Irony: Being Negative Can Be So Much Fun!


It was a foggy day when I wrote this post. No rays of the sun and really cold. All frozen for days. Opening windows in the morning and letting some fresh air in had become a challenge for someone who is cold so quickly. I cannot stand the cold. I also cannot stand when it is dark in the morning. Then thinking of another day below that high fog without any ray of sun, … my thoughts seemed to enjoy going to all things that bothered me like the busy time ahead in that week and all those things that recently made my abdomen cramp, and much more.

You all know that I am a positive person. Even when life throws blocks in front of my feet I pick one to step onto in order to get an overview, see past the situation, or simply grasp a ray of light in order to see where to put my foot next. But sometimes I look at those blocks and complain about their color, shape, and position. Even the smallest blocks are found. I only need to look hard enough. Gosh, and how many I find there!

But every time I start counting my challenges there comes the moment when all of a sudden I break out in laughter because this all feels like me pretending to be someone else. All of a sudden I look at myself ranting and think how ridiculous this looks! It feels like playing a role. I think it feels so funny all of a sudden because I don’t feel what I am saying. It seems like letting my ego run free for a moment like a boisterous dog (which held its pee all night) before I put it back on the leash again, knowing that it is only my ego releasing itself. My Self just, however, watches it in its craziness and… smiles.

Long ago I trained myself to shift my thoughts from habitual negativity to habitual positivity. I notice serious negativity pretty fast because of the changed feeling. I think that is the reason why being negative feels weird and like not being me. Who we really are is positivity and good feelings. Our core is love and all that comes from love. So when we seriously feel negative it is not our heart speaking. This proves to me again that my heart does have the leash in my hands and directs the mind (and not the other way around) when even the mind is granted the freedom to be heard – but that’s it.

The tricky thing is the unconscious negativity. Being deliberately negative can be fun which is called: irony! When we have a sense of irony we don’t take negative things really negatively but give them that humorous touch. The words may sound negative but we don’t feel what we say. The irony is that a positive spark that shines a light on each negative thought or situation. Never forget to see the irony in life. It detaches you from problems and proves that YOU decide how to look at everything. At the same time, it proves that you may have a problem but that the problem is not you!

Life is supposed to be fun! So when saying something obviously negative (which doesn’t hurt someone, of course) and it is making you laugh, lifts, and cheers you up, then please stay “negative”. Many comedians are successful because of their ironic statements!

 It is not about what we think or say but what we feel about what we think or say.

A last one 😁

I hope the next time when you start ranting that at some point you remember this post 😉

In Love and Light

On a side note: Please look again at the first photo. I took it on the day when I wrote this post. There is a colorful spot. It looks like there are pink flowers in the middle of the upper part of the photo. I looked closely but could not find that pink spot in the bush itself. It only appeared in the photo…. that spark of irony that brings color into our lives again!

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Thank you, Ajinkya! I am pleased that you enjoyed reading. I will see if I can make it over to your blog. But right now I cannot even catch up with my comments. But I will keep it in mind 😊

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I laughed so hard at the graffiti Erika! You can brighten any day! I sometimes find the glass half empty right now but after all I’m living in the USA. Kidding of course…cough cough.

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Holly, I guess season everything with a good load of irony is absolutely necessary right now in order to not lose hope and the motivation that all will get better again. Sometimes things need to go towards are ridiculous or horrible place to make even the last one open their eyes. I believe this will happen!

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That’s so true Erika. It is hard to watch and creates so much fear in too many people but the hope is the line will be crossed and it will come to a full stop. Thank you for the encouraging words dear Erika ❤

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great post – just lost my reply, but yes, yesterday was a day of positive vs negative when two friends and i got ‘lost’ on a trek in the cloudforest.. i corrected them with ‘we took a wrong turn,’ which we did, but we experienced many positive/negative/positive moments before we reached ‘home base.’

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I get what you mean! There are so many positive things to discover in a detour and I think right in the cloudforest there must wait a lot of breathtaking discoveries! Did you post about it?


ha.. that happened yesterday, and i returned home around 9 at night.. my body’s recovering – photos are still in the camera..

before that post, however, i’d like to write one to tip my hat and say ‘thank you’ to ecuador’s president correa, who just signed new immigration changes which are polar opposite to the ones that ‘you know who’ just did….

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