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Recently, I wrote a lot about how important it is for healing that we don’t turn away from painful feelings but face them. That, to not push them back again into a drawer but to take them out of that drawer and let them go. The reason they show up is that they are ready to leave, and the triggers in the outside world are only coming to support them surfacing.

However, there is a lot in everybody to resolve, and we need to be careful not to constantly search for the things we may have to clear out; not even when we are in the awareness that it is the way to healing. But there can be a tendency for digging deeper deliberately because of the intention to get rid of as much as possible in a short period. That’s not the idea! It needs to come naturally. Otherwise, it can likely result in overwhelm because we dive into spheres we don’t understand yet. That way, we are lingering in that dark state maybe longer than necessary. We have not experienced enough yet and therefore are like walking through an unknown building during a blackout.

We need breaks, and we deserve breaks. One reason is the one already mentioned, that these breaks prepare us for the next challenges. Another reason is that we need time off to regain our strength and to enjoy and appreciate the feeling of liberation and healing. We need to be able to actually let that healing happen, which sets the stage for the next challenge. When we rush from one battle to the next, all we feel is pain. We may even begin to look only for the burdens and hardships because of being driven by the pursuit of redemption. But by forcing, we only move away from it. Besides all the awareness about the purpose of going through the pain, we become unconscious. For it is no longer the soul that leads, but our mind that blindly drives.

It is the beauty we need to see. It is the development of recognizing again who we really are. It is about creating with the physical and the spiritual powers. It is about running over meadows on a sunny summer day. It is about the conscious and touching experience of a sunrise or a sunset. It is about expanding ourselves into this world.

It’s about going with the natural flow. What comes up must be looked at. It must be looked at from a place of awareness and love, that it is part of life to go through valleys and climb mountains. But it is never meant to be trapped in a never-ending nightmare. But maybe the big lesson is to realize that…

Never forget:
Whatever you are going through
already carries the seeds of redemption.
Give yourself a break in recalling this.
Life is good!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Wow Erika…. your thoughts are insights…
And your words here so spot on when you said ……” there can be a tendency for digging deeper deliberately because of the intention to get rid of as much as possible in a short period. That’s not the idea! It needs to come naturally.”….
Yes not a good idea…
I remember when I was searching years ago to find the spiritual cause of my then Raynauds disease in my hands which was very painful and would flare just from walking from one room temp to another.
I did a deliberate deep dive with a friend in a regression state which brought up the reason of my problem. But it also brought up several more issues too, which weighed heavily on my conscious at the time…
Which meant more deep dives….
It took me a full six months or more to heal from my discovery of myself.. of what I had been in a previous life. Which contributed in more anxiety which in themselves could then start a whole other process of a health problem to begin…
Sometimes if these discoveries are best left until they surface naturally.. So agree…
But when we have done some deep diving, and self discovery and we understand we no longer need carry the wounds of the past in any form..
We then find such freedom as the weight we have carried drops from our shoulders and our inner core…

I feel the world at large is about to release its long held dark secrets that have been buried and hidden…. Like our own deep dives, when we bring them to the surface, it can trigger emotions and judgment as we analyse and try to cope with what we are seeing and feeling..
But these feelings and emotions need to be brought to the surface to be cleared away…

And WE as a species were never meant to be trapped within this matrix of our given reality.. To be enslaved to money…. For that is what we have become…. It drives our motivation, our careers, our leisure and we think we cannot exist without it, Only because our reality has been built around it…

I do envision a glorious world in our not to distant future.. After the Dust has settled and we have come to terms with ourselves.. WHO we Truly really are… And acknowledge our God Given powers and gifts of insight… And our ability to Create with thought…. with our Intention…

Which is why its so important to understand what we think we create, and to let go of fear…

A beautiful, insightful post dearest Erika… Always a true pleasure to read your words my dear friend..
Thank you.. Love and Blessings this Easter Holiday ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙏💛💚💛😘

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Indeed, one insight about the reason of a problem can open a can of worms. Things may come up we had not thought of but them surfacing causes the corresponding reactions. The question now is: Wasn’t it still a natural process? Was it time to clear out a lot of that inner darkroom? Maybe it needed the trigger of the health problem and the regression to start the process. I have to admit that sometimes it is difficult to differ. But to me it sounds like a process – one leads to the next. I think what is not such a good idea is when actually, you feel like you cleared a lot out, have no further issues so far, but still you start digging and searching which could open the gate for those inner demons whose turn it isn’t yet. Then we are overwhelmed because we cannot understand.

I too sense the big relieving change that is coming up in the collective consciousness and therefore in the “set-up” of the togetherness in this world. It is amazing that you are saying this too which always is such a wonderful confirmation to me.

Thank you for sharing your experience which is so insightful. Much love to you, Sue 💖

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It’s always great to chat with you Erika, and bounce our thoughts back and forth.
The universe shows us by these means we are in tune, and our thoughts are being guided by source.
Love it when we tap into the same frequency band width lol
Mega hugs back my friend much love returned 🙏❤️💕🙏

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I totally love that so too! Confirmation is motivation which brings more confirmtation. And I love that it happens so clearly between us. 💖💖💖

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One last question. I would love to share this statement of yours in the future: “I do envision a glorious world in our not to distant future.” It is so important for us all to keep ut that vision. Would you allow me to quote you?

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