Me, Myself, and I


Often we step back and think about ourselves “I should not take this so serious”, “I need to stand up for myself” or “I would like to but…”, and much more. Lately, I started pondering about it. Who is that one talking to me? I am I but still, I am talking to someone. Isn’t it interesting that we can observe ourselves although we are ourselves? Is there something inside of me watching that “I” who goes through its everyday life? Read more ›

Insights – Messages Of The Soul

Lately, I was talking a lot with my friends in posts, comments, and replies about the effect of insights and how they come up. What is an insight actually? It is something we understand (often instantly) and which changes the way we looked at something in particular or in general. It makes us see a detail which we might have overlooked before but which was essential to dissolve a misunderstanding or a misinterpretation.  Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

The soul sees further.JPG

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In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote

The heart knows, the mind follows

In Love and Light

The Soul is an inexhaustible Source of wisdom!

Only a calm mind is able to hear the voice of the Soul
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