Today, I am sharing another part of the beautiful area I live in that is only a 20 minutes drive. Last October, we went up to the Chäserugg in Switzerland. It thought about the name because “Chäs” in Swiss German means cheese. When I did some researches on the internet, that interpretation was only one of the options. It could also come from the word “Kaiser” (Emporer). Nothing confirmed, though. However, it is a mountain with an altitude of 2262 m (7421 feet). To the intermediate station, we went by a cable railway. Then we had to change the vessel and continued with a big ropeway to reach the top station. Enjoy the view!

Let’s start at the mountain top.

We walked around on that high plateau. The view was breathtaking and spectacular in all directions.

After we went back to the intermediate station where we had lunch and enjoyed a beautiful view of the mountain Säntis, we went down again with the cable railway.

I hope you enjoyed the little trip. Have a lovely and joyful day!

In Love, Light, and Health

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


I will never get tired of looking at pictures of Switzerland. My family loved the country so much. You’re so lucky to the living there. We’ve not been to Chaserugg though. The last time we were there was in 2013, it was almost summer and we went for short hikes and cable rides as well. — amor

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Hi, Amor! What places in Switzerland did you visit? I am living in Liechtenstein (right across the border to Switzerland).
I saw that you posted about New Year in Vienna. I am Viennese and I love being in my hometown over Christmas and/or New Year. Erika

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Hey Erika! Oh we went to Atzmannig, Mt Pilatus, to Zermatt (oh lovely Zermatt), Geneva, and around Rhone Glacier and Furka Pass. I still have a lot to see and I’m excited to go back someday. Oh wow I’ve never ‘spoken’ to anyone from Liechtenstein 🙂 happy to ‘meet’ you! And of course Vienna is lovely. We enjoyed our NY there, we never expected it to be that fun, so it was a good decision that we went there during that time. 🙂

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See, now you are in touch with one of those 38’000 inhabitants… hehe.
I love my hometown. It has this special atmosphere and charisma. I always thought I only feels that way because of my roots. But it seems that many are enchanted by the city and its historic atmosphere. I am happy you enjoyed it that much. Once you are in the Liechtenstein area or eastern part of Switherland let me know!

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Breathtaking views, Erika! Thank you so much for sharing them with us. I could almost smell the fresh crisp air! And to see your gorgeous smile brought a smile in turn to my face. To see others without masks on is such joy these days! Much love to you! xo

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Yes, here you have the opposite view on a person. You can see the lips smile… while the eyes are coverec by sunglasses… lol
We never needed to wear masks in public. It was only recommended in trains and buses. But we kept the distance and also in shops this was controlled strictly. I am only wearing a mask when I am treating a patient.
But aside from that this picture was taken in October last year… who would have thought, right?

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Exactly. Who would have known. I will not wear a mask. I have my own reasons. The park I went to today has a new sign which says “wear a mask” (they must be kidding! Outside?!) which I um gave the finger to. Teehee …. I later saw some park employees without a mask on and I said to myself …. Oh so they can tell us to wear a mask but they don’t have to? Oh I forgot. Government employees don’t have to wear a mask. And yes this park is part of NYS parks. Huh. How does that work exactly? Tongue in cheek ….. Crazy times. I’m officially out of those crazy times and I’m meeting the nicest people who are on the same wavelength as I am … create your own life and live the way we want to! Power to the people! (smile) xo

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That is absolutly ridiculous! Gosh! Also outside it doesn’t make sense. But I do have a mask in my bag most of all when I go shopping. Some people totally forget the distancing and wearing a mask makes them aware again. Also me wearing a mask protects those around me because I don’t know what I could be spreading. But thank God basically this is not necessary over here.
Have a lovely day and weekend, Amy! I might not show up this weekend. We are having a big birthday party tomorrow and I need Sunday for my studies… finally again!

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Friend, if I told the intensity bar for insanity keeps getting raised in all that is transpiring here, you would not believe. It has become a freak show. The tiny clips if news I see is in direct opposite of how now the majority are acting and living. The fear push is vicious. Time for a real wake up call for so many.


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