed the whole internet progress with raised eyebrows. But meanwhile, I am seriously concerned about the development of AI. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to blame it in general. There are great things invented to support the health system and surgeries. Dangerous work can be done by robots. What I think is fantastic are robots or other inventions which help disabled people to have much fewer restrictions. Drones can be sent to rescue people in difficult areas, and much more.

Just a few thoughts here what scares me:
It is not only that robots are about to replace workers more and more. What I think we mustn’t overlook is the fact that already today technologies exist which make robots learn from experience – much faster than humans. Then there are robots of the size of ants which can be released for observations. But there is also a big improvement of the look of robots and the mimic of their “faces”. This all is coming to perfection. People also work on developments which enable robots to “feel” – physically and mentally. Yesterday, I read that there are already systems which can read our brains/thoughts.

All of what I mentioned above can be used for the benefit of everyone. But we all know by history how many great inventions mankind turned into weapons to harm, control, and dominate. I have been pondering about this all before I learned that Steven Hawkins, Bill Gates, and others warned of AI getting out of control.

I don’t want to be a downer here nor do I want to spread panic. I simply think we need to be cautious and attentive. Technology is much much further than we may expect.

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I have been working as a consultant in AI for the last three years and there have been moments during my work that I have been terrified! I recently finished reading Homo Deus and that book didn’t help either in assuaging my fear. The way I see it, we will be redundant in a few decades and who knows what that may translate into for our mental health.

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Mental health is a legitimate concern, as I believe that connections have already been established between early dementia and watching the mindless drivel so popular on TV. Conversely, exercising the mind regularly has been acknowledged as beneficial … especially in an aging population (that’s my demographic!).

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Today I saw a nother article regarding programs which are able to read minds. Your comment only confirms my serious concerns. And if even you are terrified although (or right because) you understand much more about it and have more background information this weighs even more. Yes, more and more empoyees are replaced by machines. Poverty would grow too when less people have work …. and yes, of course, the mental illnesses which might go according to that development… very scary!!


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