The Pressure of Making Decisions!


I wrote a few times about making decisions. Basically, I believe that whatever decision we make it will lead us towards the place in our life we are meant to arrive. It is like using the GPS system in your car. You put in the addressย butย there are several options to reach your destination. We also have this inner GPS which already knows the address. We simply choose the kind of road we walk towards it. Every step and pee pit stop on that road will give us energy and insights to continue our journey or lead us to short cuts.


We often feel that it is time for a decision to make. Since I am having a stubborn ego that keeps me from backing out I push and force myself often very hard to decide. I think it is the same not so constructive attitude like turning away and postponing decisions. Again, there comes that patience issue and feeling like a coward or like breaking a self-made promise when not pulling it through and moving on.


It is good to be aware when a time of change has arrived and that a decision is about to be made. But it does not always mean that we are supposed to decide right away but to change into an observing position in order to see the whole picture.


The serenity prayer holds a profound truth. It is about that! I agree that not making a decision is also a decision – a passive one. But consciously observing a situation is something completely different. It means we are still sticking with the subject. But other than making any decision only for the sake of deciding (which will lead us towards our destination for sure too) we grant ourselves the privilege of the higher perspective in order to make a decision that possibly even shows us a short-cut while getting the overview and letting things develop in the background. Being an attentive observer makes us act or react in the perfect moment.


When you are an impatient person like me it is a huge challenge to sit and wait because it feels like you might miss out on something or time is running out. But this is not the case. Even a tough decision to make can feel more peaceful when the right moment has arrived instead of forcing it because our mind says so. Yes, in the end, it is not the rational mind that has to give the starting shot but the heart which already knows the straight way towards our destination. In the end, waiting in peaceful awareness makes you arrive faster than making a decision only because your mind pushes you in order prove your ego that you are no coward. That way you can avoid a lot of detours and the path itself is smoother. Don’t let the wind blow you anywhere. Check where it comes from and adjust the sails.


Not easy at all. I know that too well. But I also learned how much of a relief it is when you give yourself the permission to let things happen or to watch a situation until you feel more centered when you decide to decide! Sometimes it happens quickly and like a reflex and sometimes we need to exit, buy a road map, and go from there.

In Love and Light

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Excellent blog.

Here’s a quote that fits your blog topic hope you like.

Some of our important choices have a time line. If we delay a decision, the opportunity is gone forever. Sometimes our doubts keep us from making a choice that involves change. Thus an opportunity may be missed. ~ James E. Faust

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Yes, that is exactly the crucial point! Sometimes we might force ourselves with a decision because of the fear that it could be too late otherwise. But then again, we often should step back and not decide to quickly. Every decision process is unique! Thank you, Charlie!

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