Patience vs. Inactivity

A few weeks ago, I wrote About Impatience and Development. After publishing that post, it occurred to me that not only impatience but also patience can get in a person’s way. Both have their origin in a kind of egoism, although the cause of that egoism goes in two different directions. Impatience can mean stress not to miss an opportunity. The more important something is, the more it pushes you. Does anyone remember the run on toilet paper two years ago? Wow, how selfish was that? I need it, I have to have it, I have a right to it, me, me, me… Impatience can cloud our view of reason and make us run blindly toward blinking lights. In this blindness, we can quickly lose our orientation. In contrast, patience has the calmness to wait in the background until the opportunity presents itself to seize it.

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About Impatience and Development

Some developments in life just happen. They occur without us knowing beforehand that we even wanted them. They seem to pop up without us asking for them. Then there are developments that we first have in mind and need a roadmap to reach. And then there is a combination of the two. Something triggers an idea or vision which leads to developing a plan for a particular achievement or goal.

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