Trip to South Tyrol

Here I am with my promised post about another escape to a beautiful place on this planet: South Tyrol. Although it sounds like it was a part of the Austrian federal state Tyrol, it is not.

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Fall Impressions

The picture above shows one of the views I am having from my house.

Three weeks ago, we spent some wonderful days in a spa hotel in the German/Austrian Alps. Since I know that many of you would like to see some pictures, I am happy to share some of the impressions with you.

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Fall in the Mountains

St. Johann i. Pongau, Salzburg

As long as our children were little, we went on vacation in October during the school vacations. Until the youngest turned six, we went to a family hotel in a mountainous region in Salzburg, Austria. Later we made these weeks our beach vacation and went with them to Greece, Trukey or Egypt.

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Paxmal, Walenstadt (CH)

YYesterday, we short noticed took a trip up to Paxmal. It is located above the city of Walenstadt at around 1’260 m (4134 ft) above sea level in front of the mountain chain of the Churfirsten, Switzerland. It is a monument built by Karl Bickel (1886 – 1982) from 1924 – 1949. Bickel recovered from tuberculosis and promised to set a monument for peace. Amazing how this man built that monument all by himself, fulfilling his promise.

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Visiting The Template of Toblerone Chocolate

You haven’t seen or heard much from me in the past half week. The reason is that I checked off another item on my bucket list.. Beause of Gary’s Swiss Sunday posts, the desire to see the Matterhorn grew and grew. On Thursday the time had come.

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A Trip to Our Higher Regions

Yesterday afternoon we made a little trip to the hiking and skiing region of our country. Yes, for once, we stayed in little Liechtenstein instead of going to neighboring Switzerland. Here we also have many beautiful and different areas, despite the small size of the country. The small village is called Steg and is (like Malbun) in the warm season a popular starting point for many hikes. In winter, there are some cross-country skiing trails here. The ski lifts are located in the neighboring community of Malbun.

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Not Ignoring You But…

… this week was a bit on the crazy side. I worked more hours in my employed job, and there was also more to do in my self-employed job, next to some private stuff that squeezed in. However, I threw everything overboard and enjoyed some hours at Lake Constance (Swiss lakeside) this afternoon. It has been boiling hot and humid today again. So, it was just great to walk a little along the shore, empty the mind, and later enjoy some cool treats. And I needed this break to charge my batteries.

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Enjoying A Gorgeous Summer Day🌞🏔🍧

After about two weeks of rain, we are enjoying our first real summer weekend. Yesterday, my husband and I decided spontaneously to take a trip to a nearby alpine lake (the Voralp Lake) in Switzerland. It is another beautiful and scenic place that is only about 25 minutes away from where we live. We walked around the lake and enjoyed some coffee, cake, and ice cream at the end. I enjoyed this spontaneous trip and the visit to the small lake restaurant so much. It felt like being on vacation, and it energized me like that.

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Meeting a Blogger Friend

View towards the Kurfirsten and Lake Walen in the background.

After almost four years, it was yesterday again that I met a blogger friend of WordPress. Erika and I (this is not a mistake, we both are Erikas) have been following each other for about five years. After a while, we found out that we live almost around the corner from each other. So, yesterday we made it happen. It took me only 25 minutes to reach Erika Laufer of in her beautiful Swiss village close to Lake Walen. 

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Winter Wonderland

After the heavy snowfall that gave us record amounts of snow in less than two days, we had the most glorious winter day yesterday. Of course, we had to go for a walk through the closer neighborhood. Most of the paths were impossible to walk. In some places, individual people had already tried to make their way through the high masses of snow. It was still a big challenge to follow in the footsteps of the others and to stay stable. The snow cover reached almost to my waist. When walking through the snow, I sank in partly far above my knees. It was fun!

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Going For a Walk

On the last day of the year, I took a walk through the forest above a part of the village I grew up. It was a very friendly day and mostly sunny. Enjoy some impressions 😊

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Bregenz Forest Area

It is Monday, and there is supposed to be an inspirational Monday post on my blog. Sorry, but I couldn’t make it. And I don’t want to sugar coat it – I might not have the peace and time for writing and scheduling my usual posts until the end of the month. Instead, I will share some impressions from our weekend at the Bregenz Forest, a week ago. For the coming three weeks, I will try to get to you as much as possible and post some inspirational thoughts. But now, enjoy the trip!

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My Little Paradise – #5

Here we go with the last visit to my little oasis. I began to replant this part of the garden this spring. Therefore some plants are only settling. Still everything is developing and most plants have grown even bigger than they look on the picture. Also here too, I took pictures between May and July to catch the flowers at their most beautiful stages. I leave you with a collection of impressions.

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My Little Paradise #4

And forward we go with the tour around my garden. This time we stop at my rose garden. I love roses, but seriously, who doesn’t. I have had roses all over the place but wanted to create a spot only dedicated to that queen of flowers too. I created this part of the garden this Spring. I am cutting the roses frequently. That way, they are blooming during the whole season over and over again. A joy to see!

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My Little Paradise #2

Today, I would like to share another spot in my garden: The front yard. Also here, I took pictures from spring (unfortunately I missed to take more pictures then) on in order to show the several plants over the months and the different faces of the place. So, don’t be confused.

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My Little Paradise #1

During the coming summer weeks, I will change my posting routine. I want to take my time to work on my projects and studies peacefully and more focused. Also, I will put enjoying myself and the weather first for charging my batteries and centering myself again. That means I won’t be posting daily but will take the chance to share pictures of my garden occasionally, as well as posting spontaneous when inspiration hits me. I will be back at my regular postings any time in August. But now let me take you to the first stop in my garden.

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Trip To Sareis – Malbun

Hi, folks. I am dropping in for sharing some pictures of a short noticed walk in our mountains. The weather forecast is not very reliable lately. From partly cloudy to thunderstorms, you hear everything. (Right now, while I am writing this post, we are having a thunderstorm). But how lucky are we to live in an area where we are so close to beautiful places. We decided to drive to Malbun that is the ski and hiking region of our country. From there, we walked up to the Sareis for having a coffee and ice cream. Downwards we took the chairlift. Here are some photos from the walk and the area around.

So, this is where we started the 1-hour hike (400 m altitude difference). The peak above the little chappel is the destination.

Although clouds passed by and took turns with sunny moments, it was always warm.

Arriving at the destination at 2000 m/3600 ft, we enjoyed a beautiful view of the mountains and mountain chains around there before I finally got to my ice cream and coffee 😋

And down we went again. I was joyfully sitting into that chairlift… completely forgetting that I am afraid of heights. After we passed the meadow at the beginning of the ride (as you can see on the photo where I gladly show my feet), the ground disappeared, and I felt like hanging above an abyss. Although basically I knew, I was caught of gard. It was a terrible moment that I cannot even describe. I had not expected my reaction which shocked me too. I managed to keep my panic attack under control but therefore spent half of the ride with closed eyes… lol. So the pictures you see were taken by my husband.

On the way down to the valley, I needed to stop to take pictures of the gorgeous view of the upper part of the Rhine valley. A beautiful area, I am blessed to live.

In Love and Light

A Trip Towards Heaven / #MomentsOfJoy

This Monday, we made a trip to the Jungfraujoch. It is on an altitude of 3454 m/11333 ft. The mountain Jungfrau itself is at an altitude of 4.158 m/13,642 ft. Next to it are the Eiger at 3.970 m/13,015 ft) (you may know that mountain from some dramatic documentaries about groups climbing them in the 1930s, many people died), and the Mönch at 4.110 m/13,474 ft. The photo next shows all the three: on the left (sorry, not complete on the picture) the Eiger, then the Mönch, and on the left the Jungfrau.

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Today, I am sharing another part of the beautiful area I live in that is only a 20 minutes drive. Last October, we went up to the Chäserugg in Switzerland. It thought about the name because “Chäs” in Swiss German means cheese. When I did some researches on the internet, that interpretation was only one of the options. It could also come from the word “Kaiser” (Emporer). Nothing confirmed, though. However, it is a mountain with an altitude of 2262 m (7421 feet). To the intermediate station, we went by a cable railway. Then we had to change the vessel and continued with a big ropeway to reach the top station. Enjoy the view!

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Liechtenstein – Austria

Today we are having a beautiful, beautiful Summer Sunday. It is hot and there are no clouds around. I slept long today and had a nice breakfast. After that I drove to my uncle who lives right across the Austrian border for picking up something. That is only a 15 minutes drive. On the way back I couldn’t resist to take some pictures. Read more ›

Different Evening Ambiences

Tonight: Sunset behind the mountains 20150710_200051 Read more ›

From Storks and Red Kites

I am living in the Rhine Valley. A valley in the midst of the Swiss and Austrian Alps. The flying wildlife is beautiful. I am amazed by birds of prey like eagles, hawks, and all the others. My favorite bird is the Bald Eagle. During the past few years the number of Red Kytes increased a lot. This year is stunning. They are coming pretty close and sometimes I think I could look them in the eye. I made it to take a picture of one. Read more ›


Do you remember my two pics from my post this morning? At the moment we are having a huge thunderstorm going Ohhh, I love thunderstorms. We had lightening all around. The sky was black and after a while it started hailing and shortly after a cloudburst came down. What an atmosphere…!!!

I tried to take photos from the lightning but that’s so difficult. At least I have some impressions for you: Read more ›

Nature is breaking free!

I found this sweet little guy on my patio. I guess the name in English is June Bug. We say May Bug… anyway it is only April. I hear them flying against the window when it is dark outside. I loved to have the little guy scrambling around on my hand in order to spread its wings and fly up to the blue sky in the end. Since I am a May bug too I love them. Read more ›

So what… 😃

Yesterday I posted about my struggles with the modern technology: My son is running out of money in Totnes (England) because the money transaction did not work out – hopefully it is finally fixed. And then my outlook started to refuse its cooperation. First of all thank you all for your so lovely and compassionate encouragements. I felt helpless with this stuff and I got angry, too. You are amazing friends and I hug each one of you for your sweet comments. Read more ›

Oh well…

I don’t complain quickly… but at the moment I am really, really having a hard time to stay positive!!! It started that my outlook stopped working. I cannot open the programm. Therefore I cannot receive or send emails from my laptop and get no notifications about your posts. At least I have my phone in order to be informed. But emailing over it is a pain in the aaaannnneck! Please forgive me when I am not able to read all of your posts. I could go crazy… no email…. and I have no idea what’s wrong!!!

Then about an hour ago my son texted me nervously from England that he doesn’t have any money left on his cash card which he got for his stay. Yesterday I called the bank to upload a certain amount. It is supposed ot be on the card up to 4 hours later. OK so I called the bank again back and forth… finally they confirmed that the money went towards the card but they could see it did not arrive. They are about to fix the problem now with the cash center.

Tonight my brother in law has a big birthday party going…. and I would rather stay home and fix my outlook problem…. That bothers me to no end….

Anyway…. at least I got my new white rose for my garden. One of my beauties did not survive the winter. I don’t know what kind of white rose it will be since there are only bare twigs visible. I trust the shop owner that he sold me a bigger one. But actually I am already happy when it is a white one. A few years ago I bought white ones. When they blossomed I asked myself if pink is the new white…

I am sitting on my patio now and feel like sending some chilling photos from my garden. We just built a new enclosure for Hercules, my Greek Tortoise. Now the guinea pigs have the old enclosure for themselves…




Yep, the are talking to each other…20150421_185713

This is the place next to the enclosure where I love to sit in the evening and watch the sunset over the mountains.20150421_191626

Here is a picture I took from the place I sat on my magic hill yesterday. It is only two weeks since the last time but with the growing leaves everything looks different. I felt so cozy! It was beautiful.


Hope you have a good day so far.

In Love and Light!

Rapperswil – Switzerland

As I posted on Thursday I spent some very valuable time in the shopping mall working on my blog, my book, and reading in Kruti’s book, while the rest of my shrunken family was splashing in an indoor water park. That way we all had fun. After that we went to the city of Rapperswil nearby which is located at the lake Zurich. We spent about two hours there, walking along the shore line, exploring the alleys, and having an ice cream at the end.

Unfortunately after the water park and shopping center fun the sky wasn’t that clear anymore. But it was warm and after a little while the sun came out again. I took some photos in order to share them with you. Enjoy the trip!

On the way…20150416_091252_resized

We passed by the Walensee – one of the larger lakes in Switzerland and one of the coldest. It has a depth up to 150 m. The Walensee is also the cleanest lake in Switzerland.




Our way to Rapperswil led us over the lake Zurich. It is a beautiful sight: the lake left and right, and then seeing the churches appear like a skyline.



By now I took all the photos from inside the car. Just to make sure: There was no rain and no snowfall. It might be just the dirty windshield… But now enjoy the city of Rapperswil.

The shore line20150416_151451_resized




Impressions of the old town












And now it was ice cream time. We found a beautiful place next to the lake.20150416_155005_resized


In Love and Light!

Relaxing in the Woods

I just came home after I spent an hour in the woods. I went to a beautiful place within the forest. The sun was shining and since the trees don’t carry leaves yet it was so light and sunny. I sat down next to a tree and simply enjoyed the peace, the silence but also the singing of the birds. No one around. I started meditating and felt such a liberation and lightness. It was a moment I made peace with everything. No past, no future – just now. What was doesn’t matter – what might be is a dream. And there was this poem that just flew to my mind with the warm Spring breeze. Read more ›

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