Visiting The Template of Toblerone Chocolate

You haven’t seen or heard much from me in the past half week. The reason is that I checked off another item on my bucket list.. Beause of Gary’s Swiss Sunday posts, the desire to see the Matterhorn grew and grew. On Thursday the time had come.

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Summer Fillings

It was one of those weekends when I couldn’t find the time to schedule my regular weekly posts. One of the reasons was my youngest son’s graduation ceremony for successfully passing his final apprenticeship exam. He is now officially a chemistry lab technician. He even picked up the award for the second-best graduation in the year. It was unbelievable what he had shown in terms of motivation, diligence, ambition, and discipline during the entire three years and especially in the last two months. I know you won’t have noticed (LOL), but I am very proud of that and how he achieved it. From the beginning, it was no walk in the park for him.

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A Trip to Our Higher Regions

Yesterday afternoon we made a little trip to the hiking and skiing region of our country. Yes, for once, we stayed in little Liechtenstein instead of going to neighboring Switzerland. Here we also have many beautiful and different areas, despite the small size of the country. The small village is called Steg and is (like Malbun) in the warm season a popular starting point for many hikes. In winter, there are some cross-country skiing trails here. The ski lifts are located in the neighboring community of Malbun.

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Not Ignoring You But…

… this week was a bit on the crazy side. I worked more hours in my employed job, and there was also more to do in my self-employed job, next to some private stuff that squeezed in. However, I threw everything overboard and enjoyed some hours at Lake Constance (Swiss lakeside) this afternoon. It has been boiling hot and humid today again. So, it was just great to walk a little along the shore, empty the mind, and later enjoy some cool treats. And I needed this break to charge my batteries.

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Enjoying A Gorgeous Summer Day🌞🏔🍧

After about two weeks of rain, we are enjoying our first real summer weekend. Yesterday, my husband and I decided spontaneously to take a trip to a nearby alpine lake (the Voralp Lake) in Switzerland. It is another beautiful and scenic place that is only about 25 minutes away from where we live. We walked around the lake and enjoyed some coffee, cake, and ice cream at the end. I enjoyed this spontaneous trip and the visit to the small lake restaurant so much. It felt like being on vacation, and it energized me like that.

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I’ll Never Forget You

We knew each other for so long
For about forty years
How can it be with fifty-one
That you were meant to leave

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It’s Easter Monday

… and the last one of the four Easter holidays. So, I am taking a break today and will continue posting tomorrow as usual.

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Happy Easter 🐣


For those in a hurry or who missed out on coloring their Easter eggs, I repeat my last minute tip from two years ago:

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When The Föhn Visits…

The Rhine valley is well known as a föhn area. Föhn is a warm and strong wind that can turn into devastating storms, mostly due to the heavy impacting squalls. The following is an excerpt of what Wikipedia says:

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Winter Wonderland

After the heavy snowfall that gave us record amounts of snow in less than two days, we had the most glorious winter day yesterday. Of course, we had to go for a walk through the closer neighborhood. Most of the paths were impossible to walk. In some places, individual people had already tried to make their way through the high masses of snow. It was still a big challenge to follow in the footsteps of the others and to stay stable. The snow cover reached almost to my waist. When walking through the snow, I sank in partly far above my knees. It was fun!

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Let It Snow…

From Thursday night on, winter wanted to show us that it still has power over the season. It snowed heavily. For the first hours, we had some ugly winds too. On Thursday afternoon, I was shoveling the driveway three times. Later, my son took over, thank God. But once it was done, we could have started over again. It snowed for almost two days. Liechtenstein and parts of Switzerland, Austria, and Germany were concerned with complete traffic chaos, blocked streets (also because of broken trees and branches), and avalanche alerts. Here are some expressions from the last days:

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Back Soon!

Today is the last holiday of the past Christmas season (Epiphany). Traditionally, it is the last day of the school break, and many companies over here are closed until this day due to the many holidays and weekends between Christmas Eve and January 6th. It is also the day when many remove their Christmas decorations and Christmas trees.

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Going For a Walk

On the last day of the year, I took a walk through the forest above a part of the village I grew up. It was a very friendly day and mostly sunny. Enjoy some impressions 😊

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Because You Matter

This is the website of my therapy practice. I am offering physical and energetic treatments, and I am also selling self-made all-natural skincare products. I would love you to take a look at my site.Even if you don’t speak German, you will get an idea.

In Love and Light

Love For My Hometown

Sending love to my hometown
To counter the shock with strength
For a strong cohesion
That the Viennese spirit displaces bitterness

For the vicitims
Sending love to my hometown

In Love and Light

Fall Beauties

Today, I would like to share a few photos of my garden again that I took over the past two weeks, and the last ones only yesterday. I am amazed by how many spring flowers are blooming for a second time or how many others are still blossoming.

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Bregenz Forest Area

It is Monday, and there is supposed to be an inspirational Monday post on my blog. Sorry, but I couldn’t make it. And I don’t want to sugar coat it – I might not have the peace and time for writing and scheduling my usual posts until the end of the month. Instead, I will share some impressions from our weekend at the Bregenz Forest, a week ago. For the coming three weeks, I will try to get to you as much as possible and post some inspirational thoughts. But now, enjoy the trip!

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Garden Views

Due to the big birthday party last weekend, I could not make it to schedule my regular posts for this week. But instead, I share some photos of my garden again and how it changed over the past two months. New flowers appeared and have blossomed, and some others have grown into large bushes. Let’s go for a quick tour.

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Come Away With Me 🙋‍♀️ … Wordless? 🙄

Bee gave me the biggest smile today when I received a pingback from her post about Liechtenstein. Please take some minutes and enjoy the breathtaking facts about that little country I live in.

See You Next Week!

Last year, I booked a short vacation to the island of Sylt for my mom and me for June. Due to Corona, we could not go because of the lockdown at that time. But we were luck to postpone that trip. While you are reading these lines, we are already on the way or have even arrived.

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My Little Paradise – #5

Here we go with the last visit to my little oasis. I began to replant this part of the garden this spring. Therefore some plants are only settling. Still everything is developing and most plants have grown even bigger than they look on the picture. Also here too, I took pictures between May and July to catch the flowers at their most beautiful stages. I leave you with a collection of impressions.

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Trip To Meersburg, Germany

Last Saturday we visited the little medieval town of Meersburg at the Lake Constance. As you may guess, the name of the place comes from the impressive castle. We had a beautiful when even very hot and extremely humid day (35°C/ 95°F). We went there with the whole family. It was a birthday gift for my uncle, who turned 80 this year. But let’s begin with some pictures of the Meersburg first.

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My Little Paradise #4

And forward we go with the tour around my garden. This time we stop at my rose garden. I love roses, but seriously, who doesn’t. I have had roses all over the place but wanted to create a spot only dedicated to that queen of flowers too. I created this part of the garden this Spring. I am cutting the roses frequently. That way, they are blooming during the whole season over and over again. A joy to see!

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Just fyi…

My vacation is over and since yesterday, I am back at work. As you could tell from my posts, I took a few trips. The rest of the time, I spent catching up and preparing as much as possible because I will be extremely busy in the coming 5 – 6 weeks. That is also the reason why I could only visit you rarely despite my holidays. Unfortunately, it will continue like that for the next time. There are losts of posts scheduled for this and next week. But after that please don’t be surprised if my posts appear irregularly or not at all. By mid-September, at the latest (I hope) everything will slowly return to normal.

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My Little Paradise #3

Today, I would like to take you to the east side of my garden. It contains the enclosure for my tortoise and my herbal garden. One of the most impressive plants in my garden is a beautiful willow. I planted it 19 years ago when we moved in. It was removed and replanted twice. For several years it stayed just the same until all of a sudden it began to literally reach out to the sky. We cut it last year because it grew too big and almost touched the house.

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Impressioni di Locarno – Orselina

As you can tell from my absence, there is no dull moment in my life. But thank God, these days it is also because of our trips to beautiful places in the neighboring country, Switzerland. Last Tuesday we went to the city of Locarno at the beautiful Lago Maggiore. Locarno is a city in the canton of Ticino that is touching the Italian border. In that Swiss canton, people are speaking Italian. In Switzerland four languages are spoken: The biggest part of Switzerland speaks German, the western cantons speak French, the big southern canton Ticino speaks Italian, and there is a little minority in one a big eastern canton that speaks Rhaeto-Romanic. But let’s start the tour with some photos of the ride to Locarno.

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My Little Paradise #2

Today, I would like to share another spot in my garden: The front yard. Also here, I took pictures from spring (unfortunately I missed to take more pictures then) on in order to show the several plants over the months and the different faces of the place. So, don’t be confused.

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My Little Paradise #1

During the coming summer weeks, I will change my posting routine. I want to take my time to work on my projects and studies peacefully and more focused. Also, I will put enjoying myself and the weather first for charging my batteries and centering myself again. That means I won’t be posting daily but will take the chance to share pictures of my garden occasionally, as well as posting spontaneous when inspiration hits me. I will be back at my regular postings any time in August. But now let me take you to the first stop in my garden.

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Weesen – Amden, Switzerland

I am still enjoying my vacation at home and making spontaneous half-day trips or day trips to special places in the closer or further area of where I live. You know, Switzerland is only a stone throw away, Austria about 10 minutes, and it is about 45 minutes to Germany.

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Trip To Sareis – Malbun

Hi, folks. I am dropping in for sharing some pictures of a short noticed walk in our mountains. The weather forecast is not very reliable lately. From partly cloudy to thunderstorms, you hear everything. (Right now, while I am writing this post, we are having a thunderstorm). But how lucky are we to live in an area where we are so close to beautiful places. We decided to drive to Malbun that is the ski and hiking region of our country. From there, we walked up to the Sareis for having a coffee and ice cream. Downwards we took the chairlift. Here are some photos from the walk and the area around.

So, this is where we started the 1-hour hike (400 m altitude difference). The peak above the little chappel is the destination.

Although clouds passed by and took turns with sunny moments, it was always warm.

Arriving at the destination at 2000 m/3600 ft, we enjoyed a beautiful view of the mountains and mountain chains around there before I finally got to my ice cream and coffee 😋

And down we went again. I was joyfully sitting into that chairlift… completely forgetting that I am afraid of heights. After we passed the meadow at the beginning of the ride (as you can see on the photo where I gladly show my feet), the ground disappeared, and I felt like hanging above an abyss. Although basically I knew, I was caught of gard. It was a terrible moment that I cannot even describe. I had not expected my reaction which shocked me too. I managed to keep my panic attack under control but therefore spent half of the ride with closed eyes… lol. So the pictures you see were taken by my husband.

On the way down to the valley, I needed to stop to take pictures of the gorgeous view of the upper part of the Rhine valley. A beautiful area, I am blessed to live.

In Love and Light

A Trip Towards Heaven / #MomentsOfJoy

This Monday, we made a trip to the Jungfraujoch. It is on an altitude of 3454 m/11333 ft. The mountain Jungfrau itself is at an altitude of 4.158 m/13,642 ft. Next to it are the Eiger at 3.970 m/13,015 ft) (you may know that mountain from some dramatic documentaries about groups climbing them in the 1930s, many people died), and the Mönch at 4.110 m/13,474 ft. The photo next shows all the three: on the left (sorry, not complete on the picture) the Eiger, then the Mönch, and on the left the Jungfrau.

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Today, I am sharing another part of the beautiful area I live in that is only a 20 minutes drive. Last October, we went up to the Chäserugg in Switzerland. It thought about the name because “Chäs” in Swiss German means cheese. When I did some researches on the internet, that interpretation was only one of the options. It could also come from the word “Kaiser” (Emporer). Nothing confirmed, though. However, it is a mountain with an altitude of 2262 m (7421 feet). To the intermediate station, we went by a cable railway. Then we had to change the vessel and continued with a big ropeway to reach the top station. Enjoy the view!

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Today, I would like to share the view from a place to which I look at daily from home. Last year, on a warm summer evening, we went up the “Staubern” and had a breathtaking view down to the valley and I could even spot my house. It is about 1,860 m above sea level. We went up there by a ropeway and enjoyed not only this gorgeous view but also a delicious cheese fondue. Enjoy the trip!

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The Sound of Silence

… will rule my blog this week. There are two extremely busy weeks and weekends behind me (one of them was another school weekend), and there was no time for scheduling my usual posts.
This week, I will sporadically pop-in to see how you guys are doing.
Next week, I will share another #HitsByYears week.

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I think all of us make good use of some distractions. Why not sharing something funny, uplifting or beautiful? It can be a joke, a picture with a beautiful view, a song, a video, a story or whatever comes to your mind. It only needs to be positive with only positive words for creating positive feelings in everyone who visits.

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The Swiss (and Austrian) Mountains

Just dropping in quickly with a spontaneous post. It is dedicated to our Gary of He is a big fan of Switzerland and I told him about the view I have from my house towards the mountains. (I am living in Liechtenstein which is right in between Austria and Switzerland.) Gary asked me to share some photos. Since the weather is not so good right now, I decided to dig out some winter photos I took some years ago.

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Monday Song

Hello, everybody! I spent part of last weekend in a spa hotel in Tyrol, Austria. Because of my busy life, I enjoyed it, even more, to relax for at least a few hours. The hotel was amazing, and the huge spa area there is spread over 3 floors. I was in all the steam baths, the different pools (including an outdoor infinity pool), relaxed in the different lounges on normal beds, water beds, heated beds… YAY!!

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Want to hear me sing classical music?

Many of you know that I am a singer. I produced 11 songs (rock/pop/ballads) so far and published them on my blog. But actually, I am a classical singer. I have sung at several concerts in halls and churches, with big and small orchestras and bands, have been booked by choirs or for big official events for the entertainment part. I played and sang leading parts in little musicals, and won both contests I participated in many years ago. Still, I don’t have a lot of digital recordings where you can hear my classical voice. That’s why I am happy I can share an Ave Maria with you which I sang in church a few weeks ago.

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Summer Break🌞


Hi, friends, when you are reading this post I am already burying my toes in Egyptian sand, hiding in the shade, reading a book (OMG, I am finally reading a book again🎉), swimming, simply enjoying the sweetness of life. Read more ›

Happy Wednesday


From today until Sunday I am on vacation. Since I won’t be online, I cannot get to answer your comments which is the reason I have not scheduled any posts for the rest the week. Have a great week and take good care. See you later!

In Love and Light

Happy Easter🐰


I really don’t have a lot of spare time but still, I wanted to have colored eggs for Easter. Necessity is the mother of invention and so I found a way to have colored eggs in no time: Read more ›

The Imperial Wedding – A Big Fat Liechtensteinian Wedding


Yes, sure, there are much bigger wedding parties. But then again 80 guests are already a lot. And I have never attended a wedding with so much thoughtfulness on all ends like this one. The frames on the table of the bridal couple are one of those little details which amazed me. So sweet. And it went like this the whole evening through.


The wedding party took place at a big and atmospheric vineyard. We were welcomed by the DJ who played on the Saxophone outside for a first welcome drink.HZ_Kaiser_1592_D80_1143

There were separate rooms for the extensive wedding dinner,

(Here is an excerpt of the room. Every table was dedicated to the theme of a Disney movie. The couple decorated every table in the colors of the movie. I was seated at the Frozen table.)

for the performances,HZ_Kaiser_1796_D75_2312.jpg

and there was a place for the “photo box”. Here the guests could take pictures for the couple or themselves and there was a coffer with items to masquerade and make the shootings more fun. The photos were immediately printed and meant that we put them into a book and add some words for the couple. A book for the couple with happy moments of that evening.

Once the couple arrived my son-in-law’s brother welcomed them with his helicopter (he is the European Champion 2014 of model aircraft).

Of course also over here the restoring procedure continued…

There were so many highlights and very touching moments. When the newlyweds exchanged their vows for example. The deep love they feel for each other and the strong bond that connects them, the gratitude and awareness for the gift of each other… really, that touched everybody’s heart deeply. What was extremely beautiful were the gifts the two had for each other. The groom created 365 hearts. On every heart, he put a reason why he loves his bride. The bride created a slideshow about their incredible story of how they met. She sang to it live… of course the songs where Disney songs since both love Disney. They were given the collective present of the guests which is a collection of recipes for the couple individually designed from each guest. We got to see the slideshow of both of their wedding-eve-parties (which was hilarious). But there was so much more like the slideshow of us parents, the gifts of both witnesses, a lottery where 12 people were randomly picked via numbers to gift the couple with something specific each month (I was picked too and lucky to go for an ice cream with them in July… yay), there was the wedding dance, a helicopter show at night, … It would be too much to go into detail of each and every surprise and performance. You know what, I simply let the photos speak. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hmm, and regarding my shoes… the second pair could not heal what the first pair had already damaged… it was a big relief to throw them into a corner at 3 am.

In Love and Light


Share Your Light


My dear blog sister, Ritu, had a series going until Christmas. She gave us very useful and inspiring tips about blogging. The first advice she left was to choose a name for your blog which already gives an idea what your blog is about. Read more ›

The Imperial Wedding – The Church


I am sorry that it took me so long to post part two. Once we received the photos from the official photographer it was already December and I had no time to go for this post. But eventually, here we are. In part 1 I wrote about the preparations, the hectic, my and my daughter’s nervousness, and the unexpected challenge we had to face when I was already about to leave for the church. If you want to read about it, please click here. So, once out of there I enjoyed the cool October air when rushing to the car in my full-length, narrow dress, and my high-heels. I was really nervous since I was a little behind my schedule. As you may remember, I still had a job to do in the church which only a handful people knew about. Read more ›

Christmas Markets


One thing I love a lot about Christmas is the Christmas markets we are having all around the German-speaking parts of Europe. There are some which are only set up for a weekend and those which are there from the 1st Advent on until Christmas. In Vienna, I know some which are even open until December 26. Read more ›

Taking a Break!

Timeout, Uhr, Vormittag, Zeiger, Stunde, Ausspannen

Hi, guys! My time has come. I am off from work until the end of November and I decided to take a full break. No laptop, no social media. Comments are closed on this post because when you read this I am already on vacation. Read more ›

The Imperial Wedding – The Preparation

IMG_20181020_104732.jpgHere we go with the first post of the big wedding. Perhaps you are wondering about the title. Why “imperial”? This is a word play with my daughter’s new sure name which is “Kaiser”. Translated into English it means “Emporer”. I always said that my little princess becomes an empress. Anyway, let’s finally start with the story. Read more ›

💖Just Married💖10/10/18

IMG-20181011-WA0019.jpgLast Wednesday, my daughter married her dream man and my son-in-law his dream girl. It was only the civil part which we all did not think was much of a big deal but it turned out more touching and emotional than expected. It is a gift and a blessing – more than I can express – to see my princess and her new husband so happy. He is one of those men, who anticipates a woman every wish. It is his greatest happiness to see her happy. She is fully aware of that and does the same for him. Amazing how they read each other. A dream couple! Read more ›

10 Exciting Days To Come😍

Wedding, Eheringe, Hochzeit, Heirat, Eheschließung

And they are all starting with this day. Today, my daughter and her boyfriend are going to marry. It is only the civil wedding so far but it is the essential step for them. I am very excited, happy, and ohhhh so proud. They are such a gorgeous couple and love vibrates through and towards both of them constantly for many years. I am thankful that my little princess is marrying a man like Andy.  Read more ›

He Is the Way


When feeling love

I’m feeling you

Feeling you in all I do


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Am I selfish to be selfish?

Bildergebnis für sometimes you need to be selfish quotes

How far do our obligations go regarding keeping up with activities and services we once started? Life changes, our circumstances change, situations change, attitudes, change, priorities change… heck, we change! Although, from an impartial point of view, there is no question that it is clear to adjust parts of our lives to changes in our lives. But why can it be so hard to pull it through? Read more ›

The Fear to Succeed

Bildergebnis für what if you realize how powerful you are

So often we don’t start a project because we are afraid of failing. We are afraid of being questioned even before we started or before a result is shown. We are afraid of being criticised about how we do it or even THAT we do it. We are afraid that people are making fun of us because we are doing something they might have never dared to do themselves. Or we are afraid because our project also means showing a part of us which we kept hidden for a long. But there comes a time when all those fears are not strong enough anymore to keep us from going for our dream. They cannot keep us from stepping out of our comfort zone anymore. We are full of excitement and enthusiasm and yes, we try it with all our heart and passion. And then it happens…. the door opens up! Read more ›

A Walk Through My Neighborhood


Last Monday was the first sunny day after a week of rain and low temperatures. In addition to it, it was a holiday too. So when I pondered whether I shall clean the windows or go for a walk the decision was made easily and quickly… lol! Read more ›

Super Moon with Firworks and Hello from Vienna!

20180102_100112.jpgJust wanted to say Hi and let you all know that I am still alive after the serious storm which blew over Switzerland and Austria. I am enjoying the time with everyone so much. Below I want to share some photos I took on Tuesday (our arrival day). The weather was nice and my son and I quickly went to the city center. Read more ›

Second Christmas surprise: Meet Erika Kind – The Author of “I’m Free” and a Versatile Blogger


What a day!! I just saw Shreya’s email that she published the interview she kindly invited me to. Please, head over to StarWordsIndia for checking it out and commenting.

Source: Meet Erika Kind – The Author of “I’m Free” and a Versatile Blogger

In Love and Light

A Quick Stop In Milan


On the way back home we stopped in Milan. I have never been there and gladly took the occasion.  Read more ›

Impressioni di Sirmione


Today we went to the neighbor city Sirmione. Read more ›

Un Giorno A Venezia


It was a dream day today and perfect for our trip to Venice. The photo above shows the famous Rialto Bridge but when you hear Venice, you may think immediately of this: Read more ›

Impressioni Di Verona





20170811_115536Today we visited Verona. I have never been to that city before and was very excited to finally go there. Of course, a visit in the famous arena was a must! Read more ›

What A Welcome!!


I just have to quickly share a video. A huge thunderstorm went down followed by a scary and harmful hail storm while we were looking for a restaurant for dinner tonight. It shocked me that while we were standing under a roof close to me a pigeon just fell on the street hit deadly by the hail. The hail stones got bigger. It became really dangerous and we had to take shelter inside a restaurant. I took this video to illustrate what I mean.  Read more ›



Hi, my friends. From today on I am on vacation until the middle of next week. I have not scheduled any posts during that time but I leave it open to post spontaneously and will come back for replying as soon and as often as I can. I would miss my blogging family too much!! Read more ›

Turtle Workout


I told you to post more photos out of Hercules’ life. The following picture show what I meant with endurance and determination regarding overcoming obstacles or finding a way out.  Read more ›

Tell Me a Story Erika Kind

Our wonderful angel whisperer, Annette, invited me for an interview. I feel honored and I am thankful to be part of her Tell Me a Story family. No more written words now just listen!

When Turtles “Speed”…


Recently, I read a post of Beth’s over at IDidn’tHaveMyGlassesOnShe wrote about an escaped turtle and couldn’t imagine that they are fast enough to escape. This morning I took a little video of my turtle, Hercules, in order to show that they are faster than you may imagine. They won’t ever catch up with you, of course. But they are very strong and determined. Hercules can try to overcome an obstacle for an hour or more. When they are on a mission they basically keep it up until it is fulfilled. That’s why they can escape, to tell from their endurance. Read more ›

This could be me… 😄


Janey of Cupid Or Cats tweeted something about insomnia and it reminded me of something my daughter once sent to me. Really, sometimes waking up at night, the smallest thought kept up can grow to a huge issue and keep you awake for the rest of the night!

In Love and Light

The Fairy Garden


My sweet friend Shamira of SmilingNotes published a very inspiring post about 50 Fun Summer Activities. One of her ideas was building a fairy garden. I love fairies and I already have a circle of fairies around my patio.  Read more ›

Be Authentic – Be You – Be Love!

Lately, I came across this topic several times and thought it would make sense to repost an article I wrote almost 2 years ago:

Life isn’t about being someone we think we should be only because it sounds good because others want us to be, or in order to fit into a certain image of society. A faked personality only confuses the people around you and yourself over time more and more because the real identity gets lost.

Read more ›

Tree of Life – Multiplying Life


Yesterday I posted photos from some challenged plants in my garden and the broken big branch of my willow after Friday’s heavy snowfalls. Above you can see the branch I sawed into pieces. Read more ›

Second Onset Of Winter


Yesterday was the second day when winter showed us that it was not willing to let spring reign. I woke up to a completely white world (as you can see on the picture above – usually this tree stands completely upright) and it was snowing all day and sometimes even worse than in winter itself. We were lucky over here since the roads were in good conditions. But there was chaos only a few kilometers west of us on the streets and highways in Switzerland. I was almost alone at work because people could not even get out of their garages and it was too dangerous to drive with summer wheels – which meanwhile each car has at this time of the year. It is nature, so what? And it basically doesn’t influence my mood but it resulted in some damages. Read more ›

Daily Kind Inspirations

News From My Zazzle Store:


I did not get to my store as much as I had loved to in the past two weeks. But still, another theme made it into my virtual shelves. You can check out all of the products of this theme in my collection Be YouHere are some examples. I hope you like them: Read more ›

My very first post – #MyFirstPostRevisited


A tag started by a blogger/writer called Sarah Brentyn, asking us to revisit our first ever blog posts! When I saw that my dear blog sister Ritu tagged me for this challenge I thought what a lovely way of doing a trip down memory lane. It is almost three years ago that I started blogging and it took me a while to remember that first post without checking. Read more ›

Daily Kind Inspirations

News from my Zazzle Store:

Inspirational Gym Bag - Keep Moving Inspirational Gym Bag – Keep Moving
by ErikaKind
Inspirational Flip Flops - Keep Moving Inspirational Flip Flops – Keep Moving
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Inspirational Bag Medium- Rise Up
by ErikaKind

Inspirational Mirror - Rise Up Inspirational Mirror – Rise Up
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Inspirational Cosmetic Bag - Rise Up Inspirational Cosmetic Bag – Rise Up
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These are only a few examples of items with these designs. Feel free to browse through my Collections.

Know that you can customize the product and change colors, model, and fonts! If there is a quote of your choice you would like to have designed on a particular item let me know. Here you can find all my quotes.

You can enter my store from any country domain. Just choose your country domain and add /erikakind in order to benefit from the lowest shipping costs.

In Love and Light

Day 19 #Loveuary ❤Aphrodisiacs


My blog sister, Ritu, of But I Smile Anyway has a beautiful challenge going through this Valentine month. You find more information here!

ylang ylang oil.jpg

When I saw Ritu’s prompt for today I thought of Ylang Ylang immediately. I am aromatherapist and Ylang Ylang is THE aphrodisiacal essential oil. Here is a very good explanation about it from Wikipedia:

“The essential oil is used in aromatherapy. It is believed to relieve high blood pressure, normalize sebum secretion for skin problems, and is considered to be an aphrodisiac. According to Margaret Mead, it was used as such by South Pacific natives such as the Samoan Islanders where she did much of her research. The oil from ylang-ylang is widely used in perfumery for oriental or floral themed perfumes (such as Chanel No. 5). Ylang-ylang blends well with most floral, fruit and wood scents.
In Indonesia, ylang-ylang flowers are spread on the bed of newlywed couples. In the Philippines, its flowers, together with the flowers of the sampaguita, are strung into a necklace (lei) and worn by women and used to adorn religious images.”

Scents trigger something in our brain. They stimulate our mood, influence our hormonal balance, and store memories. The way we are “constructed” makes us more receptive for particular scents and less for others, more liking the ones and disliking others. And that is why there is that specific scent which is more aphrodisiacal than any other scent. And that is the scent of the one you love. It is also one of the reasons you felt attracted in the beginning. Scents play an important role in mating no matter whether animals or humans 😉 😍

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Inspirations – The Buddha Line

inspirational_magnet_be_you-r0938ea37e7a147b5888d953fc1f9b7c8_adgua_8byvr_324.jpgThe inspiration coming from this wonderful community is incredible. This time it was (again) amazing Amanda of InsideTheLifeOfMoi who inspired me for a new collection for my Zazzle shop: The Buddha Line

I created 5 new themes and designed around 30 items with them. Of course, this is only the beginning 😁 I would be very happy if you browsed a bit through the new collection and let me know what you think. As always, suggestions and ideas for more designs are always welcome!

Know that you can customize the product and change colors, size, model, and fonts! I can also do the changes for you. If there is a quote of your choice you would like to have designed on a particular item let me know. Here you can find all my quotes.

You can enter my store from any country domain. Just choose your country domain and add /erikakind in order to benefit from the lowest shipping costs.

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Inspirations

Another week and more designs! Her is an example of a new theme. Check out my collection Keep Moving for more items of this and other designs!

Inspirational Notebook - Keep Moving
Inspirational Notebook – Keep Moving
by ErikaKind

I also found a funny idea for coasters. Look at this:

Inspirational Coaster - Love
Inspirational Coaster – Love
by ErikaKind

Know that you can customize the product and change colors, model, and fonts! If there is a quote of your choice you would like to have designed on a particular item let me know. Here you can find all my quotes.

You can enter my store from any country domain. Just choose your country domain and add /erikakind in order to benefit from the lowest shipping costs.

Daily Kind Inspirations – Thank You!

Inspirational Magnets - Keep movingInspirational Magnet - Rise upInspirational Mirror - Be You

I am so happy to announce that my Zazzle Shop has already 3 reviews. All of them are 5-star ratings! A huge thank you goes to Judy of Edwina’s Episodes and to Irene of Irene DesignFirst of all, I am so delighted that you two got your expectations met with what you ordered and second I am so thankful for you taking the time and leaving the reviews – which you can read HERE.

Whether you need a gift, want to give someone a lift, want to do yourself something good or simply browse a little through my little inspirational theme park, feel free to check out my Daily Kind Inspirations.

Meanwhile, I added a Zazzle page to my blog too where you can find more details what it is about!

In Love and Light

New Book Clip

The publisher of the German edition of my book I’m Free notified me that finally (after 5 years) the book clip was up on YouTube! I know that most of my followers don’t speak German but I wanted to share it anyway since the message also gets conveyed through the video and the music. I hope you like it!  Read more ›

Daily Kind Inspirations

The Love Line
The Love Line
by Erika Kind


Visit my collection The Love Line for Valentine’s Day and other occasions.

Know that you can customize the product and change colors, model, and fonts! If there is a quote of your choice you would like to have designed on a particular item let me know. Here you can find all my quotes.

You can enter my store from any country domain. Just choose your country domain and add /erikakind in order to benefit from the lowest shipping costs.

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Inspirations

Inspirational Frame - Love Inspirational Frame – Love
by ErikaKind
Inspirational Notebook Mini - Love Inspirational Notebook Mini – Love
by ErikaKind

“It is love… when three words become a phrase
that says so much more than you will ever understand.”


Visit more in my collection The Love Line for Valentine’s Day.

Know that you can customize the product and change colors, model, and fonts! If there is a quote of your choice you would like to have designed on a particular item let me know. Here you can find all my quotes.

You can enter my store from any country domain. Just choose your country domain and add /erikakind in order to benefit from the lowest shipping costs.

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Inspirations

Inspirational Bag Small – Be You
by ErikaKind
Inspirational Magnet - Be You Inspirational Magnet – Be You
by ErikaKind

“Nobody can make me feel or think anything unless I agree!”


Inspirational Suitcase - Rise Up
Inspirational Suitcase – Rise Up
by ErikaKind

“Then I spread my wings… and here I am”

Check out my Butterfly Collection for more!

My Zazzle Store offers a wide range of products provided with a choice out of hundreds of my own inspirational quotes which I am posting daily on my blog. Please note, that you can customize each product. Visit my store for more… Daily Kind Inspirations

Please know that you can customize all products regarding, color, fonts, and model! If there is a quote of your choice you would like to have designed on a particular item let me know. Here you can find all my quotes.

You can enter my store from any country domain. Just choose your country domain and add /erikakind in order to benefit from the lowest shipping costs.

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Inspirations


“Love does not need … it already has!”

Inspirational Mugs – Love
by ErikaKind


Inspirational Card – Love
by ErikaKind


Visit more in my collection The Love Line for Valentine’s Day.

Know that you can customize the product and change colors, model, and fonts! If there is a quote of your choice you would like to have designed on a particular item let me know. Here you can find all my quotes.

You can enter my store from any country domain. Just choose your country domain and add /erikakind in order to benefit from the lowest shipping costs.

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Inspirations

Inspirational Watch - Love
“Thank you for making my life complete.”
Inspirational Watch – Love
by ErikaKind

Visit more in my collection The Love Line for Valentine’s Day.

Know that you can customize the product and change colors, model, and fonts! If there is a quote of your choice you would like to have designed on a particular item let me know. Here you can find all my quotes.

You can enter my store from any country domain. Just choose your country domain and add /erikakind in order to benefit from the lowest shipping costs.

In Love and Light

It is so much fun to be a weird mom!


This week, Keith reminded me of a post I wrote about 2 years ago. In that post, I shared a bit of my silliness and craziness, and it made me laugh again. I thought I could actually share it again with you here:

Isn’t it the happiest feeling to just be yourself? When you feel good and just smile all over your whole face without a reason? When you laugh out loud because you feel like it? When your zest for life makes you shining like the sun? When you crank the music in your car and the bass is vibrating in your stomach – open window, open rooftop? And perhaps you are even singing to the songs? Read more ›

Daily Kind Inspirations


“I don’t love you for the wonderful things I see in you.
Loving you only makes me see them.”
Inspirational Mug – Love
by ErikaKind

Visit more in my collection The Love Line for Valentine’s Day Please note that you can customize each item!

If there is a quote of your choice you would like to have designed on a particular item let me know. Here you can find all my quotes.

You can enter my store from any country domain. Just choose your country domain and add /erikakind in order to benefit from the lowest shipping costs.

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Inspirations

Inspirational Case - Love

“Attention: This phone is limited to kind and loving messages!”
Inspirational Case – Love
by ErikaKind


Visit more in my collection The Love Line for Valentine’s Day Please note that you can customize each item!

If there is a quote of your choice you would like to have designed on a particular item let me know. Here you can find all my quotes.

You can enter my store from any country domain. Just choose your country domain and add /erikakind in order to benefit from the lowest shipping costs.

In Love and Light

No Restrictions!😁

Inspirational Mouse Pad
by ErikaKind


Everybody is welcome with arms wide open!

In Love and Light


Snow, snow, snow…

20170114_094038The past two to three days we had some milder weather due to the warm air stream we get at times. It is called “Foehn” and can turn out to a huge warm storm. Even in winter, it can cause temperatures here in the alps up to 15 °C (about 60 °F). We only got 3 – 5 °C which was already nice. But yesterday within only 2 hours the Foehn broke down and the weather changed dramatically into storms with snow falls. It all calmed down by last evening. But during the night heavy snowfall started again and it has not stopped yet! Read more ›

Daily Kind Inspirations

Inspirational Mug – Shine by ErikaKind “In letting your light shine, you give others permission to do the same.” My Zazzle Store offers a wide range of products provided with a choice out of hundreds of my own inspirational quotes which I am posting daily on my blog. Visit my store for more… Daily Kind Inspirations You […]

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Daily Kind Inspirations

Are you looking for a present? Or does someone need a lift? Do you want to encourage or motivate someone? Or do you want to express your love for a very special person? Or do you want to surround yourself with some positive thoughts? Daily Kind Inspirations offers a wide range of products provided with […]

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Daily Kind Inspirations

Inspirational Mug – Shine
by ErikaKind

“In letting your light shine, you give others permission to do the same.”

My Zazzle Store offers a wide range of products provided with a choice out of hundreds of my own inspirational quotes which I am posting daily on my blog. Visit my store for more… Daily Kind Inspirations
You can enter my store from any country domain. Just choose your country domain and add /erikakind in order to benefit from the lowest shipping costs.

If there is a quote of your choice you would like to have designed on a particular item let me know. Here you can find all my quotes.

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Inspirations

Inspirational Mirror – Be You
by ErikaKind

My Zazzle Store offers a wide range of products provided with a choice out of hundreds of my own inspirational quotes which I am posting daily on my blog. Visit my store for more… Daily Kind Inspirations
You can enter my store from any country domain. Just choose your country domain and add /erikakind in order to benefit from the lowest shipping costs.

If there is a quote of your choice you would like to have designed on a particular item let me know. Here you can find all my quotes.

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Inspirations proudly present:


Some of you may know that I took a break from posting posted less during the past 2 weeks in order to focus more concentrated on my new project. You know me! When I start something I want to get it done. On one hand, because I am so excited and full of energy which supports the progress and on the other hand because I am the embodiment of impatience and want to see results. Read more ›

Amazing Moon


I know, this is not the best take of the moon. But I loved the whole scenery. I took this photo last Wednesday morning from the second floor of my house. It was still dark night. But the moon was almost blinding. It illuminated the clouds behind the mountains and gave them a glowing frame. Although that full moon was shining so brightly you can even see some stars too.

Just wanted to share this! Have a great Saturday and a lovely weekend!

In Love and Light!

Song of the Day

Song of the day

Today I share a song with which on one of you ever heard before. The time has come and I am ready to present my new song. It is a love song and of course, it needs to be posted on a Tuesday 😍

The words were first, but the melody followed automatically. I could say that I heard the words singing. Everything else around simply developed while working on the song. Please use headphones if listening over your phone, laptop, tablet, PC, etc.  in order to have the full sound experience! So, let me know what you think 😏 Enjoy!

(You can find more of my songs here.)

Read more ›

All New!!!

My blog sister Ritu of But I Smile Anyway  recently posted about her new domain name after she upgraded her blog with the premium package. I too upgraded my blog recently in order to have more storage or my songs and photos but I did not have the time to chose a new theme which was overdue! Today the day has come! Read more ›

Goodbye, my buddies…



When I sit on my bench from now on

It will never be the same

The enclosure that I look at

Will never be filled again


Whether summer or winter

I was there to care and to clean

For two furry buddies

For their comfort and well-being Read more ›

Just A Quick Hi…

Yesterday I took some more pictures from my garden. It is wonderful how it seems to blossom every day more. Have a lovely Sunday! Soon with you again… Read more ›

Feeling Alive!

Happy Sunday to all of you! I am having my first relaxed Sunday for ages. In addition to it we are having a gorgeous summer day today. I am enjoying myself in sitting on my patio and writing, writing, writing. Soon I will take a bath in the sun, having an ice cream, and simply enjoy life. I just want to share some photos of my garden I took in the early afternoon. not everything is in full bloom already but close to. I just cannot wait to show you some excerpts.  Read more ›

The Fear to Succeed

So often we don’t start a project because we are afraid of failing. We are afraid of being questioned even before we started or before a result is shown. We are afraid of being criticised about how we do it or even THAT we do it. We are afraid that people are making fun of us because we are doing something they might have never dared to do. Or we are afraid because our project also means showing a part of our inner being, of the real person. But there comes a time when all these fears are not strong enough anymore to keep us from going for our dream. They cannot keep us from stepping out of our comfort zone anymore. We are full of excitement and enthusiasm and yes, we try it with all our heart and passion. And then it happens…. the door opens up!

open-door-sky1 (1)

Here is one example of my life that is one the most remarkable because it was one of the earliest of such experiences.

Many of you know that only 7 – 8 years back I would had never dared to talk in front of people, to share my own thoughts, to stand tall for what I believe in even when no one else believed in it. I would have never dared to say something at all without checking before if there are some who would agree with what I say. Otherwise, I said nothing at all. Then I had my breakthrough 7 years back. I only need to think of that moment and my eyes get watery because I will never forget that feeling of breaking down the walls of my prison.


Here I was, standing in my full light. That light made me see immediately where my path led and I started writing I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not. I did not know nor did I want to think too far ahead if that book would ever be published but deep inside I knew exactly that this was the journey I was on and the destination I headed towards. When I was done with the manuscript, had given it to others for proofreading, and worked over it again, I felt ready to try something that felt simply impossible to me only 2 years before. I dialed the number of a publisher in order to ask if I may send them some excerpts. They accepted…… and I was full of fear!

fb_import_intg_1372434921_11099.png(Ok, this one is not really in context with the next paragraph
but it was just too funny not to add…😄)

Was I afraid that they wouldn’t like it? No, I was terrified that they would love it! The light definitely illuminated my path. It showed me all the things that are now coming my way and I felt overwhelmed in both positive and fearful ways. Can I handle this all? I could be taken serious! But I was not used to it! I might have to speak about all the things I believe in and what I saw as blessings in life for everyone. But was I ready to do so? I have always dreamed about it but….. HELP…. it works out!!! I felt like losing control over the developments.


Thanks to my ego pride (yes, the ego can be very helpful) there was no way back… I had given myself a promise to never ever return to my old prison. And that means that I need to let my light shine in order to see the path… step by step! As you know, they accepted and my blog only exists because of the English version which was published two years after the release of the German book. Meanwhile, I have given several lectures, have written for newspapers and have even given 3 English live radio interviews. I accept right away because I never want to give my brain the time to block the plans of my soul. I feel where I have to go and I will never stop following that inner feeling. Did get used to my light? No, not at all! It feels as if I discovered it every day anew. It is a bit scary…. but much more wonderful to see that the world stands wide open to me!


Sometimes we go for something and don’t really consider it to work out. We do it in order to grant our soul its peace because then we can say that we tried it. Even bigger is the surprise (or the shock) when it works. And it scares a bit more because we feel mentally unprepared. Nothing stays the same anymore. But when things are going smoothly then it is the proof that it is your path and your time- whether your mind is believing it or not.


When we are not used to the bright shine of our light we can be shocked and scared by its immense creative power. The light that we are is pure creative energy. When we let our light shine and only then take action we are on our path and that path will always – all life long – lead to new places. Because we are meant to grow. We are meant to evolve. We are meant to LIVE! It is ok, to be irritated by your light because it is the most amazing power and it is even living within you. But never be scared of it. Trust, that it will always illuminate the path your soul chose way before it came into this body in order to fulfill its plan and give your life the sense and meaning you long for. Your soul is nothing else but a peace of the Almighty.

So when you let your light shine, God shines through you.
That is what the world needs so badly. 


In Love and Light

O… M… G!!! Flooded Mind and Ground!

What a day! I did not expect me posting today but I really need to relax for a moment with you guys. I’ve had a real marathon day.bitmoji373725694.png

Read more ›

Phew… the first day went well…

As many of you know, today was my first day in my job as a desk clerk and customer adviser in a new business and competence center. Actually, there was not a lot that could have gone wrong so far. It is a startup company and not everything is where it is supposed to be yet. My day was more like getting information, brainstorming, going through the paperwork for the staff department, checking basics with my bosses and later again with my co-worker, making lists of what we still need….. Read more ›

Vienna – Danube Park

Our first day was really beautiful and the weather gorgeous! My sister’s new house is located at the edge of the Danube Park. In that park is one of the famous landmarks of Vienna: The Danube Tower Read more ›


Still on my way to Vienna! It is supposed to be a 6 hours drive from one end of Austria to the other. There was an accident on the route and the train was led on a detour. They talked about 3 hours. It is still 1 1/2 hours to go but actually we think it will be at least 2 more hours until we arrive… so what! Read more ›

Happiness Fair in Radolfzell, Germany

Hi friends, I wasn’t around today because in the morning I took off to Radolfzell. I was one of the speakers at the so-called Happiness Fair. A friend of mine, who did the setup and cover for my German I’m Free and who helped me with the translation of the English edition, had a booth at that fair. After I had given my lecture I helped her out at the booth when she gave her lecture.  Read more ›

A Wedding Day at Mainau Island

Hey all together! Yesterday I was blessed with being engaged for singing at a very special wedding at this place

It is the Mainau Island in Germany located at Lake Constance. I already wrote about it here Read more ›

Happy Easter Monday

I know not everybody is celebrating Easter Monday as part of Easter. But it is a holiday in Central Europe.


Wikipedia says: Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday and is a holiday in some countries. Easter Monday in the Western Christian liturgical calendar is the second day of Eastertide and analogously in the Byzantine Rite is the second day of Bright Week. Read more ›

17 Years Ago…

Just remembered this picture and have to share it! Read more ›

Weekly Review

Today is not only Friday it is Good Friday and most of you might be off or in the beginning of spring break (YAY, Ritu)! With this review, I wish you all Happy  Easter. I hope you get some rest, can relax, or spend a wonderful time with friends and family! The Easter bunny already is in full stress: Read more ›

Weekly Review

Another week has passed which makes this another week closer to spring. All of us from the northern hemisphere are yearning for it. Yesterday I saw the first butterfly of the season fluttering by my window.  It was one like these:Admiral

Let’s flutter a bit back in time!
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Need Your Help!

Most of you know that my latest book was released March 1st. I posted about it here.

I want to say Thank You to all of you who read my post, left a comment or even already purchased the book. Really, you are awesome!  Read more ›

Weekly Review

It was a lovely week together with you all again! You are inspiring me and introducing me to so many new things all the time. I love that our community is uniting all the parts of this world. It is great that you guys share so much of your own history but also about your daily life wherever you live. Some things which especially caught my attention this week.
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Weekly Review

Hey, friends, here I am with a little trip back in time. What a week!!! It had it all! Excitement, thought-provoking moments, exhausting hours….with one word: Pure life! (Ok, that were two words.)
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101 KIND Quotes – New Release!

I cannot believe how fast it finally happened.

Book #5 has been published on March 1st, 2016.

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Awakening – The Power Of Saying No!

Recently I read a great post from Sue of Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary. She wrote about how our own awakening inspires others, how she discovered her inner child and how she was able to embrace it. Please read her post here. I got stuck with the subject Awakening.

To me, we have continuous awakenings throughout our lives. Every day gives us another piece of a picture. Every completed picture is an awakening. But every completed picture is again only a piece of another bigger picture. Awakening is a process. Awakening to one aspect can solve lots of misunderstandings at the same time. One of the most impactful kinds of awakening is learning to say NO! When that is learned lots of issues disappear automatically. In the following example, I talk about how I learned it 13 years ago. Read more ›

Weekly Review

Hi, friends! First of all, I apologize again for not stopping by at your blogs since yesterday. I will make it an effort to catch up as much as possible now! But let’s get the review started!
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Weekly Review

For once I am posting the review on a Saturday again. I had a lot of appointments going yesterday.  Anyway, here it comes. I hope you like it!
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Yay, Grocery Shopping!!!

Really? Today? I am already having a busy day ahead and they did it again! I just finished my weekly shopping tour and feel like quickly reposting an article from last year.  Read more ›

Weekly Review

TGIF! Wooh… the weekend is almost here. One more day to go. Let’s see what the week had in store for. Read more ›

Weekly Review

Hello on this Friday! Friends, I tell you that week was packed! Packed with amazing discoveries, surprises, insights, and information! So perhaps you go to the bathroom quickly because reading this might take you a bit to get through. Let’s get it on!

Best of

vampire-castle-wallpaper-high-quality-w1nlMy post with the most views this week my vampire poem Immortality 


11357509244_0e8af7a4ff_oMihran, our amazing and multitalented musician has a new blog page called Mihran Piano. Please check this site out. He is not only playing the piano like a God, he also is a composer, producer, conductor, and I am sure much more.


english-keyNow something really fantastic! Ritu, my loony Luna Blog Sister of But I Smile Anyway shared an information about Grammarly. Grammarly is an editorial program for grammar. It is for free and works perfectly on Word. Ritu uses is over Chrome and I could also download it with Firefox. When I am writing a post or only comment it is always checking back continuously and underlines the wrong parts with the correct suggestions. Really fantastic in general but also for peeps like me whose first language is not English. Please check it out, it is amazing. Here is the link for downloading Grammarly.


crayons-galore1Karen of You Are Pretty Fucking Special wrote a very insightful and inspiring post about the wonderful fact that we all bring so much uniqueness into this world. Please check out per post A Winter’s Storm.


3939497-115976967_19-v1Not really a Best Of but something that is beyond stupidity and, therefore, I do consider it as a Best Of.  Did you ever change the password of your laptop and forgot it when you wanted to log in the next time? Happened to me yesterday… annoyed30 nerve-wracking,  frustrating, desperate minutes until I finally remembered. If I had no access to the data, songs, writings on my laptop anymore…. no… I have to stop here…


Thank You

5741425-115976967_29-v1Lisa of Life Of An El Paso Woman invited me for an interview. The ones of you who already follow Lisa know that she is an expert in this matter. That’s why her questions are concretely asked but not limiting at all. Thank you again for inviting me to your Saturday Evening Interview. 


Aria  Robert Goldstein surprised me completely with dedicating a beautiful aria to me from the Marriage of Figaro. He started dedicating pieces of music to fellow bloggers. I am humbled by his gesture. Listen to Never would I have expected that. Thank you, Robert! You are a masterpiece yourself.


dsc_39041On Wednesday Hugh of Hugs Views And News informed me that I was under the winners!!! He had a guest interview with Beverley A. Young  in January and “she kindly offered a mini numerology reading to three lucky readers”, as Hugh says. When I realized that I was jumping and screaming!!! I barely win which multiplies my excitement. Thank you so very much!!!


michael-jacksonLisa of Rebirth of Lisa posted about after a movie of Joseph Finnie was released. I don’t know the movie and for sure I won’t watch it but it must be discriminating, offending, and humiliating regarding Michael Jackson. I have been a fan of his since I was 14. Lisa’s post spoke from my heart: Two Words For Joseph Finnie … Beat it! Thank you for your loyalty, Lisa!



Dear Kitty for the Brotherhood of the World Award

New Blogs I Follow

Mihran Piano

In My Cluttered Attic

Just a thought

590136_1383599017.9532_updOlga of Just Olga shared a link with me in one of her comments. It touched my soul! Thank you so very much, Olga! It is exactly what I try to spread with my books, this blog, my workshops, … (They even used same phrases which astonished me.) We are not our bodies, our profession, our possession. We are not even our thoughts. We are the being that gives this body the ability to live.  As it is said in the video: We are all the same, simply coming in different editions. I’ve never heard a better explanation. This video will give you goosebumps.

In Love and Light

Got it! 😃

In November 2014 I started learning a new technique about muscle release, increasing mobility,  and pain relief. It is called Emmett-Technique.  It was founded in Australia by Ross Emmett. He started teaching this therapy in 1999 and since 2009 it is also taught in Europe. Read more ›

My Blog in 2015

Honestly, I often looked back at this year all year through. What I was able to say goodbye to and what all flooded my life during the passing months in beautiful ways was far beyond my expectation. I try to keep it at the highlights in order to not extend that post more than necessary.

Read more ›

Christmas in my little world!

In a nutshell: The past two days were filled with eating, coming, and going… Read more ›

Set Me Free!!!

As I announced it yesterday the moment has finally come to present you all my latest song project.

I wrote the lyrics already one year ago but started working on the song in summer. With only one hour a week and holiday breaks in between the progress is often slow. But here we go.

It is a rock song and …. hmm… actually supposed to be posted on a (Tidbit) Tuesday 😉 Read more ›

Weekly Review

Friday again! For many of our US friends it is only the 3rd of 5 days off because of Thanksgiving.  Also it is Black Friday – The day when everybody goes nuts and runs for Christmas presents because all the stores are having special offers. However you spend your Friday and wherever you are from: Happy Friday to you! Read more ›

Meet me at Lessons in Joyful Living Radio with Kimberly Rinaldi


Tomorrow Tuesday, November 24, at 10 am PT is my live radio interview with Kimberly Rinaldi.
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Weekly Review

I love Fridays! But not because of the coming weekend but because of the occasion to recall wonderful moments of the past week and share them with you! Read more ›

Meet me at Lessons in Joyful Living Radio with Kimberly Rinaldi

This year on March 3rd Kimberly Rinaldi invieted me for a one hour interview on her show Lessons in Joyful Living. Kimberly and I met at I Can Do It! in Pasadena last year during my book signing hour for my book I’m Free. I feel honored that Kimberly wants me again as a guest on her live radio show.

The interview is scheduled for
Tuesday, November 24, at 10 am PT
Read more ›


Still spring temperatures between 60° and 65° every day for about two weeks. Nature enjoys it as we do (Thank you, Volkswagen😘) . This will come to a sudden ending on the weekend when winter might be going to show is first appearance. But by then we keep enjoying.  Read more ›

Weekly Review

It’s Friday! After a long break do to my absence I am back with another review. This a review of 3 weeks. I hope I don’t forget anything. As you know a lot happened in my life during the past 3 weeks and I couldn’t be any happier about it. But let’s get started!

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The post with the most views is: A Two Weeks Review Of Gratitude And Blessings


The best that happened during the past weeks for sure was my trip to and through the States in general. I already posted some times about it and I don’t want to bother it with a repetition of the whole story. If you did not see it yet, here is my review on that:  A Two Weeks Review Of Gratitude And Blessings

Marissa Bergen posted in her own special Marissa-way about the meeting of her, Carolina, Corinne and I. Please read her poem  To Find Ms. Kind. You need to know that after our meeting I drove down from above Hollywood to Newport Beach. The highways lead right through Los Angeles and it was Friday at 5 pm. The best was to take a nap right on the highway because it turns out as the world’s largest parking lot! Instead of 1 hour 15 minutes, it took me almost 3 hours to get home. Now see what Marissa made of it!!! She is amazing!


Another highlight has been learning about the Blogger Bash in London on June 11 2016! Hey, folks! This is the chance to meet a whole lot of other bloggers you already know from WordPress or make new friends. I cannot wait to meet many of my English friends and hopefully a whole lot from other countries too! Here is the post with the first information: The BASH is BACK! The Second Annual #BloggersBash 2016 

Annual Bloggers Bash Is BACK

Joe of Joe Writes His Wrongs posted a wonderful video yesterday! He is released from prison for about two months and it is amazing how hard he is working on his future. He is highly motivated to go through all the challenges and I know that he makes it! No doubt about that. Please check out the video. It is not even 5 minutes!

Thank You

When Carolina, Marissa,  Corinne and I met Carolina gifted all of us with a uniquely created jewelery. She picked each component she used related to the person she made it for. This way each piece has its own meaning. Whenever I think of it, it moves me again deeply how much love she incorporated into each creation. Yesterday she posted about the three creations in Jewelry Designs Meanings and Friendship… turquoise-shell-necklace1a

Another big Thank you goes to Kruti for her effort to meeting me in Dallas and for her lovely gifts! Thank you for your amazing friendship, for your openness, trust, and the love you share with us. You are a gem, dear sister! I am happy and proud to have you in my life!IMG-20151028-WA0012

A huge Thank you goes to Linda and her family. Linda invited me to stay with her in Louisiana and already her excitement about our meeting and my visit touched me a lot. Her hospitality and that lovely welcome by her and each family member is a gift with no money to buy. You, your husband, your sisters, and of course your mother are some of the most loving and cordial people I have ever met in my whole life. That I may call you my friends or even family is an honor and joy I will never be able to express! Thank you!


Sandra of A Momma’s View invited to leave links either of your own blog or posts or of those from other people in order to share them with others. Please take the chance and head over to  Time to Mingle. Thank you, Sandra. This is  such a thoughtful way of supporting and connecting!

And of course: THANK YOU STARBUCKS!!! Not only that we had a wonderful time at your place, I enjoyed your creations for 2 weeks as much as possible! 91324-I-Love-Starbucks-GifAwards

Thank you for 3 awards:

The Respect Award and the Infinity Dream Award from Amaya of Life Of An El Paso Woman

Another Respect Award from Robert Goldstein

New Blogs I Follow

 Corinneonline This is the first time I follow a blogger after I met her in person. I did not know Corinne before but I am happy I was introduced to her. She is another amazing woman I am proud of to be connected to and to call my friend.

Sacha Black Sacha is the organizer and founder of the Blogger Bash! If you are interested in the gathering you better follow her to stay informed!

Just a thought


Whatever invention and new technology was developed can be used in either way. Although often misused Social Media is a gift go me. The connections and friends from all over the world we make here on WordPress to me still is the vivid vision of how the world could look like: tolerance, respect, support, compassion, acceptance, open minds, sharing, love, peace…! There are millions of WP users. When we are connecting  in the real world we are spanning a net of awareness around the globe. We are role models in displaying and honoring everybody the way they are. We ignite the flame of awareness that together we can make this world a better place and prove that everybody in their unique appearance gives something special and important for the benefit of all, to make this world feel whole, and to make this a humanly place. Let’s prove that peace is not only a wish but an attitude, a state of mind. We are all brothers and sisters! We all want to be loved… so let’s love.
Happy Friday to all of you!
In Love and Light

A Two Weeks Review Of Gratitude And Blessings

I heard sceptic voices regarding meeting bloggers in person because of a possible disappointment. My own experience was nothing like that at all. I did not have any expectations about the wonderful people I was going to meet. They already captured my heart for months and I dare to say that we did know each other by heart. That is why it was not necessary that any ice needed to be broken. There simply was no ice. We all embraced each other with arms wide open! We laughed and joked about all the things we were posting about. It truly were meetings between old friends! I am already thinking about my next trip. I will make it an effort that at least once in my life I want to embrace the people I call my friends, brothers, and sisters! Read more ›

California, here I come…

Hola all together! I hope you are doing fine. Just a brief hello from SoCal and a few impressions in order to prove that I am still alive!!! Read more ›

Cloud Avalanche and Sunny Goodbyes

Yesterday on my way home I looked to the mountains and saw how spectacular the clouds seemed like rolling over them like an avalanche. I hurried home in order to take pictures before the whole magic was over. Read more ›


(I am sorry, for some reason I cannot put paragraphs into the poem. Tried it for an hour and eventually gave up!)

So dark and so lonely

My heart was for years

Ruled by my self-doubts

Controlled by my fears

For far too long

I thought there must be

A change in the world

or a savior for me

But nothing did happen

No one understood

No one did care

If only I could…

Being who I am

Or who I wanna be

Not caring if others

Did understand me

All of a sudden

I thought: Why not I?

No one can judge me

Cause no one is I

I started to rise

Started living my dream

Not afraid anymore

That someone could be mean

I respect and I love me –

The person I am

Enabled me greatly

To love everyone

The smile that I’m wearing

Is no fake anymore

It shines from my heart

As the light of my core

Today I am content

No more fears, I am free

With me the world changed

And the savior has been me!

For Zee: This is the poem I was talking about 🙂

In Love and Light

Goodbye Liechtenstein… Hello Malta


Tomorrow I am going on vacation for a week. I heard a lot and saw lots of pictures of this little island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea right below Sicily.

imagesuser-portomaso-205 Read more ›

…. until the cows come home…

In early July I posted photos of my the area around me. I also shared photos of sheep which are always pretty close to our house. I don’t know who it was but I promised one friend to post photos of the cows once they are on the meadow next to our house. I was already afraid they wouldn’t come this year but two days ago they arrived. Now we have 5 neighbours more for some days. Read more ›