Insights – Messages Of The Soul

Lately, I was talking a lot with my friends in posts, comments, and replies about the effect of insights and how they come up. What is an insight actually? It is something we understand (often instantly) and which changes the way we looked at something in particular or in general. It makes us see a detail which we might have overlooked before but which was essential to dissolve a misunderstanding or a misinterpretation. 

An insight is the reminder that we are more than we believed we are, that there is more than we believed there is. It is part of our development and can be that crucial tool we needed to break a lock and fly free. It can be the sun that rises when we are at our lowest darkest point because we fell so deep that we couldn’t help it but discover that depth inside of us which holds all the wisdom and secrets we need to know for this lifetime. Therefore we often need to pass the painful memory our mind built up, break through it and land in the comforting, strong, and loving hand of our origin. Our soul is our wisdom and our home.

When we get stuck on our paths, when we are blocked by fears, when we have reached a dead end on our roads that’s a sign then we are not in connection with our soul. Perhaps our soul doesn’t tell us the outcome but it always sends out the equivalent feeling we need to simply know where to make the next step. That feeling – our gut feeling, our inner voice – even gives us outlooks of what can be. That is that inner knowing about something that keeps us moving forward for our goal. It’s the belief in something that feels like a part of ourselves, an inner conviction. That is when we are in clear communication with our soul. That is when the power of our divine being is in alignment with its physical vessel. But what is an insight when we keep listening to the voice of our rational mind instead of the voice of what keeps that mind alive?

Here we are again. We need to remember and understand that our mind is only the supporter of the soul during its journey through a physical lifetime. The wisdom of the mind is limited to what it experienced during this current lifetime. It knows what the body needs to survive and keeps it from physical harm. But that is right the problem. The soul knows the plan of its journey, what it is supposed to experience and achieve right because and through its physical appearance. It knows that whatever happens is in some context to its own plan. Now the more we are in touch with our soul the more we see beneath obstacles and struggles. The less we are the more we will bemoan what happens and nurture our mind with negative experiences which only support the misunderstanding we live.

But no matter, how strong we stick to the truth of our mind, the soul shines through. It always does and it does it with insights we gain. And here we complete the circle, this happens very often when we reach the end of our mind’s wisdom and it can be the moment when we realize that there is a greater wisdom within and around us than our mind can even imagine. Now it is up to the individual to turn towards that greater wisdom, discover more about, and gain more insights which again will pull us closer. Or we look at that insight and think how wonderful it would be but… and let the mind keep ruling our life.


It is not always easy to detach from our mind which is afraid of the unknown and let ourselves faithfully guide by the voice of our souls most of all when we have important decisions to make. But it is the only way to develop. The soul opens doors to new fields we dream of but haven’t seen before – that can be scary when even desired. The mind provides some seeming security because we know everything about its world and feel like in control when even it doesn’t satisfy what this world contains. Again, it is our decision if we feel ready to jump and trust that in the end, all will be well. Either way, we will be reminded again even when we don’t live the insight. The seed is planted. In the worst case, we will look back and remember that we decided to refuse to walk that path that our soul wanted to see. Also, it is in the path that provides the most magical insights. If you stay at home you won’t see the world.

It is possible to cover our ears but it is not possible to silence our soul!


In Love and Light

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Amazing post, Erika!! Insights I believe are the Voice of Higher Source that lives within our Hearts. OH this is a good one!! LOVE this just LOVE this!! We were taught to listen to our minds NOT our Hearts and those of us who do listen to our Hearts, many times find ridicule and a cold shoulder. I couldn’t tell you how many times hubby, engineering minded and a Must See It To Believe It kind of guy, has asked me to PROVE what I just said … my Insight. I however say the same thing over and over again … I am not able to but I KNOW. He is after 34 years of marriage, finally beginning to trust my Insights. LOL Some especially those who must see it in front of them, take a while to “wing it”. I tend to “wing it” a lot. Tee hee ….. Again, this post is par excellent!! You need to be proud of yourself on this!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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Amy, that’s great what you added here. Yes, those who trust their hearts are barely taken serious. But at the same time, those who do have the strength to bear the arrogant behaviour and get much further in the end. Who fill their lives with more meaning… I don’t need to ask you! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, Amy. Your comments are always such a delight and I appreciate ithem very much. Sending you big hugs over 💖

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