A Little Bit About My Life

All of you, who have been following me for a while, know that this blog is not about me, but about the person who visits it. The origin of this blog is my book “I’m Free”. That was even the starting point of my social media presence in general. So my breakthrough experience wrapped in a book led me here. You can read about it here if you like and on my about page. I’m happy to have this blog as a platform to spread inspiration and hopefully some awareness as much as I can. Visitors to my blog are not interested in what I did or did not have for breakfast or how often my tortoise burps. Neither do I feel the need to know every small detail about other people’s private lives. Social media is flooded with this kind of stuff already anyway. So, I won’t ever bother you with that kind of information – promised! Still, I thought it was time to share a little bit about my life aside from blogging.

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I Would Do It Again!

This is not only the title of the first song I ever recorded, but also I performed this song at the Life festival in our country last Friday as my last song. BUT it is also what I thought after the performance. The place was completely filled with people singing, dancing, and clapping hands. Dear friends drove over an hour from Germany to get here, one of my sisters and her son came over from Vienna… It was indescribable!

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Singing at a Festival 🎤🎼 🎹 🥁🎸

The past two weeks were filled with evening rehearsals, and there are still some until July 1st. Because on the evening of July 1st, I have the opportunity to perform three of my songs live at a local festival. Four more colleagues will get the same chance to present some of their songs.

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A Little Bit of Fall

We have not had many sunny days this October yet, but lately, it is simply gorgeous. The temps are warm again, and the colors seem to explode. Two days ago, I drove through the country, and I was completely surprised, how colorful everything turned within only a couple of days (unfortunately, I could not stop and take photos). Also, the sky is showing up in its most firey clothes during sunrise and sunset these days.

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A Trip to Our Higher Regions

Yesterday afternoon we made a little trip to the hiking and skiing region of our country. Yes, for once, we stayed in little Liechtenstein instead of going to neighboring Switzerland. Here we also have many beautiful and different areas, despite the small size of the country. The small village is called Steg and is (like Malbun) in the warm season a popular starting point for many hikes. In winter, there are some cross-country skiing trails here. The ski lifts are located in the neighboring community of Malbun.

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Enjoying A Gorgeous Summer Day🌞🏔🍧

After about two weeks of rain, we are enjoying our first real summer weekend. Yesterday, my husband and I decided spontaneously to take a trip to a nearby alpine lake (the Voralp Lake) in Switzerland. It is another beautiful and scenic place that is only about 25 minutes away from where we live. We walked around the lake and enjoyed some coffee, cake, and ice cream at the end. I enjoyed this spontaneous trip and the visit to the small lake restaurant so much. It felt like being on vacation, and it energized me like that.

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It’s Easter Monday

… and the last one of the four Easter holidays. So, I am taking a break today and will continue posting tomorrow as usual.

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oh, liectenstein reader, who art thou?

I had to reblog this one! Can you guess who Beth’s one follower from Liechtenstein is?

I didn't have my glasses on....

 i have exactly one blog follower

in the micro country of liectenstein

with so many interesting things about this amazing tiny place

here are just a couple of examples:

in 1886 liectenstein had an army of 80 men who fought during the austro-prussian war

they suffered no injuries or deaths

and returned with 81 men because they made a new italian friend from the opposition army.

the army was disbanded soon after and they haven’t had an army since. 

and then there was the accidental invasion which didn’t cause much of a stir:

i really love their approach to life

and i’m guessing my one reader is a pretty laid-back person

and with such a tiny country

perhaps a descendent of that new italian friend they brought back from the war?

here’s to liectenstien!

“be so good they can’t ignore you.”

-steve martin

image credit: expat.com

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When The Föhn Visits…

The Rhine valley is well known as a föhn area. Föhn is a warm and strong wind that can turn into devastating storms, mostly due to the heavy impacting squalls. The following is an excerpt of what Wikipedia says:

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Winter Wonderland

After the heavy snowfall that gave us record amounts of snow in less than two days, we had the most glorious winter day yesterday. Of course, we had to go for a walk through the closer neighborhood. Most of the paths were impossible to walk. In some places, individual people had already tried to make their way through the high masses of snow. It was still a big challenge to follow in the footsteps of the others and to stay stable. The snow cover reached almost to my waist. When walking through the snow, I sank in partly far above my knees. It was fun!

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Let It Snow…

From Thursday night on, winter wanted to show us that it still has power over the season. It snowed heavily. For the first hours, we had some ugly winds too. On Thursday afternoon, I was shoveling the driveway three times. Later, my son took over, thank God. But once it was done, we could have started over again. It snowed for almost two days. Liechtenstein and parts of Switzerland, Austria, and Germany were concerned with complete traffic chaos, blocked streets (also because of broken trees and branches), and avalanche alerts. Here are some expressions from the last days:

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Going For a Walk

On the last day of the year, I took a walk through the forest above a part of the village I grew up. It was a very friendly day and mostly sunny. Enjoy some impressions 😊

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First Snow

Last Saturday afternoon, it started to snow, and it snowed throughout Sunday. After no snow at all last season, I enjoyed it coming down again. I thought I’d share some photos of the landscape but also of our Christmas lights within the snow.

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Fall Beauties

Today, I would like to share a few photos of my garden again that I took over the past two weeks, and the last ones only yesterday. I am amazed by how many spring flowers are blooming for a second time or how many others are still blossoming.

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Garden Views

Due to the big birthday party last weekend, I could not make it to schedule my regular posts for this week. But instead, I share some photos of my garden again and how it changed over the past two months. New flowers appeared and have blossomed, and some others have grown into large bushes. Let’s go for a quick tour.

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Come Away With Me 🙋‍♀️ … Wordless? 🙄

Bee gave me the biggest smile today when I received a pingback from her post about Liechtenstein. Please take some minutes and enjoy the breathtaking facts about that little country I live in.

Hello 🙋‍♀️ dear fellow virtual travellers, how is your concentration span? I hope it’s much better than mine.

Am sitting here on the sofa for several hours trying to get a grip on the 6th smallest country in the world but all I can get is “biggest producer of dentures in the world!” 🤯 Really?

I am taking you to a cute and peculiar country today. It is the only area left officially belonging to the roman empire and was forgotten by its royal house for a couple of years. Yes, it’s true or so say some YouTube videos. 😎

Where do I lead you? To Lichtenstein, and as my brain says “nada” I offer you a playlist of YouTube videos about this curious country I visited once many many moons ago. But hey I can’t remember anything besides it was so warm in Malbun we could sit outside at…

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My Little Paradise – #5

Here we go with the last visit to my little oasis. I began to replant this part of the garden this spring. Therefore some plants are only settling. Still everything is developing and most plants have grown even bigger than they look on the picture. Also here too, I took pictures between May and July to catch the flowers at their most beautiful stages. I leave you with a collection of impressions.

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My Little Paradise #4

And forward we go with the tour around my garden. This time we stop at my rose garden. I love roses, but seriously, who doesn’t. I have had roses all over the place but wanted to create a spot only dedicated to that queen of flowers too. I created this part of the garden this Spring. I am cutting the roses frequently. That way, they are blooming during the whole season over and over again. A joy to see!

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My Little Paradise #3

Today, I would like to take you to the east side of my garden. It contains the enclosure for my tortoise and my herbal garden. One of the most impressive plants in my garden is a beautiful willow. I planted it 19 years ago when we moved in. It was removed and replanted twice. For several years it stayed just the same until all of a sudden it began to literally reach out to the sky. We cut it last year because it grew too big and almost touched the house.

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My Little Paradise #2

Today, I would like to share another spot in my garden: The front yard. Also here, I took pictures from spring (unfortunately I missed to take more pictures then) on in order to show the several plants over the months and the different faces of the place. So, don’t be confused.

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My Little Paradise #1

During the coming summer weeks, I will change my posting routine. I want to take my time to work on my projects and studies peacefully and more focused. Also, I will put enjoying myself and the weather first for charging my batteries and centering myself again. That means I won’t be posting daily but will take the chance to share pictures of my garden occasionally, as well as posting spontaneous when inspiration hits me. I will be back at my regular postings any time in August. But now let me take you to the first stop in my garden.

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Trip To Sareis – Malbun

Hi, folks. I am dropping in for sharing some pictures of a short noticed walk in our mountains. The weather forecast is not very reliable lately. From partly cloudy to thunderstorms, you hear everything. (Right now, while I am writing this post, we are having a thunderstorm). But how lucky are we to live in an area where we are so close to beautiful places. We decided to drive to Malbun that is the ski and hiking region of our country. From there, we walked up to the Sareis for having a coffee and ice cream. Downwards we took the chairlift. Here are some photos from the walk and the area around.

So, this is where we started the 1-hour hike (400 m altitude difference). The peak above the little chappel is the destination.

Although clouds passed by and took turns with sunny moments, it was always warm.

Arriving at the destination at 2000 m/3600 ft, we enjoyed a beautiful view of the mountains and mountain chains around there before I finally got to my ice cream and coffee 😋

And down we went again. I was joyfully sitting into that chairlift… completely forgetting that I am afraid of heights. After we passed the meadow at the beginning of the ride (as you can see on the photo where I gladly show my feet), the ground disappeared, and I felt like hanging above an abyss. Although basically I knew, I was caught of gard. It was a terrible moment that I cannot even describe. I had not expected my reaction which shocked me too. I managed to keep my panic attack under control but therefore spent half of the ride with closed eyes… lol. So the pictures you see were taken by my husband.

On the way down to the valley, I needed to stop to take pictures of the gorgeous view of the upper part of the Rhine valley. A beautiful area, I am blessed to live.

In Love and Light


Today, I would like to share the view from a place to which I look at daily from home. Last year, on a warm summer evening, we went up the “Staubern” and had a breathtaking view down to the valley and I could even spot my house. It is about 1,860 m above sea level. We went up there by a ropeway and enjoyed not only this gorgeous view but also a delicious cheese fondue. Enjoy the trip!

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Today, I would like to share some photos of the place I live or actually what I see when I look out of my windows or being in my garden. I hope you feel the energy and peace a little bit that is coming from this place. To me, it is anything but a challenge to stay at home. I can finally absorb this all a little more and it fills me totally – much needed. While preparing this post, all I can hear is the sound of the birds.

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The Swiss (and Austrian) Mountains

Just dropping in quickly with a spontaneous post. It is dedicated to our Gary of bereavedsingledad.blog. He is a big fan of Switzerland and I told him about the view I have from my house towards the mountains. (I am living in Liechtenstein which is right in between Austria and Switzerland.) Gary asked me to share some photos. Since the weather is not so good right now, I decided to dig out some winter photos I took some years ago.

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Just A Thought…

International, Fahne, Flagge, Liechtenstein, Europa

Hello, everyone! Today I am coming up with a different kind of thought – educational thoughts.  Really, I am not into YouTubers. I basically only listen to music on YouTube. But my son forwarded the video below to me. Read more ›

Just A Quick Hi…

Yesterday I took some more pictures from my garden. It is wonderful how it seems to blossom every day more. Have a lovely Sunday! Soon with you again… Read more ›

Funken Sunday

Last year I posted about our tradition called “Funken Sunday”. I repost it below but add a new photo taken last Sunday when the event took place again. It was taken from my living room. Since we are that close …. why going out into the rainy cold night and smelling like a roasted pork … lol!

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Our Ski Region – Malbun/Liechtenstein

Next week my youngest son is skiing with his class all week long. He is not a ski fan (as no one of us is) but he had to practice a little in order to get the feeling again. It was a beautiful day.

The village is called Malbun and it is our ski region. On the photo, you see one of the ski pistes. It is a small one.  The bigger ones are in the background and on the side above and behind the trees. Read more ›

Finally! Our Christmas Lights Within The Snow!

I don’t participate in Throwback Thursday. But it just made sense to me to share a post from last year. We still don’t have any snow but I would love to share our Christmas lights with you. Last year we did not have snow until December 26th. But then it started snowing and did not stop for days. See here: Read more ›


Still spring temperatures between 60° and 65° every day for about two weeks. Nature enjoys it as we do (Thank you, Volkswagen😘) . This will come to a sudden ending on the weekend when winter might be going to show is first appearance. But by then we keep enjoying.  Read more ›

Cloud Avalanche and Sunny Goodbyes

Yesterday on my way home I looked to the mountains and saw how spectacular the clouds seemed like rolling over them like an avalanche. I hurried home in order to take pictures before the whole magic was over. Read more ›

When English takes over…

Lately I started a random series about my adventures with the English language in a world that speaks German. English has become a part of my life when we moved to Buffalo 17 years ago. A few years after we were back again I started a daily email conversation with my best friend for a quite a while who lives in California.  Since May 2014 I am running this blog and my daily working hours on it are increasing. Meanwhile I can say that I spend 90 percent of my time in English rather than in German. That can be a little tricky… Read more ›

Liechtenstein – Austria

Today we are having a beautiful, beautiful Summer Sunday. It is hot and there are no clouds around. I slept long today and had a nice breakfast. After that I drove to my uncle who lives right across the Austrian border for picking up something. That is only a 15 minutes drive. On the way back I couldn’t resist to take some pictures. Read more ›

National Holiday in Liechtenstein

3701_schloss_vaduzToday is our National Holiday!  I did a post last year about it and thought I could post an adjusted version for today. I hope you like it! Have a wonderful day. Read more ›

My Chill Out Place

On the west side of our house hidden between bushes and the guinea pig enclosure there is a little bench. It is my chill out zone, my recovery zone, my meditation zone, or the place I am by myself when I try to get my thoughts and feelings in order. From here I watch the sunset behind the mountains and enjoy the most peaceful time in becoming one with nature. Read more ›

On My Way Home!

I am living close to the Swiss border. Just a drive down a little hill and crossing the bridge which leads over the river Rhine. We have an open border between our two countries. Last evening we were out for dinner right across the river. Since I still mustn’t drive with my foot I thought I’d take some photos for you in order to show you my way home. Read more ›

Garden Impressions

I can’t help it and take pictures again and again. My garden shows a different face every day. Read more ›

Different Evening Ambiences

Tonight: Sunset behind the mountains 20150710_200051 Read more ›

A Sky Full Of Stars

Two days ago we had a beautiful clear sky without any clouds. It was after 10 pm. I threw my crutches on the floor and waddled outside in order to take pictures. It wasn’t dark enough yet to see the beauty of the twinkling night sky but I was glued to two beautiful bright shining starts right above the mountains. They were like waving and kissing the day good-bye as a last greeting from heaven before the night covers the world with peaceful silence. Read more ›

Fire workers Parade – My Daughter in her Drindl

Last weekend there was a big event in our country where all the fire workers (over here all are freelance fire workers) get together in a huge tent. My daughter and one of her friends agreed to help out and walk around selling schnapps. But before the big party started  they were leading the parade of the fire workers of our village. Here are some photos. My daughter is the one in the blue dirndl. Read more ›


I took photos of a thunderstorm coming closer. At the moment it is right above us – stormy and loud! The vividness of nature! Read more ›

From Storks and Red Kites

I am living in the Rhine Valley. A valley in the midst of the Swiss and Austrian Alps. The flying wildlife is beautiful. I am amazed by birds of prey like eagles, hawks, and all the others. My favorite bird is the Bald Eagle. During the past few years the number of Red Kytes increased a lot. This year is stunning. They are coming pretty close and sometimes I think I could look them in the eye. I made it to take a picture of one. Read more ›

I See Trees of Green, Red Roses too …

Many of you know that my favorite flowers are roses (preferred white ones). I have about 30 rose bushes around my house. Judy from Edwina’s Episodes recently posted photos of her beautiful roses. When we were talking about it she asked me to post some photos of mine, too. Here is are some of my beauties. Enjoy! Read more ›

Nature is better than any movie!

I am sitting outside with my laptop. It is 9.30 pm. The sun has set 90 minutes ago but it is not dark yet. The birds are slowly stopping their twittering in order to let the crickets sing their beautiful summer melody. Read more ›


Do you remember my two pics from my post this morning? At the moment we are having a huge thunderstorm going Ohhh, I love thunderstorms. We had lightening all around. The sky was black and after a while it started hailing and shortly after a cloudburst came down. What an atmosphere…!!!

I tried to take photos from the lightning but that’s so difficult. At least I have some impressions for you: Read more ›

Nature is breaking free!

I found this sweet little guy on my patio. I guess the name in English is June Bug. We say May Bug… anyway it is only April. I hear them flying against the window when it is dark outside. I loved to have the little guy scrambling around on my hand in order to spread its wings and fly up to the blue sky in the end. Since I am a May bug too I love them. Read more ›

So what… 😃

Yesterday I posted about my struggles with the modern technology: My son is running out of money in Totnes (England) because the money transaction did not work out – hopefully it is finally fixed. And then my outlook started to refuse its cooperation. First of all thank you all for your so lovely and compassionate encouragements. I felt helpless with this stuff and I got angry, too. You are amazing friends and I hug each one of you for your sweet comments. Read more ›

Oh well…

I don’t complain quickly… but at the moment I am really, really having a hard time to stay positive!!! It started that my outlook stopped working. I cannot open the programm. Therefore I cannot receive or send emails from my laptop and get no notifications about your posts. At least I have my phone in order to be informed. But emailing over it is a pain in the aaaannnneck! Please forgive me when I am not able to read all of your posts. I could go crazy… no email…. and I have no idea what’s wrong!!!

Then about an hour ago my son texted me nervously from England that he doesn’t have any money left on his cash card which he got for his stay. Yesterday I called the bank to upload a certain amount. It is supposed ot be on the card up to 4 hours later. OK so I called the bank again back and forth… finally they confirmed that the money went towards the card but they could see it did not arrive. They are about to fix the problem now with the cash center.

Tonight my brother in law has a big birthday party going…. and I would rather stay home and fix my outlook problem…. That bothers me to no end….

Anyway…. at least I got my new white rose for my garden. One of my beauties did not survive the winter. I don’t know what kind of white rose it will be since there are only bare twigs visible. I trust the shop owner that he sold me a bigger one. But actually I am already happy when it is a white one. A few years ago I bought white ones. When they blossomed I asked myself if pink is the new white…

I am sitting on my patio now and feel like sending some chilling photos from my garden. We just built a new enclosure for Hercules, my Greek Tortoise. Now the guinea pigs have the old enclosure for themselves…




Yep, the are talking to each other…20150421_185713

This is the place next to the enclosure where I love to sit in the evening and watch the sunset over the mountains.20150421_191626

Here is a picture I took from the place I sat on my magic hill yesterday. It is only two weeks since the last time but with the growing leaves everything looks different. I felt so cozy! It was beautiful.


Hope you have a good day so far.

In Love and Light!

Funken Sunday

In the German-speaking countries we are having a tradition called Funken Sunday. It is the Sunday after carnival ended. Therefore people build a tower of twigs and wood and burn it at night. The meaning is to cast out winter. On the top of the wooden tower there hangs a witch. She represents winter and is filled with firecracker . When the witch explodes then winter is over. We will see… Read more ›

Sunny afternoon in our Ski region

Yesterday was a totally foggy day in our valley. We planned a week ago to go to Malbun which is the place in our country where people go skiing. Driving up the mountain villages we reached the fog limit. Then driving through the tunnel we arrived in a different world. Our daughter’s boyfriend and our youngest son went skiing while my husband and I went for a walk through the beautiful landscape. The sun was beautiful and mirrored my happy mood. Read more ›

National Holiday in Liechtenstein


August 15th is our National Holiday! On this day in the morning the Prince and his family invite the residents to join them in the park of their castle for a chat, having a glass of wine and snacks. I never attended because to me it feels more like a see and being seen! That’s not my thing.

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