That Moment…


That moment, when you naturally take a deep breath with a smile on your face. That moment when you see the struggles you are in right now and maybe also the challenges ahead but without feeling under pressure. That moment when you find yourself above the life you lead. That moment when you realize that life has so much more to offer than what it demands from you.

al-inspiring-quote-on-the-power-within.pngThat is the moment when you understand that your life is part of your story but not part of you. That moment – as small as it may appear on first sight – is an ignition. There will always be that spark within you, that spark of life. And often when the struggles become an iron fist around your chest something happens which ignites that spark again and turns it into a darting flame. That is the moment when all your powers seem to gather like metal parts get attracted by a magnet. You feel that the power within you is much greater and stronger than the powers around you. A breakthrough-moment!

Power within.jpg

That power of yours can never be taken away by others. It is who you are. It is what keeps you alive. It is always with you and always available. It is yours to use. A weapon that doesn’t hurt but strengthens. A weapon that eliminates the darkness and the desperation and a magic wand that brings light and love back – back to you and through you back to the world. You are a magic wand.

Whenever parts of your life seem to take control over your power
then pause and remember that moment…

Credits: QuoteFancy|||YouTube

In Love and Light



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Author, Poetess, Singer, Mom, Life Explorer, Business Woman, Therapist Remember who you really are and conquer the world the way you always wanted!


Sorry, that is what happens when typing too fast! I liked your whole post but have always liked the Henry David Thoreau quote. It’s a great quote to keep reminding yourself of!

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So true Erika, our power can not be taken away by others unless we allow it.. A beautiful piece of writing and loved your choice of video that complimented your thoughts beautifully..
Have an Empowering Week.. xxx ❤

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Thank you, Sue. It never can be taken away. it is up to the individual how far it lets others control them. As simple as difficult…
I am not surprised that you liked that video. I know it for about 10 years now and love watching it from time to time, It is amazing how deep it goes.
Thank you so much and have a great and powerful week yourself 💖


I am glad you liked that video. Every once in a while I think of it and then I watch it. And never fails to reach and touch me deeply and leaves me with a warm and faithful feeling in my chest. 💖

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