#PoeticTuesday – Haiku


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#Haiku – Count Your Blessings

What means gratitude?
Awareness of the blessings
And the gift of life

In Love and Light

#Haiku – Eternal Moments

time loses power
when memories fill the heart
love lasts forever

In Love and Light

#JustAThought… The Shift

A virus teaches
People to slow down and breathe
Nature gets a break

A virus changes all
Losing people, money, time
Daily exhaustion

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#Haiku – Heavenly

Yin and Yang in love
A rock solid bond of souls
Divine connection

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

In Love and Light

You Are The Light

Light of Lights please shine
Your fire every day
Through and from our hearts

Repeat these three lines and see what happens. At first sight, it may appear you need to sit back and wait until something is done to you or someone needs to do something to you. But something different happens while reading or saying these words. You reflexively open up your heart which is all it needs to let your being fill your room.

God’s energy is nothing separated from us which we need to add. It is something that already exists inside of us. But we are so used to believe that all good things are coming from outside of us that we forget to look inside.

When you ask the light of lights to shine, YOU shine.
In opening your heart you only activate the flow.
Check it out!

Credits: QuoteMaster.org

In Love and Light

#Haiku – Never Apart

Happy to see you
Many times during the day
When I close my eyes

In Love and Light

Just A Thought – Healthy Busyness


I remind myself
To deal better with tasks when
I love what I do

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Haiku – Home

My face in your palm

Everything is alright

Finally, I’m home

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#Haiku – In Good and Bad


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#RomanticTuesday – Haiku


No Day Without You

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#Haiku – Those Rare Moments


Time can be so rare

Making room for what you love

Gives it more meaning


In Love and Light

#Haiku – Love Heals

It’s the little things
Which make life worth living
And all come from love

In Love and Light

#Haiku – Analogy of Changing Times


Migratory birds

A sign of confirmation

Follow your own path


Today a flock of 15 to 20 storks appeared from nowhere when I was about to leave my old apartment after I was done with all the cleaning. It was stunning to see those huge birds circling so close above me for at least 10 minutes.What a fitting metaphor at that very moment! Just had to share it.


In Love and Light

#Haiku – Cut off the cords


Leave the chains behind

Spread your wings and fly away

Land when you’re tired

In Love and Light


#Haiku – Life is Action and Reaction




Not the stronger wins

But the one who knows the game

Act unexpected!

In Love and Light


Haiku – Sometimes 24 Hours Are Not Enough!


At times, what’s loved most

Needs to wait when time is rare

Man, that really sucks

In Love and Light

#Haiku – Miracles Can Be Tricky


A spot for my car

Right next to the entrance door

I knew there’s a catch

In Love and Light

#Haiku – When All Is Simply Well


No matter what was

Some days show the light’s ahead

You are right on track

In Love and Light


#Haiku – Burning Love

20171002_071639 (2).jpg

She looks at the sky

Thoughts of love flowing his way

The sky is blushing

In Love and Light

#Haiku – Out Of Chaos Beautiful Things Grow


Got stuck in the mud?

The most beautiful flowers

Need dirt to blossom

In Love and Light

#Haiku – Your Wellbeing Matters


Shushing your feelings

While pressure is building up

It is not worth it!

In Love and Light


#Haiku – Young Woman Or Old Lady?


We define meanings

Perspective is a free choice

Don’t take it, make it

Source: http://www.sehtestbilder.de

In Love and Light

#Haiku – Early Mornings


Waking up at 4

Cannot fall asleep again

Coffee day ahead

In Love and Light

#Haiku – Don’t Give Up!


Yes, it’s meant for you!

Rays of sun parting the clouds

Give life one more try


In Love and Light

#Haiku – Wings of Summer


Summer waves goodbye

The last butterfly’s leaving

Send a smile along

Inspired by Neha.

In Love and Light

#Haiku – Please, not yet!


No, this cannot be!

Feels like summer’s just begun

I’ll miss you, my friend!

In Love and Light

#Haiku – My Time Is Now


No more excuses

Life’s purpose is living life

Spread my wings and fly


In Love and Light


#Haiku – Little Wonders


It’s Sunday evening

Peaceful magical moments

My heart took a pic

In Love and Light

#Haiku – The Sun Waits Behind The Clouds!


Things may be ending

Don’t worry, because it means:

You’re ready for more!


In Love and Light


#Haiku – Today is not Tomorrow


Confusion clears off

Horizon in sight again

All is possible

In Love and Light

#Haiku – Alive


The begin of life

Is not the day you were born

Give life a reason!


In Love and Light

#Haiku – Oops


A single comment

Then silence fills the whole room

Earth, please open up!!


In Love and Light


#Haiku – Divine Confirmation


Always right on time

Confirming intuition

Guidance from above

To me, feathers are symbols that confirm my thoughts and feelings. I always find them after or while I let my thoughts fly free. And I find them at places and in positions that say unmistakably: “This is for you!”

In Love and Light

#Haiku – Not With Me


Gosh, I am so full

Fear dared to stay in my way

I ate it all up


In Love and Light

#Haiku – Two Sides

Life leads to edges

Sometimes because of struggles

Or because of light

In Love and Light

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