When The Föhn Visits…

The Rhine valley is well known as a föhn area. Föhn is a warm and strong wind that can turn into devastating storms, mostly due to the heavy impacting squalls. The following is an excerpt of what Wikipedia says:

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Winter Wonderland

After the heavy snowfall that gave us record amounts of snow in less than two days, we had the most glorious winter day yesterday. Of course, we had to go for a walk through the closer neighborhood. Most of the paths were impossible to walk. In some places, individual people had already tried to make their way through the high masses of snow. It was still a big challenge to follow in the footsteps of the others and to stay stable. The snow cover reached almost to my waist. When walking through the snow, I sank in partly far above my knees. It was fun!

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Let It Snow…

From Thursday night on, winter wanted to show us that it still has power over the season. It snowed heavily. For the first hours, we had some ugly winds too. On Thursday afternoon, I was shoveling the driveway three times. Later, my son took over, thank God. But once it was done, we could have started over again. It snowed for almost two days. Liechtenstein and parts of Switzerland, Austria, and Germany were concerned with complete traffic chaos, blocked streets (also because of broken trees and branches), and avalanche alerts. Here are some expressions from the last days:

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Going For a Walk

On the last day of the year, I took a walk through the forest above a part of the village I grew up. It was a very friendly day and mostly sunny. Enjoy some impressions 😊

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First Snow

Last Saturday afternoon, it started to snow, and it snowed throughout Sunday. After no snow at all last season, I enjoyed it coming down again. I thought I’d share some photos of the landscape but also of our Christmas lights within the snow.

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The Swiss (and Austrian) Mountains

Just dropping in quickly with a spontaneous post. It is dedicated to our Gary of bereavedsingledad.blog. He is a big fan of Switzerland and I told him about the view I have from my house towards the mountains. (I am living in Liechtenstein which is right in between Austria and Switzerland.) Gary asked me to share some photos. Since the weather is not so good right now, I decided to dig out some winter photos I took some years ago.

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Step by Step


I look outside the sun shines brightly

The air so fresh and new

The fog is clearing off and shows

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#Haiku #RomanticTuesday – Christmas Joy


Woke up, checked the time

Thank God, it’s Christmas morning

Let us keep cuddling

In Love and Light

#Haiku – Winter Afternoon


Snowing heavily

What a cozy atmosphere

That’s how I love snow

In Love and Light

Second Onset Of Winter


Yesterday was the second day when winter showed us that it was not willing to let spring reign. I woke up to a completely white world (as you can see on the picture above – usually this tree stands completely upright) and it was snowing all day and sometimes even worse than in winter itself. We were lucky over here since the roads were in good conditions. But there was chaos only a few kilometers west of us on the streets and highways in Switzerland. I was almost alone at work because people could not even get out of their garages and it was too dangerous to drive with summer wheels – which meanwhile each car has at this time of the year. It is nature, so what? And it basically doesn’t influence my mood but it resulted in some damages. Read more ›

Winter Wonderland…


It has stopped snowing last night and today it all truly looks like a winter wonderland. Since the streets are free of snow again, I wouldn’t mind it staying like this for a while. But the sun already does its job. I am glad I could catch some nice views for you again.

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Snow, snow, snow…

20170114_094038The past two to three days we had some milder weather due to the warm air stream we get at times. It is called “Foehn” and can turn out to a huge warm storm. Even in winter, it can cause temperatures here in the alps up to 15 °C (about 60 °F). We only got 3 – 5 °C which was already nice. But yesterday within only 2 hours the Foehn broke down and the weather changed dramatically into storms with snow falls. It all calmed down by last evening. But during the night heavy snowfall started again and it has not stopped yet! Read more ›

Our Ski Region – Malbun/Liechtenstein

Next week my youngest son is skiing with his class all week long. He is not a ski fan (as no one of us is) but he had to practice a little in order to get the feeling again. It was a beautiful day.

The village is called Malbun and it is our ski region. On the photo, you see one of the ski pistes. It is a small one.  The bigger ones are in the background and on the side above and behind the trees. Read more ›

Finally! Our Christmas Lights Within The Snow!

I don’t participate in Throwback Thursday. But it just made sense to me to share a post from last year. We still don’t have any snow but I would love to share our Christmas lights with you. Last year we did not have snow until December 26th. But then it started snowing and did not stop for days. See here: Read more ›

The different Tidbit – The Stunt!

My parents’ house is up on a hill. That is not such a problem after I was able to drive a car in order to not be that separated from the fun areas anymore. The only problem was a long, completely straight and very steep street in winter. Read more ›

Follow your dreams

Last week I had an amazing live interview with Kimberly Rinaldy at Lessons in Joyful Living. We were talking about my book, my motivation to start it, my challenges, how I reached my breakthrough, and much more. Since there is so much more to say, Kimberly even invited me for another interview. I will keep you posted for the date.

We touched one topic that is most important to me. Because it is one with which many of us are fighting during their life times. I too did, because I thought I wasn’t meant for a purposeful life. I simply misunderstood that I am always fulfilling my purpose. But only when I rediscovered my value I started going for my dreams consciously. It was the time when I promised myself: “I will never ever look back and say that I had the chance, but didn’t take it because I was scared. And now it is too late.” Never! Read more ›

Sunny afternoon in our Ski region

Yesterday was a totally foggy day in our valley. We planned a week ago to go to Malbun which is the place in our country where people go skiing. Driving up the mountain villages we reached the fog limit. Then driving through the tunnel we arrived in a different world. Our daughter’s boyfriend and our youngest son went skiing while my husband and I went for a walk through the beautiful landscape. The sun was beautiful and mirrored my happy mood. Read more ›

Can’t help it!

I know you all are longing for the warmer season. Believe me, so do I. But when I looked out of the window this morning I couldn’t help it to catch the scenery. I also took a short video. But for some reason I cannot upload it although I upgraded my media space. Don’t know what the problem is. However, my husband and I also took a walk in the early afternoon. I wanted to take some photos from the area since you always only see the place around my house. Unfortunately clouds covered the sky and made the light milky. Hope you like it anyway. Read more ›

What a Difference a Day makes!

Looking out of the windows yesterday morning and this morning showed a completely different picture. It snowed over night and there is supposed to be more snow until tomorrow evening.  Read more ›

It was a beautiful day!

The sun is already getting closer to the mountains. About 30 minutes ago I took these pictures:

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Nature Chills Challenge

I thank http://www.amommasview.wordpress.com for the idea of sharing so many dream-like places on this planet. See the rules and participants here: https://amommasview.wordpress.com/blog-eventschallenges/nature-chills-challenge

Today I am coming up with a totally different post to this challenge than my first one.

After  a period of foggy and heavily snowy days I enjoyed the sun of January 1st yesterday. I have to say that if I can choose I’d always chose the sun and the beach. But I learned to love winter in a whole new  way. I love the silence when everything is covered with snow and looking at the clear night sky. I love it too look outside at night when it snows. The world is so peaceful then and the street lamps spend the most atmospheric light. I could stand at the window and stare outside for hours – if it wasn’t that cold…. lol. But his truly are moments I am totally within me, feel the pureness of nature and the simplicity of life.



In Love and Light!

What a gorgeous start!!!

The New Year has begun and it couldn’t have been any more beautiful!

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… it doesn’t show signs of stopping…

It is the third day now of permanently snowing.

Sunrise yesterday20141229_095754_resized


Snowing throughout the day20141229_134153_resized


Beautiful in the evening20141229_171528_resized




View from my practice20141230_115108_resized

Both sides of our street20141230_134648_resized


Two years without any snow. It looks like two winters are going to take place within three days!

Have a fun day.

In Love and Light!

Finally! Our Christmas lights within the snow!

I am so happy it did work out before we removed the lights.

Here we go as I promised in case of snow. lIMG_5310



In Love and snowy Light!

Winter has come!

Just some impressions! Have a beautiful day! Enjoy the time, have fun, relax…

Last night:


This morning:




Not crazy much snow but very atmospheric!

My daughter and her boyfriend left for London this morning. She just sent me a photo from the airport with the departures. Lots of oversea flights are delayed or even cancelled.

Hope you are safe and sound wherever you are.

Love and Light!

Christmas Vacation

Hello all together. Hope you had a holly jolly Christmas.

Over here we celebrate Christmas on December 24 in the evening. My husband and I and even the kids still love to indulge our family tradition: In the morning I go around and give away some presents to poor families or kids who have to stay in the hospital over Christmas. For lunch we have potato salad and a variety of sausages. In the afternoon we are going to the theatre watching a movie and when we come home we lighten the candles on the tree play Christmas music and exchange presents.

This year we thought we take a brief time out. We sticked to our tradition on the 24th but on the 25th we drove to Tyrol (Austria) and spent two days in a Wellness hotel. After my busiest year ever I enjoyed it to the max to only relax and slow down. We arrived at the most beautiful spring weather and the next day everything was covered with snow.  Here we go with the photos:




Can you see the house up there within the woods?20141225_135855

Now some pictures to see the difference (about 20 hours) of with and without snow:20141225_14040320141226_103850

20141225_140113 20141226_110257

This way we had white Christmas!!!20141226_104953

When we arrived at home there was barely snow but it started snowing in the evening and this is how it looks like right now….


… a dream of silence and peace. These moments are the reason why I started to love winter!

Enjoy the rest of the year, enjoy your friends and family but most of all enjoy YOURSELF!

In Love and Light!

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