Happy Easter 🐣


For those in a hurry or who missed out on coloring their Easter eggs, I repeat my last minute tip from two years ago:

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Today, I would like to share a video I posted some years ago. It shows (perhaps a little too much) the difference in the sound between German and other languages… Have some moments of joy 😄

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Hi, everyone! What about some songs which don’t only spread a good feeling and give a lift but also take us along into a world where we can leave our worries behind and find distance to those we used to hang on to. And what songs could work better than Disney songs?

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Happy Easter

And a little hint, just in case…

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I think all of us make good use of some distractions from the current #1 theme. Why not sharing something funny, uplifting or beautiful (at least) once a week. It can be a joke, a picture with a beautiful view from the area you live or a place you like a lot, a song, a video, a story or whatever comes to your mind. It only needs to be positive with only positive words.

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I think all of us make good use of some distractions from the current #1 theme. Why not sharing something funny, uplifting or beautiful (at least) once a week. It can be a joke, a picture with a beautiful view from the area you live or a place you like a lot, a song, a video, a story or whatever comes to your mind. It only needs to be positive with only positive words. I picked Wednesday for me because it is my guest quote/community day anyway. Who would like to join in (on a Wednesday or any other day of the week)?

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We Need Some Laughs, Don’t We?

Had To Share This 😅

In Love, Light, and Health

Happy Easter🐰


I really don’t have a lot of spare time but still, I wanted to have colored eggs for Easter. Necessity is the mother of invention and so I found a way to have colored eggs in no time: Read more ›



Quenchless Craving


Love at first sight

I’m sure this is

A feeling that’s

Simply bare bliss Read more ›

Switzerland Reaches Its Hand To The UK

I simply have to share this 😂

In Love and Light!


Architektur, Reise, Menschen, Gebäude, Wand, Fantasie

From Fairy Tales to Reality


Long ago a princess dreamed

Herself outside her castle’s tower

She dreamed about a handsome prince

And love’s strong growing power Read more ›


Bildergebnis für romance office

Typical Male?


My hand caressing your shoulder

My lips kissing your neck

I notice you’re reacting

I wonder what’s coming back Read more ›





I did not think of anything

No intention at all

When I looked up and saw

That man handsome and tall Read more ›

Yeah, Easter!!!

Osterei, Ostern, Weidenkätzchen, Ei, Dekoration

I still like this so much and thought I share it again: Read more ›

Just A Thought…

International, Fahne, Flagge, Liechtenstein, Europa

Hello, everyone! Today I am coming up with a different kind of thought – educational thoughts.  Really, I am not into YouTubers. I basically only listen to music on YouTube. But my son forwarded the video below to me. Read more ›

This could be me…


… and even if it stops… it is so loud that everybody knows that Erika is in the store 😂

Happy Sunday to all of you!

In Love and Light!

Life In A Flash – Geoff Le Pard


In early December our wonderful and generous Geoff Le Pard (whom I was blessed to meet in person at the UK Blogger Bash in 2016) sent me two of his books. Read here. It took me a bit to start reading since I had a lot on my plate during the past weeks. But I am happy to present a little review. It wouldn’t be me if I did not do it my way. Thank you so much, dear Geoff, I was laughing so hard at times!  Read more ›

#Haiku – Miracles Can Be Tricky


A spot for my car

Right next to the entrance door

I knew there’s a catch

In Love and Light

#Haiku – At least I tried…


I really love you

But ballet is not my thing

I’ll take a taxi


In Love and Light

#Haiku – Early Mornings


Waking up at 4

Cannot fall asleep again

Coffee day ahead

In Love and Light

#Haiku – Fly to the moon!!!


Day off, peaceful time

High buzzing sound in my ears

Brings out the devil Read more ›

#Haiku – Pride


Yes, I’m watching you

While you’re eating fish for lunch

Nope, don’t care at all! Read more ›

#Haiku – Oops


A single comment

Then silence fills the whole room

Earth, please open up!!


In Love and Light


#Haiku – Not With Me


Gosh, I am so full

Fear dared to stay in my way

I ate it all up


In Love and Light

This could be me… 😄


Janey of Cupid Or Cats tweeted something about insomnia and it reminded me of something my daughter once sent to me. Really, sometimes waking up at night, the smallest thought kept up can grow to a huge issue and keep you awake for the rest of the night!

In Love and Light

This could be me…😄


Happy Friday, peeps!


Happy Weekend!


I came across this one and had to share it. Isn’t it so true… lol! Read more ›

Irony: Being Negative Can Be So Much Fun!


It was a foggy day when I wrote this post. No ray of sun and really cold. All frozen for days. Opening windows in the morning and letting some fresh air in had become a challenge for someone who is cold so quickly. I cannot stand the cold. I also cannot stand when it is dark in the morning. Then thinking of another day below that high fog without any ray of sun, … my thoughts seemed to enjoy going to all things that bothered me like the busy time ahead in that week and all those things that recently made my abdomen cramp, and much more. Read more ›

Romantic Tuesday


Teary Eyes

Tears in my eyes
Whenever I’m with you
It’s not ‘bout what you say
It’s more ‘bout what you do Read more ›

I need to share this 😂

I try to stay away from politics and most of all from the current election in the US. But I cannot help it to share this. They are great!

In Love and Light

Yeah, Easter!!!

I just picked some funny stuff from the net! Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

With Amanda’s permission:

There is always room for biscuits

In Love and Light

Romantic Tuesday – Valentine’s Day

You want to be my Valentine?

You want to be my Valentine?
Let me instruct you that we’re fine


I don’t need flowers every day
But would appreciate it anyway

My favorite colors: blue and green
For bags and scarfs as you have seen

Don’t get confused, it is bright white
For Diamonds, more sparkling in the light

When you are taking me for dinner
Let us enjoy the night as sinners

Because there’s only one each day
No need for greed, be happy and pay

Vacation is a difficult matter
Please pick a place without a flag there


Oh, darling, I melt from your charm
It’s time to carry me on your arms

I think we have all clarified
But what’s with you, are you all right?


Hey, my babe, where are you running?
I’m still waiting for that D-ring


Oh there he goes, what can I say?
I hoped it would turn out that way

Needed something not too mean
To finally get rid of him


In Love and Light

3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

It is day 3 of my favorite challenge. My dear blog brother, Rich of Waffle Me This, invited me to this challenge. Thank you so much, bro! He is a true survivor! Undaunted by death he drives his magical rainbow van on the wrong side of the road on a daily base and is still alive! Check his blog out. He has an amazing humor, is poetic, sensual, romantic, a music lover,…

The last two Minion friendship quotes. I love you all my wonderful friends out there!

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3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

My adorably crazy blog brother, Rich of Waffle Me This, invited me to this challenge. Thank you so much, bro! Check his blog out. He has an amazing humor, is poetic, sensual, romantic, a music lover,…

Two more funny Minion friendship quotes are waiting to honor this wonderful community!

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3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 1

My adorably crazy blog brother, Rich of Waffle Me This, invited me to this challenge. Thank you so much, bro! Check his blog out. He has an amazing humor, is poetic, sensual, romantic, a music lover,… You will love him!

This is definitely my favorite challenge. Finding a theme and digging into quotes  is just fun. And in order to make it even more fun, I thought about a special theme this time.

I experience how more and more really close friendships are developing here on the blogsphere. We are there for each other and we are having so much fun together. That’s why I chose funny friendship quotes for this round of the challenge. In order to give it this crazy kick I get the help of the Minions! Hope you like it! Read more ›

A Two Weeks Review Of Gratitude And Blessings

I heard sceptic voices regarding meeting bloggers in person because of a possible disappointment. My own experience was nothing like that at all. I did not have any expectations about the wonderful people I was going to meet. They already captured my heart for months and I dare to say that we did know each other by heart. That is why it was not necessary that any ice needed to be broken. There simply was no ice. We all embraced each other with arms wide open! We laughed and joked about all the things we were posting about. It truly were meetings between old friends! I am already thinking about my next trip. I will make it an effort that at least once in my life I want to embrace the people I call my friends, brothers, and sisters! Read more ›

Beautiful Memories!

Above the clouds so high

So much time to think back

Of beautiful times with lovely people

Of places I discovered new

Of friendship and heart warming hugs

Of smiles and sunshine

Of vows and gratitude

Of inspiration and love

Is that melancholy I feel?

Yes, sure, it’s there!

It tells me, it was good

And worthwhile to be repeated

In Love and L ight

Melrose Plantation – Natchitoches, Louisiana

Yesterday, my dear host Linda, took her mom, Phyllis of Anchors and Butterflies, and me further to the south of Louisiana where we visited the Melrose Plantation. It was another beautiful day. The weather was gorgeous and so was the company!  Read more ›

Friends, Union, Beaches, and More

When I came back from my vacation last week I mentioned that I am already preparing for my next trip… an even bigger one. Now the time has come!


When you are reading this I am already on my way or actually up in the air heading towards the US.

OK, before I enjoyed my 10 hour flight I had to go trough the usual procedure…. which is always 10 steps tougher than any other flight (perhaps hot the Middle East).6719404-115976967_27-v1

Anyway, if you want to fly to the States you have to ignore any thoughts or feelings of privacy. Got used to it… Back to the reason of my trip:

My lovely and humorous friend, Linda of Nutsrok, invited me in the beginning of this year to visit her. We had some great chats and knew that we need to meet one day.  So this day has come pretty soon as it seemed. I am looking forward not only to meeting her but also her lovely family she is always writing about. I cannot thank Linda enough for her generous offer which I accepted with pleasure.

No, that is not her family but you will  understand the context right away.dallas-altstars-moegen-das-29428_big

Linda and I will drive to Dallas and guess who we are going to meet there? Our lovable and soulful Indian friend Kruti of 10 Evening Flowers. Kruti and I were talking about how beautiful it would be meeting for about 10 months. She moved to Texas just 1 month ago. Things fell into place and we take the chance!  Btw.  Kruti is a published author. She writes amazing short stories! Her writings in general are deep and insightful.


After leaving at Linda’s I fly over to ……………. yes…………. you guessed it: To California! How could I be in the States and not visit my favorite spot in the whole wide world? (Psst, Rich, they have Pizza Hut here, shall I break something?)

I will meet three of my blogging buddies there too: ………………………………  drum rolls……………………… Marissa of Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth ………………………………  drum rolls……………………… Carolina of Yesterday After……………………….. drum rolls………………………. Kevin of The Screenplay of Life Chronicles. All of you who know the four of us might be able to imagine what that means: I think you will hear us laughing and chatting wherever you live!


Again I ask you for your understanding. This time I might not even be available for days. I am depending on free WiFi and will be on the go all the time. I might not be posting spontaneously. What you will find is scheduled. If ever I get the chance I will reply for sure. I also apologize in advance for probably not reading any posts.


Take care all of you and don’t forget about me. I will share all my wonderful impressions, meetings, and experiences with you when I am back in 2 weeks.

In Love and Light

The Italian in Malta

We all who are not speaking English as our first language are having an accent and every accent is different. Of course, it depends on how well the language is spoken. But due to our accent, some words can get a completely different meaning……. and that can cause some trouble. Watch this 😂 Read more ›

When English takes over…

Lately I started a random series about my adventures with the English language in a world that speaks German. English has become a part of my life when we moved to Buffalo 17 years ago. A few years after we were back again I started a daily email conversation with my best friend for a quite a while who lives in California.  Since May 2014 I am running this blog and my daily working hours on it are increasing. Meanwhile I can say that I spend 90 percent of my time in English rather than in German. That can be a little tricky… Read more ›

Song of the Day

Once the favorite song of my older son. It is a fun song but after the 5th consecutive time you are definitely dancing on the ceiling… lol. Anyway, I like the song and it brings a good mood to start the day. I won’t ever be able to  memorize the name of the band but the song has an important message: Speak English!!!

Have a great Wednesday 😃 Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

Work and fun

Happy Monday, in Love and Light!

Throwback Thursday – My Hair

Hair and women! That’s almost like shoes and women. But I guess the hair mania starts a lot earlier. It all started in 1984. Yes, the 80s the age of perms! I had perms for 11 years. The problem was that I had to get pretty strong perms because my hair was so straight that it was only half the pleasure after 3 weeks. So first I looked like a lion who touched the power line Read more ›

Another Hippie, woohoo

After brother Melody-Rich and sister Luna-Ritu I did that test too…. yeah, we are one big Hippie family!!! Read more ›

What is my best body part?

When I believe Ritu’s test then it is my bum!

The result says: Even if you cannot see it: We can assure you, that your firm bum is perfectly shaped and has the perfect size. Don’t be surprised when somebody “accidentally” touches your back side – the person means no harm. They simply couldn’t resist.

I am glad I don’t think different 😉

Body part

It is a fun test and you only have to enter your name. It will appear in your language when you click on the link below:


Check it out!

In Love and Light!

Visible Congrats from Liechtenstein to the USA

Once again Happy Independence Day to my wonderful American friends!!! I wish I could be celebrating with you today! Instead I send you a photo showing how much I feel connected. I lost  several pieces of my heart in your beautiful country. Read more ›

Ritu’s Choice!

Yesterday I posted a collection of possible items for Ritu’s Power Woman outfit. She made her decision and I proudly present her picks: Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

With the permission of Reflection of a Rainbow

Excitement is a virtue, Saadia

In Love and Light!

What A Week!

I just feel so thankful when I recalled the past days. It started on Monday with my guest post at Colleen’s blog, 4 awards (I was even nominated for a brand new award by Carolina), a very successful Tuesday… 😈 😉 😌 … , amazing interactions with all of you –  some very profound with new followers, and the long weekend with sun and heat within the 90s every day including one relaxing lazy day. One top happening this week is an offer I got from a friend here on WordPress. It would be another step on the ladder of my dreams. Or actually it is an opportunity to expand the dream I am already living. Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

Allow love

In Love and Light!

The Love/Hate Challenge

Rob of The V-Pub invited me to this challenge. It sounds like fun again!  To participate  I have to list ten things that I love and then ten things that I hate and nominate 10 bloggers to do the same.

I have to admit that it was not easy to limit it to 10 things I love. It was not easy either to find 10 things I don’t like (just fyi: I refuse to hate anything).  Read more ›

Really Neat!

What an amazing week this was!!! First I got my Certificate of Proficiency    then Ritu’s nomination for the Freestyle Writing Challenge, the Sunshine Award from Bows and Throws, then Rob’s nomination for the 5 Days Challenge, and now Lisa from Rebirth of Lisa gifted me with the Real Neat Award. I love you guys 💓 !!!

Lisa has found a big place in my heart with her lovely and warm-hearted spirit. She is a passionate writer and author. Please check her out! Thank you for the nomination, Lisa! I so appreciate it. Read more ›

5 Days Challenge – The Final!

I can’t believe I am already through! It was such a fun and exciting challenge. I loved it. Thanks again from my heart, Rob, for making me part of it. I hope you did not regret it 😉 Read more ›

The Premio Dardos Award

Yesterday there was an big award party going on here on WordPress. Amazing Electro Woman Amanda was giving away 80 (!) awards. What an award night that was!!! Sorry if we were a little too loud but on the other hand it will be pretty silent until noon I guess… I am soooo happy that I am one of the honored people who got an award out of Amanda’s hands. I never ever have seen such a fantastic award post: https://insidethelifeofmoi.wordpress.com/2015/04/29/my-big-fat-award-ceremonystrike-two/
Read more ›

The (very short) Story of Kathy Caterpillar!

While looking through my documents I found this little story. I was helping my friend testing his website and thought why not having fun while testing and wrote the story as part of the content. It may sound like a kid’s story but it is on the ironic side – kind of ironic spirituality. I hope you have fun! Read more ›

Song of the Day!

The weather is gorgeous for days now. We have temperatures in the higher 70s, my garden is almost done, and I feel blossoming like nature around me. I am happy and full of beans. So many wonderful things are waiting for me this year. I am so happy about my wonderful community which is making my day every day. Therefore I felt like posting one of my ultimate favorite songs which makes my mood growing to the max! Read more ›

Song of the Day!

It is Easter Sunday, Spring is showing up more and more on the northern part of the globe, and our feelings are starting to bloom according to nature. Today I was looking for a song that meets this expression of a new beginning, of feeling ourselves in a new way, of a breakthrough within ourselves… A song that says THIS IS ME  and I am perfect the way I am. From now on there is no hiding of my light but shining it out into the world. I am who I am! That’s my power, that’s my gift and whoever wants a piece: feel free to take it. Read more ›

Song of the Day!

Yesterday a friend posted a playlist. On that list there was a song I love for a long, long time. It describes my love for and my bond with California. It expresses this yearning which I feel when I am not there. That’s one of THE classic songs for me which I will never get tired to listened to. Read more ›

Song of the Day!

I heard a lovely song this morning performed by Olly Murs. Unfortunately I don’t know the title and couldn’t find it on Youtube. I just know it is a duet. Anyway, while digging through the site I found this one and thought it was a really cute and funny song to start into the week. I hope you enjoy it: Read more ›

The Consequence for being unconcentrated 😬

Whatever we do we should do with the focus on what we do, right? I totally agree with that. But although I know I often want to get things done faster… One unconcentrated moment or one single click can cause more work than simply invest one concentrated minute more. Read more ›

Yeah, summer – Song of the Day

When I heard this song today I started dancing. That’s a song that makes me feel summer, beach, lightness, relaxation, happiness. It kind of fills my heart with light.

Now when you look outside and see the first signs of spring just dance and let the good vibes fill you with anticipation for the upcoming warm season. (If it doesn’t look like spring outside then close your eyes and imagine it… winter is coming to an end.) Whatever is pulling on you through these times just pause for a moment and remember that life is so much more.  Read more ›

Isn’t German beautiful?

I hope it is not really that bad…lol! Read more ›

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