Dreams – The Mirror of Your Purpose


Oh, well, such big dreams but so many inner steps to take to realize them. Isn’t it crazy that what we want the most often also scares us the most? A dream I have is something that I don’t have in my life yet. What I have not had in my life yet, I have no experience with. It is not the dream itself that scares but the changes that may go along with, the possible sacrifices, the risks to fail and to deal with the consequences. The big unknown we cannot estimate. Again: to take responsibility for our actions with all of their consequences!

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Dreams – Reminders Of Your Soul


It is not always easy to do that. Daily life, obligations, and responsibilities do have a legitimation in this too! But too often we are scared to even think about following that voice which creates such beautiful and alluring pictures in our heads. Read more ›

I AM … Happiness

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When I saw this quote – as simple as it is – my mind started spinning because it holds so much meaning in so many different ways. Then again, it nails it all down to the fact that the natural state of who we are is happiness. Read more ›

Open Waters


About 10 days ago I posted the quote above. The truth and wide message it holds went deep. Although I wrote some lines in Just A Thought… I feel like going a bit deeper into the subject. Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

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In Love and Light

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