Trip to South Tyrol

Here I am with my promised post about another escape to a beautiful place on this planet: South Tyrol. Although it sounds like it was a part of the Austrian federal state Tyrol, it is not.

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Fall Impressions

The picture above shows one of the views I am having from my house.

Three weeks ago, we spent some wonderful days in a spa hotel in the German/Austrian Alps. Since I know that many of you would like to see some pictures, I am happy to share some of the impressions with you.

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Fall in the Mountains

St. Johann i. Pongau, Salzburg

As long as our children were little, we went on vacation in October during the school vacations. Until the youngest turned six, we went to a family hotel in a mountainous region in Salzburg, Austria. Later we made these weeks our beach vacation and went with them to Greece, Trukey or Egypt.

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Fly Away

Escaping reality
For just a few days
Recharging my batteries
Clearing my mind’s maze

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Impressions of Lake Garda and its Area

As promised, here I am, back with some photos of another picturesque place of this planet. This time, we stayed in a vacation apartment in a camping resort directly at the lake. It was a different kind of vacation, very uncomplicated and therefore even more relaxing and rejuvenating. The weather was gorgeous. We rented bikes and explored a part of the closer area, chilled at the pool, took walks at the promenade, and visited a few beautiful places.

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On The Road Again Soon!

Mistakenly, I had this post scheduled for yesterday and had it online for a few hours. For those who have not seen it yet, here it is again on the right day😂

Buon giorno, amici! It’s only been two weeks since I returned from our family vacation in Corfu. But as I said in my post: set an anchor in the future! I took my own words to heart and booked a few days at a camping resort on Lake Garda in Italy a few weeks before we left for Corfu. So, in a couple hours we’re heading southward again to enjoy sun, warmth, and a relaxing time.

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Paxmal, Walenstadt (CH)

YYesterday, we short noticed took a trip up to Paxmal. It is located above the city of Walenstadt at around 1’260 m (4134 ft) above sea level in front of the mountain chain of the Churfirsten, Switzerland. It is a monument built by Karl Bickel (1886 – 1982) from 1924 – 1949. Bickel recovered from tuberculosis and promised to set a monument for peace. Amazing how this man built that monument all by himself, fulfilling his promise.

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Impressions of Corfu #1

Calimera! After our wonderful vacation on this beautiful and charming island, of course, I have to share the photos with you. Those who follow me on Instagram may have already seen a few individual photos. Here we go now with the extended version.

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Summer Break 🌞🌴🌊

Over here, it is the first day for the kids to go back to school. For us, it is the first day of our vacation. It is not six weeks like the school kids had, but I am more than happy with two weeks. Right now, we are already at the airport to catch our flight to Corfu (Greece). The trip was planned last year as a gift my husband and I made each other for our 50th birthdays. We wanted to have a vacation together with all our (already grown-up) kids and my mother. But “Life Corona happened while we were making other plans”. Therefore, we are looking even more forward to the coming days.

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Visiting The Template of Toblerone Chocolate

You haven’t seen or heard much from me in the past half week. The reason is that I checked off another item on my bucket list.. Beause of Gary’s Swiss Sunday posts, the desire to see the Matterhorn grew and grew. On Thursday the time had come.

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Bregenz Forest Area

It is Monday, and there is supposed to be an inspirational Monday post on my blog. Sorry, but I couldn’t make it. And I don’t want to sugar coat it – I might not have the peace and time for writing and scheduling my usual posts until the end of the month. Instead, I will share some impressions from our weekend at the Bregenz Forest, a week ago. For the coming three weeks, I will try to get to you as much as possible and post some inspirational thoughts. But now, enjoy the trip!

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Last week, I spent 4 days with my mom on the island of Sylt. We had a beautiful time and enjoyed the time together a lot, next to exploring a place we haven’t been before. As soos as I can, I will share a post of that trip. The island is a dream and really special in its own charming way.

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See You Next Week!

Last year, I booked a short vacation to the island of Sylt for my mom and me for June. Due to Corona, we could not go because of the lockdown at that time. But we were luck to postpone that trip. While you are reading these lines, we are already on the way or have even arrived.

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Trip To Meersburg, Germany

Last Saturday we visited the little medieval town of Meersburg at the Lake Constance. As you may guess, the name of the place comes from the impressive castle. We had a beautiful when even very hot and extremely humid day (35°C/ 95°F). We went there with the whole family. It was a birthday gift for my uncle, who turned 80 this year. But let’s begin with some pictures of the Meersburg first.

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Impressioni di Locarno – Orselina

As you can tell from my absence, there is no dull moment in my life. But thank God, these days it is also because of our trips to beautiful places in the neighboring country, Switzerland. Last Tuesday we went to the city of Locarno at the beautiful Lago Maggiore. Locarno is a city in the canton of Ticino that is touching the Italian border. In that Swiss canton, people are speaking Italian. In Switzerland four languages are spoken: The biggest part of Switzerland speaks German, the western cantons speak French, the big southern canton Ticino speaks Italian, and there is a little minority in one a big eastern canton that speaks Rhaeto-Romanic. But let’s start the tour with some photos of the ride to Locarno.

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Weesen – Amden, Switzerland

I am still enjoying my vacation at home and making spontaneous half-day trips or day trips to special places in the closer or further area of where I live. You know, Switzerland is only a stone throw away, Austria about 10 minutes, and it is about 45 minutes to Germany.

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Trip To Sareis – Malbun

Hi, folks. I am dropping in for sharing some pictures of a short noticed walk in our mountains. The weather forecast is not very reliable lately. From partly cloudy to thunderstorms, you hear everything. (Right now, while I am writing this post, we are having a thunderstorm). But how lucky are we to live in an area where we are so close to beautiful places. We decided to drive to Malbun that is the ski and hiking region of our country. From there, we walked up to the Sareis for having a coffee and ice cream. Downwards we took the chairlift. Here are some photos from the walk and the area around.

So, this is where we started the 1-hour hike (400 m altitude difference). The peak above the little chappel is the destination.

Although clouds passed by and took turns with sunny moments, it was always warm.

Arriving at the destination at 2000 m/3600 ft, we enjoyed a beautiful view of the mountains and mountain chains around there before I finally got to my ice cream and coffee 😋

And down we went again. I was joyfully sitting into that chairlift… completely forgetting that I am afraid of heights. After we passed the meadow at the beginning of the ride (as you can see on the photo where I gladly show my feet), the ground disappeared, and I felt like hanging above an abyss. Although basically I knew, I was caught of gard. It was a terrible moment that I cannot even describe. I had not expected my reaction which shocked me too. I managed to keep my panic attack under control but therefore spent half of the ride with closed eyes… lol. So the pictures you see were taken by my husband.

On the way down to the valley, I needed to stop to take pictures of the gorgeous view of the upper part of the Rhine valley. A beautiful area, I am blessed to live.

In Love and Light

A Trip Towards Heaven / #MomentsOfJoy

This Monday, we made a trip to the Jungfraujoch. It is on an altitude of 3454 m/11333 ft. The mountain Jungfrau itself is at an altitude of 4.158 m/13,642 ft. Next to it are the Eiger at 3.970 m/13,015 ft) (you may know that mountain from some dramatic documentaries about groups climbing them in the 1930s, many people died), and the Mönch at 4.110 m/13,474 ft. The photo next shows all the three: on the left (sorry, not complete on the picture) the Eiger, then the Mönch, and on the left the Jungfrau.

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Monday Song

Hello, everybody! I spent part of last weekend in a spa hotel in Tyrol, Austria. Because of my busy life, I enjoyed it, even more, to relax for at least a few hours. The hotel was amazing, and the huge spa area there is spread over 3 floors. I was in all the steam baths, the different pools (including an outdoor infinity pool), relaxed in the different lounges on normal beds, water beds, heated beds… YAY!!

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Summer Break🌞


Hi, friends, when you are reading this post I am already burying my toes in Egyptian sand, hiding in the shade, reading a book (OMG, I am finally reading a book again🎉), swimming, simply enjoying the sweetness of life. Read more ›

A Quick Stop In Milan


On the way back home we stopped in Milan. I have never been there and gladly took the occasion.  Read more ›

Impressioni di Sirmione


Today we went to the neighbor city Sirmione. Read more ›

Un Giorno A Venezia


It was a dream day today and perfect for our trip to Venice. The photo above shows the famous Rialto Bridge but when you hear Venice, you may think immediately of this: Read more ›

Impressioni Di Verona





20170811_115536Today we visited Verona. I have never been to that city before and was very excited to finally go there. Of course, a visit in the famous arena was a must! Read more ›

What A Welcome!!


I just have to quickly share a video. A huge thunderstorm went down followed by a scary and harmful hail storm while we were looking for a restaurant for dinner tonight. It shocked me that while we were standing under a roof close to me a pigeon just fell on the street hit deadly by the hail. The hail stones got bigger. It became really dangerous and we had to take shelter inside a restaurant. I took this video to illustrate what I mean.  Read more ›



Hi, my friends. From today on I am on vacation until the middle of next week. I have not scheduled any posts during that time but I leave it open to post spontaneously and will come back for replying as soon and as often as I can. I would miss my blogging family too much!! Read more ›

Vienna – Danube Park

Our first day was really beautiful and the weather gorgeous! My sister’s new house is located at the edge of the Danube Park. In that park is one of the famous landmarks of Vienna: The Danube Tower Read more ›

Our Ski Region – Malbun/Liechtenstein

Next week my youngest son is skiing with his class all week long. He is not a ski fan (as no one of us is) but he had to practice a little in order to get the feeling again. It was a beautiful day.

The village is called Malbun and it is our ski region. On the photo, you see one of the ski pistes. It is a small one.  The bigger ones are in the background and on the side above and behind the trees. Read more ›

California, here I come…

Hola all together! I hope you are doing fine. Just a brief hello from SoCal and a few impressions in order to prove that I am still alive!!! Read more ›

Friends, Union, Beaches, and More

When I came back from my vacation last week I mentioned that I am already preparing for my next trip… an even bigger one. Now the time has come!


When you are reading this I am already on my way or actually up in the air heading towards the US.

OK, before I enjoyed my 10 hour flight I had to go trough the usual procedure…. which is always 10 steps tougher than any other flight (perhaps hot the Middle East).6719404-115976967_27-v1

Anyway, if you want to fly to the States you have to ignore any thoughts or feelings of privacy. Got used to it… Back to the reason of my trip:

My lovely and humorous friend, Linda of Nutsrok, invited me in the beginning of this year to visit her. We had some great chats and knew that we need to meet one day.  So this day has come pretty soon as it seemed. I am looking forward not only to meeting her but also her lovely family she is always writing about. I cannot thank Linda enough for her generous offer which I accepted with pleasure.

No, that is not her family but you will  understand the context right away.dallas-altstars-moegen-das-29428_big

Linda and I will drive to Dallas and guess who we are going to meet there? Our lovable and soulful Indian friend Kruti of 10 Evening Flowers. Kruti and I were talking about how beautiful it would be meeting for about 10 months. She moved to Texas just 1 month ago. Things fell into place and we take the chance!  Btw.  Kruti is a published author. She writes amazing short stories! Her writings in general are deep and insightful.


After leaving at Linda’s I fly over to ……………. yes…………. you guessed it: To California! How could I be in the States and not visit my favorite spot in the whole wide world? (Psst, Rich, they have Pizza Hut here, shall I break something?)

I will meet three of my blogging buddies there too: ………………………………  drum rolls……………………… Marissa of Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth ………………………………  drum rolls……………………… Carolina of Yesterday After……………………….. drum rolls………………………. Kevin of The Screenplay of Life Chronicles. All of you who know the four of us might be able to imagine what that means: I think you will hear us laughing and chatting wherever you live!


Again I ask you for your understanding. This time I might not even be available for days. I am depending on free WiFi and will be on the go all the time. I might not be posting spontaneously. What you will find is scheduled. If ever I get the chance I will reply for sure. I also apologize in advance for probably not reading any posts.


Take care all of you and don’t forget about me. I will share all my wonderful impressions, meetings, and experiences with you when I am back in 2 weeks.

In Love and Light

Gozo – Sister Island of Malta

Today we had the best weather. No clouds and almost no wind at all. A relief after the strong winds of the past days. We spent all day on Gozo Island. Gozo is a small island next to Malta. We took the ferry. After a 20 minutes ride we arrived at Mgarr. What is always the first you can see is a church.  Perhaps you have noticed that in my previous posts too. Malta and Gozo together have 365 churches.  Read more ›

Candle Night

The photo above shows the view from where I am sitting while preparing this post.

Once a year in Birgu/Vittoriosa the Candle Night takes place. A huge part of the historic city is only illuminated with candles. That means candles everywhere. The houses are beautifully decorated with candle as well.  There are also food booths and stages all over.

We did not make it through the whole area. It is really huge! We were so lucky to be at Malta at this time. Read more ›

Hop on – Hop off through Malta – 2

Hi all together! I am back from a tour through the southern part of the island. Hope you enjoy the photos! Read more ›

Hop on – Hop off through Malta – 1

Hey, friends! I hope your day has been well so far. I had a great day. We toured through the north of the island sitting in a bus with open roof top. The weather has been gorgeous as you can tell from the pictures. I stop rambling now and simply share the beauties of Malta. Read more ›

Malta – First Impressions

Hi friends, I am quickly dropping in and want to share some first impressions around the area of our hotel. We spent walking around until the early afternoon and then I was glad I could rest a little in the sun. That was when I replied to your comments 🙂  Read more ›

Goodbye Liechtenstein… Hello Malta


Tomorrow I am going on vacation for a week. I heard a lot and saw lots of pictures of this little island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea right below Sicily.

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National Holiday in Liechtenstein

3701_schloss_vaduzToday is our National Holiday!  I did a post last year about it and thought I could post an adjusted version for today. I hope you like it! Have a wonderful day. Read more ›

Sweden – Stockholm 2

Today we visited two museums. The Vasa museum and the ABBA Museum. The rest of the day was filled with shopping… yes, my daughter convinced us. Now I am completely done!!! Read more ›

Sweden – Stockholm

Today we arrived in the capital of Sweden. It is a really lovely city and like each one we visited by now very, very clean and well fostered. We went through the old town, visited the Royal Palace, strolled through the shopping miles, and went on a little boat tour. Read more ›

Sweden – Trosa

Hey!!! We had a great day with lots of sun today. After a coffee in this special little café in Nyköping20150727_152527

we went back to the hotel and I turned on my laptop quickly. Read more ›

Sweden – Nyköpinghus (Castle)

When it stopped raining tonight we took the chance and headed for the nearby castle just around the corner of our hotel. Read more ›

Sweden – Norrköping / Nyköping

Hi again from a country where every village sounds like a piece of furniture. Since Rich keeps you updated about my mission here in Sweden I had to submerge for a few hours. But I share some secret photos with you about the places I were… Read more ›

Sweden – Linköping/Locks

The weather went down today. We were lucky that it was dry although pretty windy and cool in the morning. We drove to the locks of Berg. There are 10 locks all together leading from the lake to the river (or the other way around of course). Read more ›

Sweden – Uppsala

Today I bought a new pair of sunglasses. It turns out that whenever I travel the world lately I either forget them at home or I take a wrong pair along. When I wanted to put on my sunglasses today and opened up the case I looked a bit surprised (not as surprised as I looked when I found the condoms in my daughter’s room…). I took along the sunglasses of my daughter. But the ones she wore when she was 11. My collection of sunglasses is growing.

But now I want to share our day in Uppsala with you and the trip from there to Linköping. It was a 4 hour drive. We were led through forests and along lakes and ponds. Sweden is spread with ponds and lakes all over this huge country. But now enjoy the photos: Read more ›

Bregenz – Austria

Last Sunday  we went to Bregenz. Bregenz is the capital of the western federal state of Austria. It is located at the Lake Constance. The most famous attraction is the biggest lake stage in the world. During the summer time huge opera productions are performed on that stage. In 1994 I was blessed to see the opera Nabucco. Do you remember the Jame Bond movie A Quantum Solace? It was a different setting but it was the stage in Bregenz. And btw. other than shown in the movie Bregenz doesn’t have an airport… that was a fake! Read more ›

Memmingen – Bavaria, Germany

When I had my lecture on the weekend I also took the time to stroll a little around in the old town of Memmingen. It was a beautiful spring day. Here are some impressions: Read more ›

Sunny afternoon in our Ski region

Yesterday was a totally foggy day in our valley. We planned a week ago to go to Malbun which is the place in our country where people go skiing. Driving up the mountain villages we reached the fog limit. Then driving through the tunnel we arrived in a different world. Our daughter’s boyfriend and our youngest son went skiing while my husband and I went for a walk through the beautiful landscape. The sun was beautiful and mirrored my happy mood. Read more ›

My review of 2014!

When the year began I only knew that I would be publishing my first English book. Actually this project defined my whole year. It was an adventure in which I had to overcome a lot of little fears. 5 years ago I promised myself to never let me drive by any fears again and to take the chances I am given which would lead on the path of my dreams. This year I could practice that to no end:

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Christmas Vacation

Hello all together. Hope you had a holly jolly Christmas.

Over here we celebrate Christmas on December 24 in the evening. My husband and I and even the kids still love to indulge our family tradition: In the morning I go around and give away some presents to poor families or kids who have to stay in the hospital over Christmas. For lunch we have potato salad and a variety of sausages. In the afternoon we are going to the theatre watching a movie and when we come home we lighten the candles on the tree play Christmas music and exchange presents.

This year we thought we take a brief time out. We sticked to our tradition on the 24th but on the 25th we drove to Tyrol (Austria) and spent two days in a Wellness hotel. After my busiest year ever I enjoyed it to the max to only relax and slow down. We arrived at the most beautiful spring weather and the next day everything was covered with snow.  Here we go with the photos:




Can you see the house up there within the woods?20141225_135855

Now some pictures to see the difference (about 20 hours) of with and without snow:20141225_14040320141226_103850

20141225_140113 20141226_110257

This way we had white Christmas!!!20141226_104953

When we arrived at home there was barely snow but it started snowing in the evening and this is how it looks like right now….


… a dream of silence and peace. These moments are the reason why I started to love winter!

Enjoy the rest of the year, enjoy your friends and family but most of all enjoy YOURSELF!

In Love and Light!

Balboa Peninsula

On the day of Halloween we went to Balboa Peninsula. This beautiful place lies along a wide beach and is the extension of the Newport Beach beach. At the end of the beach of Balboa Peninsula you have a view to Corona del Mar and also to the harbor of Balboa Island. I was often sitting at a view-point at Corona del Mar looking towards Balboa Peninsula and always wondered how it might be over there.

We had a beautiful morning – only few people around.












After that we drove up to Hacienda Heights. It has become a tradition to go to this Buddhist temple when I am in So Cal. I love that temple. Unfortunately it is not allowed to take pictures in the big temple house. It is beautiful. There is such a special atmosphere of peace and relaxation. Since I took pictures all the other times I did not take too much this time. Therefore I share some photos with you from former visits.









In Love and Light!

Trip to Oceanside CA

It has been a while since I posted my last impressions of my days in California after the I CAN DO IT convention and my book signing. Btw., you would not believe what is happening at the moment in my life. On Sunday I gave my last workshop for this year and it was awesome. I am very excited about scheduling my workshops for next year. Yesterday I got a call from my publisher and perhaps I get the chance to give workshops in a big business hotel in our capital beginning next year. It is still in discussion but things are in motion like the offer for another marketing campaign with Kimberly Rinaldi. I met her at the book signing in Pasadena and she just got back to me. What a year!!!

But now I want to share some beautiful views from another part of Southern California. We spend one day in Oceanside and when we drove back we stopped at my favorite spot in Laguna Beach to watch the sunset! Enjoy!

We began our day at the Beach Comber in Crystal Cove. It is right on the beach with the most inspiring surrounding. It is also beautiful for taking a walk along the beach. The atmosphere in the morning is a dream.20141029_091406



When I took this picture I did not realize a plane coming along. I just picked the perfect moment for taking a photo.20141029_100911

I looooove the beach!IMG_4878

Welcome to Oceanside! First we took a look at the harbor. It is really cute and has some shops and restaurants around.IMG_4882



When we got back to the car I saw this Dodge Ram in the parking lot. I love this car – I love big cars. Isn’t it huge? IMG_4887

Our next stop was the Old Mission San Luis ReyIMG_4892



Very special about it is that they own an original document written and signed by Abraham Lincoln which says that the mission is given back.IMG_4895





And now to my favorite place in Oceanside:








This time the pelicans were awesome! I never experienced them that tame.IMG_4921


My favorite most favorite spot in the world. I guess once I will do a whole post about Laguna Beach and its amazing wide view!IMG_4933




In the end the sun disappeared behind the mountains of Catalina Island.IMG_4970

What a beautiful day filled with history, sun and ocean! I love California!

In Love and Light!

Naples CA

You all know what Venice (Italy) is about and probably most of you know that Venice Beach has its name right because of the canals which remind to Venice. But have you ever been to or heard of Naples? The village is located next to Long Beach in Alamitos Bay. It was built on three islands.

Forget Venice, forget Venice Beach! Naples is the most beautiful, enchanting, and romantic place at a canal system. It is also a lot bigger than Venice Beach. Most of the houses are more kind of mansions, with beautiful designed front yards.

When we arrived in Naples it was almost sunset and not a lot of people were outside. The romantic aspect was even raised when a gondola came by. I definitely have to come back and spend a little more time at this inspiring place. And perhaps take a gondola ride. Oh, and very important: It smelled well and is super clean wherever we walked!













This house is huge!!!IMG_4874




Isn’t it a treasure?

In Love and Light!



Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1)

When we drove down from Ventura all the way south we decided to go over the PCH since we’ve never experienced the scenery above Malibu. It was the most beautiful ride!

I really hope you get not bored since I always post photos of beaches and harbors. But if you have ever been to the west coast (or probably any coast) there is such a special atmosphere, the wideness of the ocean the calming and relaxing sound of the waves, and the energizing power of the sun. Also nature is always exciting to me. Over here it is so normal that pelicans are passing by in their formations over and over again, or they are gliding only inches above the ocean surface in order to look out for some fish. Then out of the blue dolphins surface and make their way along the coast. Somewhere you hear seals bark, see them diving, or even waving their fin – which is not a waving at all but some kind of charging themselves with sunlight and warmth. But also watching hummingbirds speeding, stopping and speeding on are no curiosity. This is what I love about the west coast: This all seems appears as an ordinary part of it all and I cherish the fact to no end that it is ordinary. Isn’t it special that some things are so special to some of us and at the same time it makes you so happy that being part of it right because they are treated like the most common thing? I don’t know if you get me, but this really is a phenomenon to me. Oh well, while writing this I feel like transferred at the places I love so much. But now I want to take you another nice place.

For now, enjoy the ride!






Here we arrived at the northern part of Malibu. I did not remember Malibu that big!



One of my favorite animals appeared right in front of us. IMG_4838


For what reason ever we did not obey our GPS but remained on the a little road along the coast and… found the most spectacular ocean view I have ever seen. 20141028_141642

From Point Dume there is a more than 300° view over the pacific ocean. It was absolutely mind blowing. Whenever I am near the upper end of Malibu I will go there again. IMG_4845





I took a panaroama picture with my phone. 20141028_140315


I hope you enjoyed the view!

In Love and Light!

Ventura CA

Last week on Tuesday we left Santa Barbara. On our way down to Costa Mesa we stopped at Ventura beach and harbor. On one side of a long headland you find a beautiful beach on the other side there is the harbor with with shops and restaurants. Very nice place!










In Love and Light!

Charming Pasadena

Back from my trip to So Cal I finally caught up with most things and now I want to start posting all of the beautiful things I could experience next to my unforgettable book signing experience at I CAN DO IT Pasadena 2014.

Since my trip started in Pasadena I will begin with this lovely place I have been to for the third time in my life. First and foremost I’d like to show photos of a beautiful botanical garden: The Huntington Library

It is a huge place with all different kinds of gardens like a Japanese, rose, palm, subtropical, desert, jungle gardens and many more! A breathtaking dive into different kinds of worlds. Really beautiful!

Embedded in the Gardens there are some precious and big buildings accommodating galleries, libraries and art collections. Also they have changing exhibitions. A great place to spend all day long. Unfortunately the operation hours are usually only from noon to 4.30 pm. So you really have to be there when they open up.







Could have been sitting there for hours!IMG_4613













Here we go with some impressions of the City of Pasadena, beginning with the Civic Auditorium. This is one of three buildings of the Pasadena Convention Center. Here the I CAN DO IT convention took place. The Civic Auditorium has room for 3000 people in the audience. Many lectures were given in this building started with Wayne W. Dyer.153

You can find lots of shops and restaurants along the Colorado Blvd. Also a mall is located on that street.145







Pasadena is definitely worth a visit!

In Love and Light!

On my way to Pasadena!


I am so excited! Today is the day and I am gonna leave for Pasadena! Two years ago I went to the I CAN DO IT! event as a visitor to join Wayne Dyer’s lecture. This time I not only can meet all the amazing authors  but most of all be an official and promoted part of the event. A small step compared to what others already made but a huge one for me!



I am not on stage (this time) but I am an officially promoted international author with book signing hours:

Sunday 10.00 – 10.30 am and 12.00 – 12.30 pm I hope to meet as many of my dear co-bloggers as possible. I really found a wonderful community over here where everybody can share what ever they have in mind or heart.

What a long way I have come since Pasadena emerged in my mind: It must have been a movie I saw once in my teenage years where they passed a signpost saying Pasadena. I don’t remember the movie at all and also don’t know if Pasadena even played a role in it. For some reason it attracted me completely and the picture of that signpost was burned in my head and heart from that moment on. It was one of my dreams to once passing a sign with Pasadena on it on the highway. When I went to California for the first time in my life in 2009, I couldn’t believe it when we unexpectedly passed the sign and it happened that I even went to Pasadena. Meanwhile Pasadena has become a new meaning for me and the signpost of my dreams might have been a reminder what life has in store for me. A dream come true in many ways – one more time! And I will keep on working on it to experience more of my fulfilled dreams until the end of days. It also is another proof that whatever dream, yearning or vision is glowing inside of you is your Soul reminding you to your inner bucket list for this incarnation. Checking this bucket list will never disappoint you but lead you to spheres inside of you which words can never express.

I can’t wait to post about my experiences and make you part of one of my greatest adventures and the next big step of my new life regarding following my voice and living my dreams! This is what life is meant to be!


There is something in this life for all us and WE CAN DO IT!

In Love and Light!

Guest blog on “Spirit and Place”


During the marketing campaign for my book I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You are not I was invited to write a guest blog on Yesterday my article has been published. I would love you to take a look and read the article My Journey and of course check out the blog!

In Love and Light!

Pasadena I’m coming!!!


Time is flying and I CAN DO IT is coming closer, which means my book signing event is in 3 weeks. I still can hardly believe what a gift I am about to get and I am so very grateful.

I just got notified about my schedule:                                                                   I will be at my publisher’s booth BALBOA PRESS on  Sunday, Oct. 26, from 10.00 am – 10.30 am and from 12.00 pm – 12.30 pm

Very important: Every book at the Balboa Press booth from me or from other signing authors is for free!!! So take the chance, get a free copy and an original signature!

I hope that some of you will find their way to Pasadena and see all the great authors in action. Meet Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Gregg Bradon, Caroline Myss, and many more. They are holding lectures and workshops on all of the three days! I will be there all weekend long as well, visiting workshops, hoping to meet one of you guys and signing my book I’m Free. Take a look into the event of I CAN DO IT – Pasadena. It takes place several times a year in different cities in the USA and Canada. Pasadena always is the final event weekend. It is the biggest event with so many renowned spiritual authors involved I know!

If possible, take a time out, come to SoCal, visit the event, meet me, and simply enjoy California!

In Love and Light!

Trip to Boston – with heavy rain and chance on tornados!

Boston was the last stop of our vacation. When we left Buffalo that day severe weather conditions reached the northern east coast of the US. I took the first turn of driving. During the first two hours I had a hard time to make it through the heavy continuous rainfall. At times I thought to just pull over and wait till the worst is over. Sometimes I couldn’t see anything.  Anyway, after two hours the rain got lighter and a littler later it even stopped at times. When we arrived at Albany the worst rainfall was over and my husband grabbed the steering wheel. Up to 50 miles before Boston we had a good ride and even sun in some areas. But then it got dark again – really dark!



And all of a sudden the radio program was interrupted and we got a tornado warning. My daughter also got it on her iPhone.IMG-20140731-WA0013

I never was confronted with a tornado and I was scared to death. To top it all the traffic got slower! Oh well, I was really scared. And guess what: My kids and also my husband did not only take it easy, they made jokes of me. The more jokes they made the more I was scared. And the more I was scared the more jokes they made! I was sweating blood until we finally reached the sun again! Here you can see some photos my daughter made while we were driving!



I don’t know what you think about it, but to me it still is a scary scenery!

Anyway! Soon after we arrived in Boston. We had great and hot weather! What I think is amazing about Boston, is the combination of old and new, historic and modern side by side! Boston is the cleanest city in the USA I know by today! Everything is perfectly fostered and the historic buildings are shining like new! Impressive!

If you want to see all the historic places and buildings there is an easy way how you can’t miss them. Just follow the freedom trail! That’s a read line leading around the historic part of Boston and to all the interesting places! There are also hop-on/hop-off sightseeing buses to explore the city!

I really love Boston. Unfortunately we had only one day and we only did the freedom trail, but also the harbor and the big New England Aquarium. Don’t miss that – it is great, even for adults! When I come back again I have to check more about the new Boston as well or going on a trip with the “Duck Tours”. This must be funny. When you go by “Duck Tours” you are sitting in an amphibian vehicle. You are driving through the streets as well as on the river! So cool!

Wanna goe shopping? Here are two great malls: The Cambridge Side Galleria and the Shops at Prudential Center!

Now enjoy the photos of a town you must have been to once in your life!






Here the Boston Tea Party began with the first speeches!IMG_4210







The Freedom Trail20140729_105526














I hope you enjoyed the journey!

In Love and Light!

Trip to Williamsville!

Now I finally get to my beloved area we lived for more than a year in 1998/99. To me it was the most wonderful year in my life. Only my little family and I in a country I always yearned to live for a while. My dream came true and it turned out better than I could have ever thought in my dreams. Of course there where times I felt a little sad when I thought of traditions with my parents and sisters which I could not keep up that year. But that did not matter at all because all the other impressions like our new friends, the new traditions we built up, we all integrated in the daily life, my daughter going to pre-school and speaking fluently English with 3 years, our first son born over there…. what a year! We are still in touch with our friends and also with the director of my daughter’s pre-school. She was so sad when I told her that we are going back to Europe and my daughter would leave.

I am happy and so very grateful to have this year embedded in my memories. Because of this move I lost my roots and have come to know that there are so many places on earth where I can live happily. I found another home over there and would have no problem to go back and stay!

My son and my daughter in front of the townhouse where we lived 15 years ago.20140724_094403

My daughters former pre-school.20140724_105356


Her former director. Linda was so happy when we just dropped in!IMG_4109


Clarence Hollow – beautiful park next to Williamsville.20140724_124131

Watermill Park in the historic part of Williamsville20140724_132938





Mister Cool. I remember that ice cream truck driving up and down our street. It was always pretty exciting when we heard it coming from far playing its melodies.IMG_4126

I hope I could give you an idea why these little part of the world has become a big part of my heart!

In Love and Light!


Trip to Buffalo Downtown!

My last report has been some days ago. But now I am back on track! I love to share some impressions of the rising City of Buffalo. Buffalo used to be a center of industry up to the 80s. During the 90s and the crisis it all fell apart. Buffalo Downtown was pretty dead and empty. The suburban instead started to grow. When we came back to Williamsville (in the suburban of Buffalo) this July our friends told us to go and see the beginning changes in Buffalo. They are working hard on making the city a new place to explore. Also it started to become a center of medical research – most of all in neurology. All the old factories are remodeled as lofts for the medics and scientists.

When we entered the city it was a wonderful sunny and hot summer day. They have worked on the Metro line and Main street. Also towards the shore things are getting new. When we walked around we definitely felt more pulse and light. Here we go:

All the old and ruinous buildings are replaced or simply removedIMG_4128


 The Metro in the City Centre20140724_154337

Some ImpressionsIMG_4132




The City HallIMG_4150

The Stadium of the Buffalo Bisons. When we lived in Buffalo in 1999 we went there for a game. We thought it was exciting to see a Baseball game when we are living in the states. I guess I wasn’t enough into it…. Anyway, I am glad we took the chance and we had great weather on that day in June 1999.20140724_155340



The Stadium of the Buffalo Sabres. In 1999 the Sabres where very successful and even reached the Stanley Cup Final. It was a 5 hour nail biting game with the Golden Goal of the Dallas Stars in the end. The Sabres did excellent! I bought a little flag for my car and drove around during the Stanley Cup! Since then I am an ice hockey fan!IMG_4143




The Shore and NAVAL Park. When we were there this year they had prepared everything for a big festival on that night in the lawn next to the shore. What a setting!  20140724_165045





I have to say that Buffalo already is worthwhile to visit… and this is only the beginning. Also it is a great place to stay for trips to Canada, Niagara Falls, Amish areas and lots of other trips! Check it out! I’ll be back!!!

In Love and Light!

National Holiday in Liechtenstein

August 15th is our National Holiday! On this day in the morning the Prince and his family invite the residents to join them in the park of their castle for a chat, having a glass of wine and snacks. I never attended because to me it feels more like a see and being seen! That’s not my thing.AMD_0177

First the Prince – today it is the heir to the throne – gives a speech on the grassland next to the castle. There also used to be church service with the bishop. But two or  three years ago they had a disagreement and the bishop refused to do it anymore. I don’t know what the problem was, since I was never interested in joining that event anyway!images


In the afternoon a fair occupies the whole center of the capital Vaduz. You find all kinds of food, stuff to buy and fun rides for children. Also there are several stages where lots of national and international bands are performing their songs until late at night. During the festivities there is no traffic in that area. Also the public transportation system is for free all day long.LiechtensteinerStaatsfeiertag_2_570x210

The highlight and the magnet for everyone coming to Vaduz is the traditional fireworks next to the castle at 10.00 pm. It lasts 30 minutes or sometimes longer. It is always a spectacular and impressive show! I took a lot of photos this year to be able to share it with you. Some of them really worked great. 20140815_220200







In some pictures you can see an umbrella. It rained a lot the last weeks and unfortunately also last Friday. But we were lucky and had breaks in the afternoon and evening. So the city center was crowded like always. It started raining during the fireworks but it was not that bad anymore. So anyway it was a great event again!


Enjoy your Sunday. We will since it finally is a Sun-Day again!!!

In Love and Light!

Trip to St. Catharines and Niagara-on-the-Lake

The Canadian Side of the Niagara River provides a lot of beautiful views, spots and places. One of our days we spent driving to the Spanish Aero Car. We took a ride on a cable car leading us over the Whirlpool of Niagara River. Once you get caught of the dangerous current, you can’t escape anymore.

Our next stop was a little town called St. Catharines. It used to have a few streets full of life with shops, cafés, and restaurants. We visited that place 15 years ago and we were a little disappointed that we did not find anything like that anymore. But nevertheless we went to the harbor and enjoyed some beach moments at Lake Ontario. On clear days you can even see the skyline of Toronto. It was like diving in into a totally different world. Really great what they made.

Our last stop lead us to beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake. It is a little town with one special street. It is like a flash back in old times. Everything is clean and pretty and kept in the old colonial style with lots of flowers everywhere. This street is totally business with countless restaurants, boutiques and shops. When you make a left turn at the end of the street you are coming to Lake Ontario.

Next to the town there is Old Fort George. An old big military fort in great shape. We’ve been there two times already and decided to skip it that time. But it is really worth visiting. The also have demonstrations and kids can wear costumes for taking pictures.

But now enough said. Enjoy the photos:

By Aero Car over the WhirlpoolIMG_4155





St. CatharinesIMG_4185







Niagara-on-the-Lake. We did not take pictures from the village since we did all the times before. Sorry for that! But here is a link to Niagara-on-the-Lake20140725_153212


Have a great Friday and Enjoy the weekend.

In Love and Light!

Trip to Niagara Falls

Yippie!!! Today is the day and I am finally at the point where I can share my recent memories about Niagara Falls with you. When we lived in Williamsville (in the suburban of Buffalo, NY) Niagara Falls was one of the points of interes where we lead all our visitors to. It was only 45 minutes away from home. I loved to go there no matter what time of the year. It also was a wonderful experience to be there at the Festival of Lights. Downtown Niagara Falls was beautifully illuminated and the City Center turned into one Winter Wonderland with a huge ice rink. We were pretty often at the falls and in the end we were totally fed up with the falls. We even told our visiting peeps to go by themselves.

Today it is a must to see “my” falls. So many memories that are connected with a special year of my life that I will be grateful for and cherish for the rest of my life!

Now “dive in” and enjoy the power of the elements!

American FallsIMG_4054




View from the Canadian side. Do you see the rainbow?20140721_170509

The Horseshoe FallsIMG_4023



Around the falls it’s always wet. Pretty dangerous in winter!IMG_4061

Never rely on your children…….. 😉IMG_4035

Skylon Tower… we had dinner at the restaurant on the top!20140721_203328



I love my falls!20140721_164918

In Love and Light!

Trip to the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors!

After New York City we drove all the way up to Buffalo. On our way we stopped at Wappingers Falls (NY) to see Alex Grey’s exhibition at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. TIt was great to see at some of his breathtaking pictures live. Most of all I love his painting called One. I have a poster of it hanging in my practice room signed by the artist! One shows the permanent connection between all of us and everything but also the individuality of each being and aspect.

I apologize for the quality of the photos. We were not allowed to use flash and the illumination was poor. Also it was not always easy to get a good perspective. But anyway you will get an idea!

Take a look and enjoy but be aware that he paints very detailed!

This is CoSM


and this is part of the Wisdom Trail – a path through the fairy like woods around CoSM.20140719_122510



This is One:20140719_115249


The Kiss20140719_115304










Cosmic Christ20140719_114529


In Love and Light!

Trip to the Big Apple – Impressions

While we were in Manhattan we visited so many places like wall street, made a city tour, walked through the Battery Park, shopped at Macy’s, sucked up the pulse on times square and broadway and so much more. Our two days in NYC were truly filled whith a lot of impressive memories and the weather supported everything! My last post about Manhattan shall give you some impressions over the city itself.  Although I would not want to live here it is a great adventure that has everything you could wish for. NYC is not America but it is one of my favorite cities to travel to!

Now enjoy a bunch of photos showing parts of the Big Apple!

The following two pics were taken from the roof top of our hotel:












20140717_100034This used to be Macy’s first location…!















I am looking forward to posting about the Buffalo area the next time!!!

In Love and Light!



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