Meeting a Blogger Friend

View towards the Kurfirsten and Lake Walen in the background.

After almost four years, it was yesterday again that I met a blogger friend of WordPress. Erika and I (this is not a mistake, we both are Erikas) have been following each other for about five years. After a while, we found out that we live almost around the corner from each other. So, yesterday we made it happen. It took me only 25 minutes to reach Erika Laufer of in her beautiful Swiss village close to Lake Walen. 

Although there was rain and cool temperatures in the forecast, we had the most beautiful weather when we walked up the path to the lovely rock chappel, which towers over the village. On the way down again, Erika led me to a picturesque Marian grotto.

I was so looking forward to meeting her. She is such a warm-hearted and modest person who is so in harmony with nature and aware of its greatness. That afternoon has given me so much energy. It was only then when I noticed how much in need I was for that boost.

Of course, I took some pictures from the little trip:

Thank you, Erika, for this wonderful afternoon. I am looking forward to many more meetings and maybe projects together.

In Love and Light

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Sure! That is why it is important to interact. That way we all get to know each other. It is exciting to meet others you seem to know forever already through your connection on the blog. I met so many people already and it was always a joy and exceeded the expectations. Btw. Sweden is such a beautiful place to live. I have been to the southern part about 6 years ago. I loved it.

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It would be nice to meet new awesome and like-minded people while blogging. And yes, Sweden is really nice. I haven’t lived here long enough but I must say, I don’t have any complain. Nature and development works perfectly well here.

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Isn’t it an incredible experience when we meet our online blogger friends? After every Bloggers Bash, I was always on cloud 9 for many months after. And I got to meet you too, Erika. So glad you both had a great day.

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Yes, when I met Erika I thought of all the events I had met bloggers before and the Blogger Bash was awesome to meet you and many others of my UK friend. It is still unforgettable 😊

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