When The Föhn Visits…

The Rhine valley is well known as a föhn area. Föhn is a warm and strong wind that can turn into devastating storms, mostly due to the heavy impacting squalls. The following is an excerpt of what Wikipedia says:

föhn or foehn (UK/fɜːn/US/feɪn/) is a type of dry, warm, down-slope wind that occurs in the lee (downwind side) of a mountain range.Föhn can be initiated when deep low-pressure systems move into Europe, drawing moist Mediterranean air over the Alps.

It is a rain shadow wind that results from the subsequent adiabatic warming of air that has dropped most of its moisture on windward slopes (see orographic lift). As a consequence of the different adiabatic lapse rates of moist and dry air, the air on the leeward slopes becomes warmer than equivalent elevations on the windward slopes. Föhn winds can raise temperatures by as much as 14 °C (25 °F)[4] in just a matter of hours. Switzerland, southern Germany and Austria have a warmer climate due to the Föhn, as moist winds off the Mediterranean Sea blow over the Alps.

The Föhn can also cause bad headaches, migraine, nausea, and problems with the circulation due to the quick change of the weather and the air pressure.

However, two days ago, the Föhn set in. Within only 24 hours, the snow (from close to 3 feet) was gone almost completely. The temps have risen from below -12°C (10.4 °F) to 14°C (57.2 °F) right now. I thought you might be interested to see the quick change:

Photos from Sunday:

Thursday (four days later, same time of the day, one day and 24 hours after the Föhn started):

Friday morning (about 36 hours after the Föhn started):

Notice and compare the photos from the street, the bench, and the barbecue grill. That’s our area: usually alpine climate, but once the Föhn shows up, it feels like spring. But once the Föhn breaks down, a bad weather front follows. When it happens in winter, that mostly means snow again. And that front may arrive by tomorrow morning.

In Love and Light

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That is incredible Erika, your weather systems are as crazy as over here. But in your instance, trying to set things up or even just getting to work would be a headache (above and beyond the other health things it causes) 😀. That is an amazing weather pattern, a constant but you just can’t plan for it with only a day or two warning and then it may not happen or drown you in snow. I do hope your family life has lots of indoor games to keep you occupied while ‘snowed in’ 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 😂 🤣

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When Föhn is in the forecast, it will be coming, and you make sure that everything outside is secured. After that it may be rain or snow in the colder season. But it is not bad, simply a deep following the storm which kept the clouds away. We are used to it. So far we only had rain since it is still too warm. It is a burden most of all for elder people since the organism has to adjust quickly to to the changed conditions. But as I said, we are used to it 😊

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The human condition is an amazing thing dear lady, it can adapt to almost anything. Probably why Mother Earth is getting a bit worried about these humans breeding like rabbits and making a mess> Maybe that is her getting more serious with the weather 😂 🤣

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We have to adjust in order to survive. But it can be a “headache” at times… lol. The Föhn is with us as long as I can remember. It is part of this area and a natural wind phenomenon. For once, this already existed before we began to ruin this planet…

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This is fascinating! I lived in the Moselle Valley fo two years ,Bitburg, the weather was also beautiful there. I visited Munich several times and never knew about the Fohm. It’s a phenomenon! 😘great photos!

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It only happens in the Alps’ area. So, it can affect all the four countries but mostly the line of east Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the northern length of Austria. Over here, we can have it pretty often throughout the year.
Thank you, Holly😊🤗


Haha, I am glad it was educative. That’s a weather phenomenon over here which appears at any time of the year (not that often in summer). I am one of those who is often suffering from the migraine… but not this time, thank God 😃


Erika, here we pay for the beauty of our trees and flora with loads of pollen. I take allergy medication year-round (thanks to climate change) to mimimize those sinus headaches. Keith

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Oh no, I had no idea! Over here the pollen are also present all year long… maybe not so much from November to January. And some people do have serious problems with being high allergic to a lot of different pollen.
I am sorry that you are suffering that badly from it and even without nature giving you a break.

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The problem is that our bodies have to deal with so much from outside (processed or manipulated food, pollution,…) that our immune system gets confused and over reacts.

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