Switzerland Reaches Its Hand To The UK

I simply have to share this 😂

In Love and Light!

O… M… G!!! Flooded Mind and Ground!

What a day! I did not expect me posting today but I really need to relax for a moment with you guys. I’ve had a real marathon day.bitmoji373725694.png

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On My Way Home!

I am living close to the Swiss border. Just a drive down a little hill and crossing the bridge which leads over the river Rhine. We have an open border between our two countries. Last evening we were out for dinner right across the river. Since I still mustn’t drive with my foot I thought I’d take some photos for you in order to show you my way home. Read more ›

Bregenz – Austria

Last Sunday  we went to Bregenz. Bregenz is the capital of the western federal state of Austria. It is located at the Lake Constance. The most famous attraction is the biggest lake stage in the world. During the summer time huge opera productions are performed on that stage. In 1994 I was blessed to see the opera Nabucco. Do you remember the Jame Bond movie A Quantum Solace? It was a different setting but it was the stage in Bregenz. And btw. other than shown in the movie Bregenz doesn’t have an airport… that was a fake! Read more ›

Rapperswil – Switzerland

As I posted on Thursday I spent some very valuable time in the shopping mall working on my blog, my book, and reading in Kruti’s book, while the rest of my shrunken family was splashing in an indoor water park. That way we all had fun. After that we went to the city of Rapperswil nearby which is located at the lake Zurich. We spent about two hours there, walking along the shore line, exploring the alleys, and having an ice cream at the end.

Unfortunately after the water park and shopping center fun the sky wasn’t that clear anymore. But it was warm and after a little while the sun came out again. I took some photos in order to share them with you. Enjoy the trip!

On the way…20150416_091252_resized

We passed by the Walensee – one of the larger lakes in Switzerland and one of the coldest. It has a depth up to 150 m. The Walensee is also the cleanest lake in Switzerland.

20150416_092055_resized 20150416_092540_resized 20150416_092552_resized

Our way to Rapperswil led us over the lake Zurich. It is a beautiful sight: the lake left and right, and then seeing the churches appear like a skyline.

20150416_150550_resized 20150416_150607_resized

By now I took all the photos from inside the car. Just to make sure: There was no rain and no snowfall. It might be just the dirty windshield… But now enjoy the city of Rapperswil.

The shore line20150416_151451_resized

20150416_151458_resized 20150416_151736_resized 20150416_151818_resized

Impressions of the old town

20150416_152525_resized 20150416_152544_resized 20150416_152623_resized 20150416_152808_resized 20150416_152728_resized 20150416_152913_resized 20150416_152918_resized 20150416_152938_resized 20150416_153100_resized 20150416_153226_resized 20150416_153253_resized

And now it was ice cream time. We found a beautiful place next to the lake.20150416_155005_resized


In Love and Light!

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