Sometimes Not-Understanding Takes You Further

Don’t we all have times when many things go through our minds and hearts at once? So many different thoughts which escape the moment they seem within reach. At the same time, it’s obvious that everything has a common denominator. It can be frustrating and feels like you’re just going in circles with no way out. And while you think you have all your problems together now, to finally put everything in order or sort it out, life adds something else to confuse you.

It can all feel overwhelming and lead to despair or resignation. But maybe it all just means we want to understand more than we have to. I had an employee that we hired to the front desk of our business center, and for providing simple administrative support. She had no experience with finance or compliance tasks, which we also provide. Finance is a huge and complex field that you have to like and/or be open to. However, she felt the need to understand all the details of what we do, but at the same time felt overwhelmed with it. We tried to explain that we didn’t expect her to learn it all. If she was interested and open to it, she would grow into it – learning by doing. But it is impossible to understand everything in just a few weeks, while others spend years at university or gain professional experience. Still, she overextended herself and was frustrated because she was “not the finance guy,” but “the need-to-understand-everything guy.” Again, we tried to explain that she didn’t need to put pressure on herself because she wasn’t even hired for that field. In the end, she was completely insecure and overwhelmed. She thought of herself as a failure. The problem for us was that she was trying to fit into something we didn’t need, but what we needed her to get done, she was neglecting…

Your example explains so well how much we overwhelm ourselves when we try to understand everything that is happening in our lives. But in reality, we’re not even ready to see the bigger picture. The harder we try, the less it works. That’s because we’re just grasping at a detached thread of the rope, while thinking it’s already the rope. I’m not saying we shouldn’t look at what’s happening in our lives and the role we play in it. But at some point we have to accept that we are not yet ready to see the complete whole. Maybe more needs to happen, or maybe we just haven’t reached a certain point in the process. We can trust that one day we will understand, or at least we will understand that part that is necessary. Recognition always happens retrospectively. How many times has it happened to us that we thought: Hey, now I understand! And shortly after something happened that made us feel like we were pushed back to the beginning. Sometimes the strong will to understand can bring much more confusion.

We will probably never know definitively when we have “got it”. Ultimately, all the lessons we learn here are only individual components of the great truth. Many incarnations are necessary, and in these many individual challenges that lead us to partial realizations. Perhaps a part of this great truth is that we develop humility, trust, and serenity in ourselves so as not to overextend ourselves. Because that’s exactly when we block our way and our vision and become blind to insight. As long as we let the mind decide where to start to understand, we will always end up at dead ends. For how can the mind grasp the wisdom that created it?

Allow yourself to want to understand, but not to have to.
Trust that you will understand as soon as you are ready.
In this way, the process will go smoothly and your soul will be at absolute peace.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


” Recognition always happens retrospectively.”
True like when this quote attributed to Lau Tsu: “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear; when the student is really ready, the teacher will disappear.”
All in its good time….
Our waking up as Light workers didn’t just happen over night… We worked upon ourselves, we allowed life to absorb through us lessons we were taught, pain and hardship, emotional upheavals… All adding to our experience…
I was in textiles, I learnt as a sewing machinist each skill, which stood me in good stead to grow to supervise and twenty years later became Training manager… I would not ask any one to do what I couldn’t do myself
So we take years to absorb the knowledge..

Our world too is too vast to comprehend the variety of differences.. We don’t know each others languages, and Yet we can all of us hold a common theme…. One of understanding, tolerance and kindness and respect…

We don’t always have to understand Everything or everyone to find the common denominator that pulls it all together..
Well said Erika.. ❤ ❤ ❤

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That’s the journey of the light worker indeed. I think most light workes would not even consider themselves to be light workers. Too many think, a light worker is so “enlightened” that they don’t suffer from anything and swing in endless serenety and contentment. But in fact, the tests don’t end. A light worker simply takes the challenge and accepts them as part of life to lead them to enlightenment. They “know” that they don’t know.
Again, your comment was so inspriring, thank you very much Sue


I would also go as far as to say a lightworker is often tested to their limits as they bring themselves back up from the depths to the Light of inner healing and recognition of their true potential in learning to love themselves..
I feel they have to have undergone certain experiences in order for them to empathise and relate to others in order to help them overcome their own dark tunnels…
And through their journey they have learnt to trust their inner knowing and gut instincts because life lessons have taught them to..
I agree totally with your statement.. When you said
“A light worker simply takes the challenge and accepts them as part of life to lead them to enlightenment. “….
Well said.. Many thanks dear Erika.. ❤

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That is well described,Sue. You have a wonderful way of using your words in such understandable ways.
I so agree, only when you reached the deepest spheres in yourself you can share the wisdom and love you found there. But “deepest” does not mean, it doesn’t go any deeper.
Thank you too again for the time you take for leaving your wise and compassionate comments, dear Sue 💖

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Thank you Erika… I often feel they are not my words, but they are the words that come through me… And that makes me feel very humble at times, as we each share our deepest thoughts that come to the surface when we allow ourselves to listen intently lol.. ❤

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I understand what you mean. Sometimes when I read my own words again, maybe only weeks or months later, I feel the same. They are like reminders of me higher self or a power behind it. As if it knew that I would need it one day to be reminded that all I/we need to know already lies in us.
Another wonderful inspiring input that you left here, Sue. Have a blessed rest of your day 💖

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Likewise Erika… I often revisit my own posts and wonder.. Did I… write that?? 🙂 and while I did… I know the words came through me to write lol… Have a fab day too ❤


An interesting read, Erika. I believe that we never get to understand everything because life changes all the time entirely. When we learn something, something changes, and we have to learn again. But I think that is what keeps life so interesting. It can often feel frustrating thinking we’ve taken two steps forward and one sone step back, but it’s life’s way of telling us to slow down because something new is about to happen or something is about to change.

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Exacty, Hugh! That is how think about it too. We won’t run out of new insights, of seeing greater contexts, and of solving misunderstandings that blocked us for a long time. I so love those moments when another curtain has opened, when you feel like you opened your eyes for the first time. It gives so much energy and power, and lifts you to heights of which you had never dreamed of. There is so much to explore and I thinkg, that is what we should understand and realize too: To enjoy the journey!
Thank you, Hugh!


Thank you for the great motivating posting, Erika! The quote of Saint Francis de Sales is wonderful. I just remember my community with some of his successors, in duty. At that time I wasn’t aware of the saying. But we always had a lot of fun discussing the difference between them as a congregation and a real order. Congregation = a flock of sheep. 🙂 Enjoy a beautiful evening! xx Michael
P.S.: Now i have to head over to Sis Ritu, to see what happend new in the UK. 😉

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