Happy Easter🐰

Hi, friends! I wish you all a Happy Easter! I hope you all have had a great weekend, wherever you are on this planet. I have been in Italy since last Thursday. That’s why you have not seen me on your blogs since. That also means I have not had the time to prepare my posts for the coming week. So, there won’t be any posts except maybe a spontaneous one from my short trip.

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Happy Easter 🐣


For those in a hurry or who missed out on coloring their Easter eggs, I repeat my last minute tip from two years ago:

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Happy Mother’s Day 💖

… to all the mothers in the world, whether they are celebrating it today or not. Due to the current circumstances, many moms might celebrate without their children this year. Nevertheless, the bond between a mother and her child/children cannot be cut by a stupid virus. I am sure, later this year, a lot of events will be celebrated in combination, and it will be enjoyed and treasured even more.

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Happy Easter

And a little hint, just in case…

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Happy Halloween👻


Credits: http://www.countryliving.com

In Love and Light

National Holiday in Liechtenstein

3701_schloss_vaduzToday is our National Holiday!  I did a post last year about it and thought I could post an adjusted version for today. I hope you like it! Have a wonderful day. Read more ›

Visible Congrats from Liechtenstein to the USA

Once again Happy Independence Day to my wonderful American friends!!! I wish I could be celebrating with you today! Instead I send you a photo showing how much I feel connected. I lost  several pieces of my heart in your beautiful country. Read more ›

Happy Independence Day! – Flashback

To all my American friends out there!

Enjoy your country, enjoy the day! Read more ›

Fire workers Parade – My Daughter in her Drindl

Last weekend there was a big event in our country where all the fire workers (over here all are freelance fire workers) get together in a huge tent. My daughter and one of her friends agreed to help out and walk around selling schnapps. But before the big party started  they were leading the parade of the fire workers of our village. Here are some photos. My daughter is the one in the blue dirndl. Read more ›

Partial Solar Eclipse in Liechtenstein

The maximum of the solar eclipse we can see from Central Europe is reached. I even could take some awesome photos: Read more ›

Lecture in Memmingen, Bavaria – Germany

I just came back from my weekend in Germany. It was fantastic: Spring all over. I could stay at my teacher’s house and his lovely wife for the night. I was spoiled all over!!! Chris Gaydon did not only teach me Aromatherapy, Spiritual Healing and Medial Trainings, he also helped translating my book. He is English and I was so blessed with his help. He’s always been of great support. He is not only my teacher but has become a mentor over the years who is responsible a lot for my development. He invited me to do this lecture together with him in order to promote our seminars which we do together since last year. Read more ›

What a gorgeous start!!!

The New Year has begun and it couldn’t have been any more beautiful!

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Christmas Market in Lindau (Germany)

First of all I apologize that I wasn’t able to read and react to your posts over the weekend. We had problems with our internet connection. Thank God I already scheduled my regular posts for this week. Anyway, internet is back and I am happy to share our weekend event with you.

On Saturday my husband, my mom and I went to one of our favorite Christmas Markets in Lindau. The city lies at the lake Constance. The market is located right at the historic harbor. It is a beautiful scenery. Although there were more people than we ever experienced we enjoyed it more than ever. We really love it. Also about in the middle we always stop and enjoy a hot punc, a hot chocolate or a hot spiced wine. Read more ›

Visiting St. Nikolaus

In Central Europe we have a tradition. On December 6 we celebrate St. Nikolaus. On that day kids are visited at home from St. Nikolaus and his helper Krampus. Nikolaus is reading in his big golden book where everything is noted down what the kids did good and less good. Also Nikolaus gives the kids a bag with treats and little presents (prepared in advance by the parents). That’s the classic way.

For a view years now we have “The Nikolaus in the woods”. Last weekend we visited our Nikolaus again. We used to go with our three kids, but meanwhile it is the seconed time that my husband and I are fostering this tradition. Therefore we need to take a walk into the woods not far away from where we live. Read more ›

Charming Pasadena

Back from my trip to So Cal I finally caught up with most things and now I want to start posting all of the beautiful things I could experience next to my unforgettable book signing experience at I CAN DO IT Pasadena 2014.

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National Holiday in Liechtenstein


August 15th is our National Holiday! On this day in the morning the Prince and his family invite the residents to join them in the park of their castle for a chat, having a glass of wine and snacks. I never attended because to me it feels more like a see and being seen! That’s not my thing.

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