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Rule Number 6


I want to start this post by sharing a story Wayne Dyer told in his book The Power of Intention. Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

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Unity vs. Competition

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I actually planned to write another post about the 25 core messages God shared. But this will happen a different time since I feel like sharing something that moved me some days ago. I met a new blogger, Sheila Murrey of Take It Upon Yourself, who left a wonderful comment about her emotions and thoughts regarding the movie Bohmian Rhapsody. She expressed wonderfully what I felt too. I took a look at her blog and saw that she has written a book about self-development, healing (body and soul), and giving a look onto life from a higher perspective. I have been excited that I found her. Or actually, she found me. It is always such a joy to see how many people are dedicating their free-time or even their lives for giving something to help others to bring more light into their own lives.

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Then I thought of a post our lovely Sue of Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary. She had an inconvenient encounter here on WordPress with another blogger who couldn’t deal with the fact that Sue used an analogy that blogger used too – without both knowing of each other. Instead of being pleased to see that her way might be truthful and that there are others to support the healing in this world, she reacted offended AND offending. Why do we so easily think we are in a competition here. I don’t exclude myself, by the way. it is a reflex that must have been planted in us from childhood on by all the influences of society. Aren’t we all living for the goal of living a happy and fulfilled life? Like I want it, you want it, and she and he want it too! We cannot claim to have the copyright of sending light because we all ARE light. And the only thing that can dim that light is when the ego takes over in its distorting opinions.


There is not one best song or music style. There be those who reach more people but some like this most and some like that. So it makes no sense to compete over it. That is a reason why I don’t like those competition shows anymore. Only because the majority thinks one song or singer is best doesn’t mean it really is the best one. They simply are the ones, the majority of those who watched and voted liked it most. Don’t get me wrong, competitions can push us to work on ourselves to get better but we should always be aware that it is not a general truth. Like that, there is not only one way or one best way. There are many ways. There are even many ways for each individual regarding their states of awareness.

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When everybody does everything their ways then it will always reach exactly those people who need exactly what they share. And if two share something similar or even the same then only because even more people might need it and that way more people can be reached.

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Remember, we all have may have the same goals but we are all individuals to serve individuals individually. That way we all walk towards those goals in the way meant for each one of us. Isn’t that amazing?

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I AM … Happiness

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When I saw this quote – as simple as it is – my mind started spinning because it holds so much meaning in so many different ways. Then again, it nails it all down to the fact that the natural state of who we are is happiness. Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

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Daily Kind Quote

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You Are Stronger Than Your Ego



104803-Marianne-Williamson-Quote-Ego-says-Once-everything-falls-into.jpgI believe that the ego is not only the bad guy who needs to be fought. I rather think that it is a very helpful part we created over time. On one hand, it can support the path of the soul with its strong will. On the other hand, the ego can help to find out who you are and who you are not. It is a creation of the mind – your mind and your creation. That means that you have the power and can create it in each moment. It is created by thoughts and can, therefore, be controlled by the choice of your thoughts. The further away we are drifting from the true self the more power the ego has. It can show up unexpectedly although we think we already know that guy and its tricks. But in a certain situation, it appears reflexively before we even notice that we are already in its claws again. It is then to step back and see where we would end up if following its direction and what if we chose the direction of the self.  Read more ›

The Pressure of Making Decisions!


I wrote a few times about making decisions. Basically, I believe that whatever decision we make it will lead us towards the place in our life we are meant to arrive. It is like using the GPS system in your car. You put in the address but there are several options to reach your destination. We also have this inner GPS which already knows the address. We simply choose the kind of road we walk towards it. Every step and pee pit stop on that road will give us energy and insights to continue our journey or lead us to short cuts.


We often feel that it is time for a decision to make. Since I am having a stubborn ego that keeps me from backing out I push and force myself often very hard to decide. I think it is the same not so constructive attitude like turning away and postponing decisions. Again, there comes that patience issue and feeling like a coward or like breaking a self-made promise when not pulling it through and moving on.


It is good to be aware when a time of change has arrived and that a decision is about to be made. But it does not always mean that we are supposed to decide right away but to change into an observing position in order to see the whole picture.


The serenity prayer holds a profound truth. It is about that! I agree that not making a decision is also a decision – a passive one. But consciously observing a situation is something completely different. It means we are still sticking with the subject. But other than making any decision only for the sake of deciding (which will lead us towards our destination for sure too) we grant ourselves the privilege of the higher perspective in order to make a decision that possibly even shows us a short-cut while getting the overview and letting things develop in the background. Being an attentive observer makes us act or react in the perfect moment.


When you are an impatient person like me it is a huge challenge to sit and wait because it feels like you might miss out on something or time is running out. But this is not the case. Even a tough decision to make can feel more peaceful when the right moment has arrived instead of forcing it because our mind says so. Yes, in the end, it is not the rational mind that has to give the starting shot but the heart which already knows the straight way towards our destination. In the end, waiting in peaceful awareness makes you arrive faster than making a decision only because your mind pushes you in order prove your ego that you are no coward. That way you can avoid a lot of detours and the path itself is smoother. Don’t let the wind blow you anywhere. Check where it comes from and adjust the sails.


Not easy at all. I know that too well. But I also learned how much of a relief it is when you give yourself the permission to let things happen or to watch a situation until you feel more centered when you decide to decide! Sometimes it happens quickly and like a reflex and sometimes we need to exit, buy a road map, and go from there.

In Love and Light

You Need To Feel It!


Due to some really busy days, I hope you don’t mind that I repost something from August last year. I know that a huge number of my followers don’t know this post yet and perhaps it is a nice reminder for the ones you did read it already. 

Whatever it is you are feeling is a perfect reflection of what you are in the process of becoming – Abraham/Ester Hicks

This sentence was hanging on my kitchen cupboard for the last 6 years. It made me aware of the fact that what I encounter in my live as positive or negative is not something that is sent to me from a higher force but is a reflection of how I encounter life.


Thoughts have a strong impact and influence on the way we look at life. They shape our belief system and control our emotions. Emotions are responsible for our reactions. The more often we think a thought, the more we believe it. May it be through repeated experiences we have built up an opinion, through the words we have heard of others, or even a combination of both.  And one day it is part of that belief system.

The belief system lies even deeper anchored within ourselves. From here we receive our reflexive directions. When familiar situations happen – even if the last time was years ago – the belief system opens up the file and sends the stored message. What lies in the belief system defines our feelings. And here we go.

I recall the quote above: Whatever it is you are feeling is a perfect reflection of what you are in the process of becoming. What we feel is what we believe in. We don’t even think about it anymore. That is our personal truth. And we are living accordingly to this personal truth. This truth again directs our thoughts reflexively. We see the world from that truth, we act from that truth, we talk from that truth, we think from that truth. And we will see the consequences from this all unfolding in our life again. We can tell a lot (not everything) from the way our life is unfolding from what we believed about it in first place.


Now when we want to become something different from what we see showing up now, we need to change the feelings. The feelings are the powerful wave which connects with the same energy in the outside world. But how to change feelings which are based on an automatic belief system? Just the same way like the belief system was programmed. We simply need to feed that belief system with different thoughts first. We cannot simply delete what we don’t want to think anymore. We must nullify the negative thought pattern with positive thoughts and then make a set up with the thoughts we want to create our feelings (actually, continue thinking the positive thoughts). Sounds more difficult than it is.

It definitely takes a lot of discipline, because the reflex of our belief system is strong. But once aware that it is in our hands what we decide to think makes it easier. We need to shift our thoughts from where they are to where we want them to be. Think from the end. Be what you want to find in your life. What do you want to find in your life? Look out and you will find it. Whenever the old view comes back, pause and look out again for what you actually want. Practice it again and again. It won’t take long – perhaps only days – and you have already reprogrammed a file in your belief system. Do that with every attitude you want to unfold differently in life. You will see within a very short time that something starts to change. You will perceive people differently and they will notice something  is different about you. You radiate differently and that activates different reactions in your surrounding. Change in progress! Now see what happens. You will love it.4

As long as you don’t believe/feel what you think, your thoughts will fade away into the air without any result. Your feeling tells you what you really believe. That’s why the feeling as the strongest creative power has to be aligned with your needs.

That way I changed my life dramatically within half a year. I am very aware of what happens around me. Change means that some things fall apart in order to let new things appear. I don’t resist upcoming challenges and struggles. They always show me that something new is on the way and conditions need to get into a new order to make it happen. Right then, I am even more tempted to remain in a faithful state of mind in order to let my feelings work for happy unfolding.

For some years now I am running up a stairway to heaven. Sometimes I stop to catch my breath and it can happen that I get a little dizzy when I look down. But not for long and my view goes up again to take the next step.

You can make it! And you can start right now!

In Love and Light


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