Soul Mates – More Than Just The Love Of A Lifetime

My wonderful Australian friend with Swiss roots, Sandra of A Momma’s View published a post about soul mates.  We were talking a little about it and we agreed that I will repost my Soul Mate post from February of this year.  But due to the amazing experiences I made during the past months I completely worked over it. So whoever wrote the first one, please check this one out too!

The soul mate topic is always present. Through modern technology,  the internet, our social media networks it is so much easier today to connect with the whole world. And it is even more stunning to connect with people we might have never seen before but who feel so very familiar. I found many friends here on WordPress who for sure I consider as my soul mates. This is what I believe about soul mates:


Have you ever been in this situation? You encounter a person in person, on the phone, via email, or whatever. You don’t even need to talk to each other but you feel familiar with them. It can likely be that there is even no sympathy. But you feel connected in some way. I am sure you all can say yes. You might have met a soul mate.

When I joined a class for Matrix Transformation the teacher said that we have about 25 to 30 soul mates at the same time incarnated. They are all aspects of the same soul. But it is not the whole soul. The biggest part of the soul is not incarnated. We want to experience so much in a possible short time and get spread over the globe. Some of our soul aspects we do meet during an incarnation and some we don’t. Doubles are often parts of the same soul family.


Now I am coming to the point: I so often hear or read that people are desperately looking for their soul mate. But a soul mate doesn’t necessarily be the perfect life partner. A soul mate is a spirit who helps you growing and developing. It can be a family member, a friend and very often our soul mates are our biggest challenges but not our lovers. When we got suppressed, offended, hated, dominated we need to develop or change something in order to find a way out because they won’t do us the favor and change for us. You might believe that your worst enemy is only there in order to make your life as hard as possible. Perhaps you feel even punished. But it is the opposite.


Before we incarnate we make our agreements with other souls in order to support each other in the best possible way. Every soul is pure love. Some sacrifice themselves to be our worst challenge in order to fulfill what we wish to experience. Yes, we wish to experience hatred, domination and offending. But only in order to find a way out of it and experience the miracle of liberation, the miracle of growth, the miracle of ourselves. We want to forget our  light in order to stand in awe when we find it shining brightly after long dark nights. A lesson learned through experience is the most empowering energy in your development. If we love someone dearly we are often not strict enough to make the other one learn a hard lesson.

Try to be aware of people who seem to make your life a burden – they might be the most precious and lovely souls you are blessed with. They are angels as well and their love might be so big that they play the part of the bad guy in order to make you fulfill your plan.

Now what? Is this whole soul mate thing an invention of song writers? I believe that there are these perfect and ultimate matches: Twin Souls. Two souls who feel like one. Twin souls mostly know long before they meet that there is another part of them somewhere. They are searching for the other half and get confused when they don’t show up because they feel their presence. They can be from different cultures, continents, races. When they meet they miraculously recognize each other immediately.  It seems that love came unexpected but it has only been waiting for the right moment. Those two souls are able to feel the other person although they might be thousands of miles apart. It is a connection that did not have to become but has always been.


Mostly their meetings happen like a miracle with conditions that seem so unrealistic. It doubtlessly looks like simply meant to be. That is what pulls them even closer together. They open up automatically. Their energy merges and healing starts taking place. They don’t need to say a word but understand. They see through the surface of the other one and connect from core to core. There is one sentece that may appear reflexively: I AM HOME. I believe that true twin souls are not only the embodyment of oneness and diving love in its essence but also meant for a higher purpose to bring their immense light and energy into this world for the benefit of eveyone.

In Love and Light!

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and to shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world in order to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted, and become the blessing for all of us you were meant to be.


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