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Last week I had an amazing live interview with Kimberly Rinaldy at Lessons in Joyful Living. We were talking about my book, my motivation to start it, my challenges, how I reached my breakthrough, and much more. Since there is so much more to say, Kimberly even invited me for another interview. I will keep you posted on the date.

We touched on one topic that is most important to me. Because it is one with which many of us are fighting during our lifetimes. I too did, because I thought I wasn’t meant for a purposeful life. I simply misunderstood that I am always fulfilling my purpose. But only when I rediscovered my value I started going for my dreams consciously. It was the time when I promised myself: “I will never ever look back and say that I had the chance, but didn’t take it because I was scared. And now it is too late.” Never!

Everything begins with realizing who we really are. As soon as we know who we are we get the idea of why we are here. As soon as we start to remember who we really are we are connected to an unlimited source of creative energy. As soon as we are connected to this source our dreams don’t feel unrealistic anymore but more like reminders of what we brought along, what we want to make out of this life, and what of ourselves we want to share with others.

Being connected to this energy means having access to an unlimited variety of possibilities and the knowledge within will get clear that with this connection all things are possible. Wayne Dyer always repeats it again and again: With God all things are possible. When you feel the connection to yourself you are aligned with the divine core that you really are and therefore you are connected with God Himself. That’s why you feel this power, this happiness, this calmness, and the deep knowing that you can do, be or have whatever you believe in. You have this power. But not only that. It is your right and even task to unfold your divinity into this world. That’s why you are here. You want to experience yourself and you want to make yourself visible in many ways. Whatever other people say, you are here to expand yourself into this world, and to share what only you can give.

Therefore your dreams and visions are important. They show you where your path leads. A burning flame within is not an accident. It is your lamplight on your path during this lifetime. We don’t know how much time is granted. So don’t wait, don’t postpone anything. Believe in you! Life is given to you in order to live and it will provide anything for you that you need in order to fulfill your purpose. Set your mind to the fulfillment of your dreams. Go through your fears and see that they are only the door you need to go through in order to enter a new life. Fear is a normal thing when it comes to exploring new dimensions. Fear is only a sign that you are about to grow out of yourself. It only says you experience something you have no experience with yet. So don’t misunderstand fear. When you feel fear you are close to a breakthrough.

In living your dreams you not only fulfill your own purpose but also help others on their way to doing the same. Everybody wants to be happy. But so many believe they are not worthy of being happy. That is the biggest misunderstanding of all. Happiness is a birthright. Who we really are is the pure zest for life. It is life itself. Without our True Self, this body would not be able to live. The being you are that lives in that body enables it to live. You are life, you are happy. You are the basic power of all life: You are love! Thinking and acting out of a place of love is thinking and acting from your divine core. And with God all things are possible!

In Love and Light!

P.S. Is there a topic you would like me to write about? Just tell me!

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


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Your thoughts are the seed that grows into your reality. Thank great thoughts! 😉 ❤
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I have many dreams. I would like to publish some poetry books and perhaps have my own art show to display my photography but I have and will continue to push all those dreams aside to make sure that my brother Stephen who has Autism has the best life possible.

This is just a personal observation but people or at least Americans are extremely self-absorbed, selfish and narcissistic. It’s the Me Generation to the Nth degree. If you are not healthy, whole with lots of money and things you are rejected. One must have the perfect body, perfect house, car, family etc….

The poor. People who do menial jobs. Low wage workers have not only been excluded but totally kicked out of the American dream. Just think if all the people who deliver food, clean the streets, pick our crops, maids, nannies, porters, polish your nails, security guards (I am one)…. Just think if all of us just picked up and left our jobs well what would the wealthy, rich 1%, tourists and others do? There is dignity in any honest work. Now as a security guard I doubt I’ll make enough money to publish a book or put on an art show but here is my ultimate dream.

My dream is to be a great sister and caregiver to my brother Stephen who has Autism. At the end of my days I want St. Peter or Jesus to say to me, “Well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the Joy of thy Lord.” For then I shall receive my just reward and all the desires of my heart. Things don’t move me.

Sadly people like my brother Stephen with developmental and intellectual disabilities are shunned and considered outcasts. All our immediate family have passed away but some of my cousins consider me, my brother and my long deceased mother pariahs.

My mother went to her grave sad and depressed because she was accused of doing something to make my brother Stephen, “that way.”

It’s is only when those of us who are different and not living the perfect life are not only accepted but welcomed into society that our society will be whole.

Maybe. Just maybe our purpose on earth is not to acquire more goods or things but to accept and help people with disabilities and their caregivers.

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What an amazing comment, Deborah! Really! I appreciate it so very much! It is as you say, if you are not fitting into a cerail lable or meet the expectations of society to fit into a “normal” life then you have a hard life. What is normal? I wrote about that several times and also in my book. Who can say what is normal? Is really normal what the majority sees. Or might it be not more normal that we have our issues either mental or physical? Everybody has issues…. that is normal! You are doing a wonderful job for being a great sister to your brother. You definitely are a wonderful sister to him! He is lucky to have someone that attentive, sensitive, and compassionate! Thank you very much for your wonderful comment again!


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