Medieval Town Werdenberg (CH)

Yesterday, the weather was gorgeous again, although quite cold, and we considered going to the mountains. I needed fresh air and sunshine to recharge my batteries at least a little. However, we knew that skiers would have flooded every little hill, and there would be hardly any free car parking, but crowded alps instead. We decided to walk around a small lake that belongs to a small medieval town, which is only about 10 minutes away from us by car. Once there, we couldn’t resist walking through the beautiful town as well, and up to the castle.

The small town around Werdenberg Castle is about 800 years old. All the buildings are still original. There are museums there, but people also live in these well-maintained and restored buildings.

The castle area:

The medieval town:

I hope you enjoyed the little trip. Have a nice Sunday, everybody!

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Erika Kind, Travel


I am glad you saw this post. Of course, I thought of you first when I took the photos to share them in a post. Now, I am very happy to see that it did make you smile 💖


It is a very small place. I am so used to it that I almost forgot how special it is. Yes, you are right, it looks like we were used from our toys or from movies. It is really cool!


Yes, it is fascinating indeed. I said to my husband that love walking through theses streets and enjoy being her but I could not live in these narrow conditions. My pleasure, Jan. I am happy you liked it.


Erika, how lovely. I am glad you were our tour guide. Your pictures capture the three dimensions, including height. It looks like a trying walk up the streets to the castle. Thanks for the views. Keith

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It makes me smile that you enjoyed the photos that much. No, it wasn’t that bad to walk up to the castle. We walked up there on a path on the outer edge of the village. Once we arrived at the castle we went down quite a few stairs and then through the village. But yes, It is a little steep inside the little town. Again, I am happy you liked the photos, Keith.


Loved the shot through that gap, highlighted so much in such a small window…and of course the vineyard. I used to work, as a teenager, in our Saxonvale vineyard, it was a beautiful area…and I stole all their pruning secrets…well, I had to prune them didn’t I! 😂 And all those buildings around the castle they just don’t build them like that anymore, an era thankfully kept enough so you can enjoy the past. Great share dear lady, thank you 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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Yes, it is unique to have somethin like that still alive in its original appearance and glamour. I have mixed feelings when it comes to medieval times (must have had a lot of disturbing incarnations there… lol) but this place gives me a peaceful feelilng. My pleasure, Mark. Sometimes you only know what special things surround you when you look at it through the eyes of someone who doesn’t know it 😊

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