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From Patience to Spirituality – and Back

For today, I randomly picked a quote from the internet to get inspiration for something that may be important to share. It is interesting what quote my curser was resting on when I opened my eyes. Again, it is that patience thing.

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Daily Kind Quote – 1508

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Daily Kind Quote

With Jan’s permission!

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Daily Kind Quote

With Keith’s permission!

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Patience vs. Inactivity

A few weeks ago, I wrote About Impatience and Development. After publishing that post, it occurred to me that not only impatience but also patience can get in a person’s way. Both have their origin in a kind of egoism, although the cause of that egoism goes in two different directions. Impatience can mean stress not to miss an opportunity. The more important something is, the more it pushes you. Does anyone remember the run on toilet paper two years ago? Wow, how selfish was that? I need it, I have to have it, I have a right to it, me, me, me… Impatience can cloud our view of reason and make us run blindly toward blinking lights. In this blindness, we can quickly lose our orientation. In contrast, patience has the calmness to wait in the background until the opportunity presents itself to seize it.

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About Impatience and Development

Some developments in life just happen. They occur without us knowing beforehand that we even wanted them. They seem to pop up without us asking for them. Then there are developments that we first have in mind and need a roadmap to reach. And then there is a combination of the two. Something triggers an idea or vision which leads to developing a plan for a particular achievement or goal.

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Sometimes Not-Understanding Takes You Further


Don’t we all have times when many things go through our minds and hearts at once? So many different thoughts which escape the moment they seem within reach. At the same time, it’s obvious that everything has a common denominator. It can be frustrating and feels like you’re just going in circles with no way out. And while you think you have all your problems together now, to finally put everything in order or sort it out, life adds something else to confuse you.

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The Pressure of Making Decisions!


I wrote a few times about making decisions. Basically, I believe that whatever decision we make it will lead us towards the place in our life we are meant to arrive. It is like using the GPS system in your car. You put in the address but there are several options to reach your destination. We also have this inner GPS which already knows the address. We simply choose the kind of road we walk towards it. Every step and pee pit stop on that road will give us energy and insights to continue our journey or lead us to short cuts.


We often feel that it is time for a decision to make. Since I am having a stubborn ego that keeps me from backing out I push and force myself often very hard to decide. I think it is the same not so constructive attitude like turning away and postponing decisions. Again, there comes that patience issue and feeling like a coward or like breaking a self-made promise when not pulling it through and moving on.


It is good to be aware when a time of change has arrived and that a decision is about to be made. But it does not always mean that we are supposed to decide right away but to change into an observing position in order to see the whole picture.


The serenity prayer holds a profound truth. It is about that! I agree that not making a decision is also a decision – a passive one. But consciously observing a situation is something completely different. It means we are still sticking with the subject. But other than making any decision only for the sake of deciding (which will lead us towards our destination for sure too) we grant ourselves the privilege of the higher perspective in order to make a decision that possibly even shows us a short-cut while getting the overview and letting things develop in the background. Being an attentive observer makes us act or react in the perfect moment.


When you are an impatient person like me it is a huge challenge to sit and wait because it feels like you might miss out on something or time is running out. But this is not the case. Even a tough decision to make can feel more peaceful when the right moment has arrived instead of forcing it because our mind says so. Yes, in the end, it is not the rational mind that has to give the starting shot but the heart which already knows the straight way towards our destination. In the end, waiting in peaceful awareness makes you arrive faster than making a decision only because your mind pushes you in order prove your ego that you are no coward. That way you can avoid a lot of detours and the path itself is smoother. Don’t let the wind blow you anywhere. Check where it comes from and adjust the sails.


Not easy at all. I know that too well. But I also learned how much of a relief it is when you give yourself the permission to let things happen or to watch a situation until you feel more centered when you decide to decide! Sometimes it happens quickly and like a reflex and sometimes we need to exit, buy a road map, and go from there.

In Love and Light

Song of the Day

Sometimes all we need is just a little patience. But at times”just a little” can seem overwhelmingly much … Read more ›

“Our Love Conquers The Distance!”

It made me think a lot. During the past weeks, my Monday posts always were inspired by comments of topics of other blogger friends. I am very thankful about that and I go with it because I think that topic is meant to be. Read more ›

The Confusion of Uncertainty!

What is one of the most confusing situation for us? I’d say when we are left without information. When we don’t know about outcomes, decisions, what is going on in other people’s minds when they don’t tell us, when there is a distance or no possibility to communicate… Read more ›

Life isn’t about controlling but about unfolding!

During the past weeks, I often posted, read, and experienced what a blessing and relief it is to stop controlling life. Some things we can but some things just happen. The most beautiful things in life only unfold when we stop forcing and controlling out of a fear it wouldn’t turn out the way we want or out of the fear we could lose something. But that’s not true. Things that are about to unfold are meant to unfold. But in believing, we might keep control over the unfolding and the way of how things are supposed to unfold we simply scrunch the fragile flower that just started to open up. Read more ›


I have to confess that when patience was distributed I definitely must have missed the event. When I have an idea I want to start it right away and I stick with it until it is done to my satisfaction. This impatience is part of my success, of my journey, and of the way I walk through my life. It is actually part of my zest for life. I live life to the fullest and I walk through it with an open heart. I am like a sponge soaking up all the inspirations I can get in order to expand myself. But life taught me also that in certain situations I am able to completely surrender to patience. That’s when something is of particular importance to me.

What means patience? To me it means waiting in faith for something we are not in control of.  That can be waiting for time to pass, for an impacting decision of others, or for a certain happening we long for. It may feel like a dependency since it is out of our hands. But it doesn’t make sense to become impatient, since it would only make the waiting time worse and would nurture destructive feeling.


Patience doesn’t need to have the touch of dependency.  Patience is a peaceful condition. It contains confidence, trust, and faith. We are consciously patient when we feel that it is for the benefit of people we value. Patience is a sign of love when we step back in order to grant others room for their decisions. Patience means taking a first step without knowing the whole path. Patience means enjoying the moment and not driving ourselves crazy with something lying in the future we cannot classify yet. Patience means being faithful to let things unfold in their own velocity.  Patience means taking one step at a time without having the brain told what is supposed to show up after step three. Patience provides valuable time for preparing and for developing attitudes towards the desired outcome. When we are patiently moving on conditions will unfold in a way we could never create by ourselves with our controlling mind.

When we have decided to be patient then we have proved something very important to ourselves: We accept the possibility that things might not turn out as we hope they will. Because the matter we are patient for is worth the waiting and the uncertainty.

When there is a need for you to be patient the next time then keep in mind that patience is an act of respect towards others and an act of self-love. It says that you listen to your inner voice and that you trust the feeling which makes you go for it.

How long would you be willing to wait for something you feel it is worth for? How long would you be willing to wait for something that feels like meant to be? As long as it needs, right?

Patience is the sign of a deep belief in something that simply feels right for you.

In Love and Light!

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