National Holiday in Liechtenstein


August 15th is our National Holiday! On this day in the morning the Prince and his family invite the residents to join them in the park of their castle for a chat, having a glass of wine and snacks. I never attended because to me it feels more like a see and being seen! That’s not my thing.

First the Prince – today it is the heir to the throne – gives a speech on the grassland next to the castle. There also used to be church service with the bishop. But two or  three years ago they had a disagreement and the bishop refused to do it anymore. I don’t know what the problem was, since I was never interested in joining that event anyway!images


In the afternoon a fair occupies the whole center of the capital Vaduz. You find all kinds of food, stuff to buy and fun rides for children. Also there are several stages where lots of national and international bands are performing their songs until late at night. During the festivities there is no traffic in that area. Also the public transportation system is for free all day long.LiechtensteinerStaatsfeiertag_2_570x210

The highlight and the magnet for everyone coming to Vaduz is the traditional fireworks next to the castle at 10.00 pm. It lasts 30 minutes or sometimes longer. It is always a spectacular and impressive show! I took a lot of photos this year to be able to share it with you. Some of them really worked great. 20140815_220200


In some pictures you can see an umbrella. It rained a lot the last weeks and unfortunately also last Friday. But we were lucky and had breaks in the afternoon and evening. So the city center was crowded like always. It started raining during the fireworks but it was not that bad anymore. So anyway it was a great event again!


Enjoy your Sunday. We will since it finally is a Sun-Day again!!!

In Love and Light!

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Only few people even know that this country exists…. so I am doing kind of pioneer work… 😉 Only because of the small size of the country it is possible to celebrate that day that way. It is special. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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