Gozo – Sister Island of Malta

Today we had the best weather. No clouds and almost no wind at all. A relief after the strong winds of the past days. We spent all day on Gozo Island. Gozo is a small island next to Malta. We took the ferry. After a 20 minutes ride we arrived at Mgarr. What is always the first you can see is a church.  Perhaps you have noticed that in my previous posts too. Malta and Gozo together have 365 churches. 


First our coach took us to Dwejra – also called the Azurwindow. A stunning scenery of caves. The water has all shades of blue and turquoise. We took a boat tour through and around the caves. At times it was scary because the waves were pretty heavy the closer we were to the rocks.

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The picture doesn’t show it well enough but as soon as the sun shone into the water the colors were exploding in all it’s blue and green shades. The water is so clear you can see to the ground!

20151012_113502_resized 20151012_114405_resized 20151012_114303_resized 20151012_114219_resized 20151012_113651_resized

The next stop was in Xlendi. A cute little fishermen’s village where we had lunch.

Look at this big grasshopper!

20151012_131542_resized 20151012_131606_resized

20151012_131659_resized These are called the White Cliffs of Gozo. Not as white as the ones in Dover but beautiful anyway!

20151012_131845_resized 20151012_132314_resized 20151012_132953_resized

The last stop led us to the capital Victoria/Rabat. It is common that popular people have dolphins on their door as a sign of kindness…. I was smiling hearing this. Because dolphins are my favorite animals and like butterflies my symbol of freedom and liberation. We also passed the narrowest alley and could watch the only tailor at work.

20151012_143327_resized 20151012_144436_resized 20151012_143527_resized 20151012_143735_resized

20151012_143743_resizedThe narrowest alley

20151012_144020_resized 20151012_144305_resized20151012_144805_resized

This was the last day of our vacation. Tomorrow we are flying back home. It will be a busy day. My kids are coming home from their vacation too. They went to Cyprus with my mom. Aren’t they lucky?

The next 2 weeks will be packed with catching up and preparing for my next (really big) trip at the end of the month. (More about that later ;-).) So forgive me if I am still not as much around as usual.

I hope you enjoyed my virtual tours through a special part of Europe.

This is a sunrise 🙂20151012_071242_resized

In Love and Light

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