Why Worry?


Because it is a reflex. Have you noticed that some people ask about how someone is doing, and then they say: “I am glad to hear because then I don’t need to worry.” When I hear that, I promptly say: “Exactly, you never need to.” It appears that some show their compassion by the grade they worry about something or someone. But what’s that for? It only adds negative vibes to someone that already tries to stay as positive as possible.

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Irony: Being Negative Can Be So Much Fun!


It was a foggy day when I wrote this post. No ray of sun and really cold. All frozen for days. Opening windows in the morning and letting some fresh air in had become a challenge for someone who is cold so quickly. I cannot stand the cold. I also cannot stand when it is dark in the morning. Then thinking of another day below that high fog without any ray of sun, … my thoughts seemed to enjoy going to all things that bothered me like the busy time ahead in that week and all those things that recently made my abdomen cramp, and much more. Read more ›

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