About Impatience and Development

Some developments in life just happen. They occur without us knowing beforehand that we even wanted them. They seem to pop up without us asking for them. Then there are developments that we first have in mind and need a roadmap to reach. And then there is a combination of the two. Something triggers an idea or vision which leads to developing a plan for a particular achievement or goal.

Patience is not passive, on the contrary, it is concentrated strength.

~ Bruce Lee

I don’t know about you, but when I feel myself burning for a goal, I want to achieve it sooner rather than later, yesterday rather than today. Unfortunately, impatience can be quite persistent. So strong, in fact, that it makes the journey a challenge. Getting there can become its own obstacle to reaching the goal. But actually, the journey is what co-creates the goal in its perfection. In the process, we only see how the image of the goal changes, expands, and sometimes it is even exchanged for a new goal. An author knows what I am talking about. A book is based on a first idea. Nevertheless, the story can still change in the course, perhaps even changes completely. That’s what happened to me with “I’m Free”. I had first wanted to write a book to fight fears. Over time, however, I realized that this was the wrong approach. I had to write something that dealt with liberation, not with fighting. I was frustrated because that meant deleting more than half of what I had already written and starting almost from scratch. I did it anyway because, in this case, compromise would be counterproductive.

However, an aspired goal can only be the beginning of the actual journey. When I look back on the many achievements in my life, I also remember the first visions about them. In retrospect, all those first visions were only the starting point for where I was led in the long run. Once a path is chosen and the first step is taken, the story takes on a dynamic of its own. You follow it and help shape it, or you drop out.

You will get there. Until then, be here. The moment matters.

~ Gregg Braden

Impatience can therefore stall the entire process. It can cause us to blindly apply pressure at a point that leads to a dead end. It can make us despair and question the whole project. It can even cause us to stumble and destroy a seemingly fantastic plan. So, while, in the background, conditions are naturally evolving, impatience causes us to ignore this process and thus potentially disrupt it. Impatience can cause us to give up too quickly. Success is not something that comes overnight. It can occur overnight, but only if hard work, perseverance, faith in the vision, an open mind for opportunities, and an unquestioning determination were applied beforehand.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

~Lao Tzu

Patience is not the same as indifference to whether and how things develop. It means trusting and believing in the vision, looking for doors and opportunities that open up, and seizing them – no matter how uncomfortable they may seem. There is nothing wrong with your vision. Today, we have small pocket computers that you can even use to make phone calls. At one point, none of that existed. But there were visions upon visions upon visions, and over time, everything has evolved.

Rome was not built in a day – but it was built!

In Love and Light

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