Fall in the Mountains

St. Johann i. Pongau, Salzburg

As long as our children were little, we went on vacation in October during the school vacations. Until the youngest turned six, we went to a family hotel in a mountainous region in Salzburg, Austria. Later we made these weeks our beach vacation and went with them to Greece, Trukey or Egypt.

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Not Ignoring You But…

… this week was a bit on the crazy side. I worked more hours in my employed job, and there was also more to do in my self-employed job, next to some private stuff that squeezed in. However, I threw everything overboard and enjoyed some hours at Lake Constance (Swiss lakeside) this afternoon. It has been boiling hot and humid today again. So, it was just great to walk a little along the shore, empty the mind, and later enjoy some cool treats. And I needed this break to charge my batteries.

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When The Föhn Visits…

The Rhine valley is well known as a föhn area. Föhn is a warm and strong wind that can turn into devastating storms, mostly due to the heavy impacting squalls. The following is an excerpt of what Wikipedia says:

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Love For My Hometown

Sending love to my hometown
To counter the shock with strength
For a strong cohesion
That the Viennese spirit displaces bitterness

For the vicitims
Sending love to my hometown

In Love and Light

Bregenz Forest Area

It is Monday, and there is supposed to be an inspirational Monday post on my blog. Sorry, but I couldn’t make it. And I don’t want to sugar coat it – I might not have the peace and time for writing and scheduling my usual posts until the end of the month. Instead, I will share some impressions from our weekend at the Bregenz Forest, a week ago. For the coming three weeks, I will try to get to you as much as possible and post some inspirational thoughts. But now, enjoy the trip!

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Today, I would like to share the view from a place to which I look at daily from home. Last year, on a warm summer evening, we went up the “Staubern” and had a breathtaking view down to the valley and I could even spot my house. It is about 1,860 m above sea level. We went up there by a ropeway and enjoyed not only this gorgeous view but also a delicious cheese fondue. Enjoy the trip!

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The Swiss (and Austrian) Mountains

Just dropping in quickly with a spontaneous post. It is dedicated to our Gary of bereavedsingledad.blog. He is a big fan of Switzerland and I told him about the view I have from my house towards the mountains. (I am living in Liechtenstein which is right in between Austria and Switzerland.) Gary asked me to share some photos. Since the weather is not so good right now, I decided to dig out some winter photos I took some years ago.

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Monday Song

Hello, everybody! I spent part of last weekend in a spa hotel in Tyrol, Austria. Because of my busy life, I enjoyed it, even more, to relax for at least a few hours. The hotel was amazing, and the huge spa area there is spread over 3 floors. I was in all the steam baths, the different pools (including an outdoor infinity pool), relaxed in the different lounges on normal beds, water beds, heated beds… YAY!!

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Super Moon with Firworks and Hello from Vienna!

20180102_100112.jpgJust wanted to say Hi and let you all know that I am still alive after the serious storm which blew over Switzerland and Austria. I am enjoying the time with everyone so much. Below I want to share some photos I took on Tuesday (our arrival day). The weather was nice and my son and I quickly went to the city center. Read more ›

Vienna – Danube Park

Our first day was really beautiful and the weather gorgeous! My sister’s new house is located at the edge of the Danube Park. In that park is one of the famous landmarks of Vienna: The Danube Tower Read more ›

When English takes over…

Lately I started a random series about my adventures with the English language in a world that speaks German. English has become a part of my life when we moved to Buffalo 17 years ago. A few years after we were back again I started a daily email conversation with my best friend for a quite a while who lives in California.  Since May 2014 I am running this blog and my daily working hours on it are increasing. Meanwhile I can say that I spend 90 percent of my time in English rather than in German. That can be a little tricky… Read more ›

The borders are open!!!

10’000 refugees are expected to arrive in Vienna today. There are streams of people walking towards the Austrian border. Read more ›

Bregenz – Austria

Last Sunday  we went to Bregenz. Bregenz is the capital of the western federal state of Austria. It is located at the Lake Constance. The most famous attraction is the biggest lake stage in the world. During the summer time huge opera productions are performed on that stage. In 1994 I was blessed to see the opera Nabucco. Do you remember the Jame Bond movie A Quantum Solace? It was a different setting but it was the stage in Bregenz. And btw. other than shown in the movie Bregenz doesn’t have an airport… that was a fake! Read more ›

Christmas Vacation

Hello all together. Hope you had a holly jolly Christmas.

Over here we celebrate Christmas on December 24 in the evening. My husband and I and even the kids still love to indulge our family tradition: In the morning I go around and give away some presents to poor families or kids who have to stay in the hospital over Christmas. For lunch we have potato salad and a variety of sausages. In the afternoon we are going to the theatre watching a movie and when we come home we lighten the candles on the tree play Christmas music and exchange presents.

This year we thought we take a brief time out. We sticked to our tradition on the 24th but on the 25th we drove to Tyrol (Austria) and spent two days in a Wellness hotel. After my busiest year ever I enjoyed it to the max to only relax and slow down. We arrived at the most beautiful spring weather and the next day everything was covered with snow.  Here we go with the photos:




Can you see the house up there within the woods?20141225_135855

Now some pictures to see the difference (about 20 hours) of with and without snow:20141225_14040320141226_103850

20141225_140113 20141226_110257

This way we had white Christmas!!!20141226_104953

When we arrived at home there was barely snow but it started snowing in the evening and this is how it looks like right now….


… a dream of silence and peace. These moments are the reason why I started to love winter!

Enjoy the rest of the year, enjoy your friends and family but most of all enjoy YOURSELF!

In Love and Light!

Christmas Market in Feldkirch (Austria)

This afternoon/evening we went to the traditional Christmas market in the historic center of Feldkirch in Austria. This city is only about a 15 minutes drive away from us. Before my parents moved to Liechtenstein with us we lived around that area.

I don’t think I need to explain a lot since I already posted some insights about our Christmas market traditions. If you missed them just click on the links below:

Soon our Christmas season starts

When the nights are getting lighter than the days … it is Christmas time!

Visiting St. Nikolaus

Christmas Market in Lindau

Now enjoy the Christmas market feeling!










Yummie! Hot apple cider and hot blueberry wine. And of course the traditional Raclette!20141220_171411






I love Christmas!

In Love and Light!

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