Impressioni di Locarno – Orselina

As you can tell from my absence, there is no dull moment in my life. But thank God, these days it is also because of our trips to beautiful places in the neighboring country, Switzerland. Last Tuesday we went to the city of Locarno at the beautiful Lago Maggiore. Locarno is a city in the canton of Ticino that is touching the Italian border. In that Swiss canton, people are speaking Italian. In Switzerland four languages are spoken: The biggest part of Switzerland speaks German, the western cantons speak French, the big southern canton Ticino speaks Italian, and there is a little minority in one a big eastern canton that speaks Rhaeto-Romanic. But let’s start the tour with some photos of the ride to Locarno.

First we visited Castello Visconteo.

Next was the Chiesa di San Francesco. I thought it was interesting to see the wall paintings inside the church. They have not been completely restored, but instead, those parts which are still in good condition are well maintained. It must have been a very colorful church.

Of course, we could not go to Locarno without walking through the little streets, the Grande Piazza, and then along the lakeside.

It was a hot day, and the weather was simply gorgeous. Temperatures between 90 and 100 are not unusual anymore in our area and even less in the southern parts of Switzerland. You can guess what comes next: A stop at a gelateria at the Piazza Grande and enjoyed some ice cream creation instead of lunch.

We walked back to the car to reach our next stop further up on the hill to visit the beautiful Chesa Madonna Del Sasso.

From that gorgeous church, we went to the ropeway that brought us up to Cardada at 1340 m/4396 ft. After looking down from over 4000 m last week, this was only a little “jump”, but the view from up there down to the lake was absolutely breathtaking again.

It was a wonderful day and the weather was totally on our side. Because right after the ride back with the ropeway dark clouds gathered everywhere around us. However, once we are in an Italian area we wanted to have a real Italian pizza for dinner and so we stopped at a pizzeria. It was soooooo good!!

Yes, the thunderstorm caught us later on the way back home. But it was not as bad as we heard some other areas in Switzerland were hitten. So, we had the perfect day!!

It is so cool, living next to a country which is so versatile in its landscapes but also in the variety of its languages. You drive 2 1/2 hours and you truly feel like being on vacation.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Erika Kind, Travel


Oh WOW Erika.. those views just gorgeous my friend and the moment you mentioned Lake Maggorie my mind was transported back to a visit on the lake, I forget what location we stayed at, but we took a trip out to the Isle of Isobella and it was also so memorable with beautiful white peacocks in the gardens..
Your images of the church and paintings also brings back the magnificence of those beautiful churches and Cathedrals with such amazing artwork…. The likes that takes your breath away from ceiling to floor..
Thank you so, so much for sharing your wonderful Holiday views with us dear Erika… I was transported back in time, and into your world of Mountains, Fresh clean air, and beauty ..
Much love my friend ❤ 🙏💖

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I am not surprised that you like the pictures, Sue. Yes, those churches are breahtaking in so many details. Unbelievable how thoughtful everything was built and created. The view was simply amazing. Although I am afraid of heights I went to the front of that platform and took the pictures. The joy of the view was much greater than my fear! A big part of the Lago Maggiore is in Italy. Have you been to Italy or to the Swiss part?

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How fortunate you are to live where you do, Erika. What gorgeous scenery! Oh my heart is sighing right now. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with us. Count your blessings that life in your part of the world has turned to somewhat normal. This part of the globe, not so.

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I really treasure it so very much that we can basically live an almost normal life again. Only little restrictions like wearing masks in public transportations and keeping the distance, desinfecting hands, and of course having strict rules in my therapy practice to protect my patients. But this is ridiulous compared to the freedom we gained again. The Ticino was the hotspot of Switzerland. It is a good thing to go there now… everybody is immune… lol

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Erika, as far as I can surmise what is being classified as “spikes” in the USA is in actuality herd immunity. I’ve officially walked away from the stupidity and the corruption that is playing out here. What I know to be true is this virus has a .26% fatality rate and the extent of FEAR that has been created and havoc from that, what can I say but karma is a bitch? I refuse to allow myself to get upset and paralyzed in fear as the majority here are. These things have nothing to do with me! We still are not fully open in my state if you can believe it, and I know of someone in Australia who is in her 3rd round of lockdowns. Yes, yes be very very grateful for how you are living in your part of the globe. The imprisonment and the horror that so many of us are experiencing to this day is atrocious. Yet even as I write these words, I am CHOOSING to create my own world which is exactly what I am doing right now. I’m actually soaking in the quiet and the small space I’m in right now. All things work for good!! xo

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I think right those circunstances and strict measures are making people creating their own world and as you said, all things are for good. I already appreciated my life and how was able to live it. But these days I do it even more. Lots of love, dear Amy 💖

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