Fall Impressions

The picture above shows one of the views I am having from my house.

Three weeks ago, we spent some wonderful days in a spa hotel in the German/Austrian Alps. Since I know that many of you would like to see some pictures, I am happy to share some of the impressions with you.

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A Little Bit of Fall

We have not had many sunny days this October yet, but lately, it is simply gorgeous. The temps are warm again, and the colors seem to explode. Two days ago, I drove through the country, and I was completely surprised, how colorful everything turned within only a couple of days (unfortunately, I could not stop and take photos). Also, the sky is showing up in its most firey clothes during sunrise and sunset these days.

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Paxmal, Walenstadt (CH)

YYesterday, we short noticed took a trip up to Paxmal. It is located above the city of Walenstadt at around 1’260 m (4134 ft) above sea level in front of the mountain chain of the Churfirsten, Switzerland. It is a monument built by Karl Bickel (1886 – 1982) from 1924 – 1949. Bickel recovered from tuberculosis and promised to set a monument for peace. Amazing how this man built that monument all by himself, fulfilling his promise.

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Summer Fillings

It was one of those weekends when I couldn’t find the time to schedule my regular weekly posts. One of the reasons was my youngest son’s graduation ceremony for successfully passing his final apprenticeship exam. He is now officially a chemistry lab technician. He even picked up the award for the second-best graduation in the year. It was unbelievable what he had shown in terms of motivation, diligence, ambition, and discipline during the entire three years and especially in the last two months. I know you won’t have noticed (LOL), but I am very proud of that and how he achieved it. From the beginning, it was no walk in the park for him.

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Enjoying A Gorgeous Summer Day🌞🏔🍧

After about two weeks of rain, we are enjoying our first real summer weekend. Yesterday, my husband and I decided spontaneously to take a trip to a nearby alpine lake (the Voralp Lake) in Switzerland. It is another beautiful and scenic place that is only about 25 minutes away from where we live. We walked around the lake and enjoyed some coffee, cake, and ice cream at the end. I enjoyed this spontaneous trip and the visit to the small lake restaurant so much. It felt like being on vacation, and it energized me like that.

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Meeting a Blogger Friend

View towards the Kurfirsten and Lake Walen in the background.

After almost four years, it was yesterday again that I met a blogger friend of WordPress. Erika and I (this is not a mistake, we both are Erikas) have been following each other for about five years. After a while, we found out that we live almost around the corner from each other. So, yesterday we made it happen. It took me only 25 minutes to reach Erika Laufer of Lauferei.com in her beautiful Swiss village close to Lake Walen. 

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First Snow

Last Saturday afternoon, it started to snow, and it snowed throughout Sunday. After no snow at all last season, I enjoyed it coming down again. I thought I’d share some photos of the landscape but also of our Christmas lights within the snow.

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Garden Views

Due to the big birthday party last weekend, I could not make it to schedule my regular posts for this week. But instead, I share some photos of my garden again and how it changed over the past two months. New flowers appeared and have blossomed, and some others have grown into large bushes. Let’s go for a quick tour.

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My Little Paradise – #5

Here we go with the last visit to my little oasis. I began to replant this part of the garden this spring. Therefore some plants are only settling. Still everything is developing and most plants have grown even bigger than they look on the picture. Also here too, I took pictures between May and July to catch the flowers at their most beautiful stages. I leave you with a collection of impressions.

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Health & Beauty – Thyme


Essential oils are the pure and concentrated essences of plants. Used are petals, roots, twigs, leaves, resins depending on the plant. For thyme oil, the haulms are the part of the plant that’s used. Since fall has already taken its seat again the main season of colds and flu is on the way again. Thyme oil is not only very effective for disinfecting the respiratory system when a cold has you in its tight grip, but it also works wonderfully as prevention from getting a cold since it disinfects the air for example by evaporation the oil in a fragrance lamp or diffuser (at home but also in offices or public places). Read more ›

Transcending Hearts~ WE can make a difference!

Please head over to Sue’s blog for reading this post. She offers simple possibilities of how everybody can do something to help the area, for example, a powerful short meditation to calm down the area including the fires and support the healing.

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Lily~Fish Pond in the Garden

Feeling the rhythm as I sit on the swing

Allowing thoughts to drift, to see what they bring

Cloud watching the sky as butterflies’ flit

Pondering the beauty as in creation I sit


The Fish in their world swim beneath lily flowers

While frogs sunbathe too, no concept of hours

Each Petal, perfected in meticulous precision

As I sit and swing, enjoying this transition


We create in our hearts, with our thoughts and minds

For each it is different, our manifesting finds

For that which we think, the energy creates

So be mindful of thought, for it opens many gates


My heart it is peaceful, my mind it is still

We are ALL powerful, all subject to Will

Know we are Sovereign much more than we know

Don’t give away your power to the fear-based cabal


The time now is here…

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Just A Thought…

nature-earth-quotes-02.jpgThe lung of our planet is burning for weeks. There has never been a bigger catastrophe on this planet which affects not only the region but the whole world. I think we cannot even imagine what it means when thousands of fires are burning and thousands of new fires are developing each day. How can this be gotten under control? Does it really mean that the fires only cease when there is nothing more to be burned unless it rains heavily for days or even weeks? Read more ›

May There Always Be a Spring


Over here it feels like life is pulsing through each and every fiber of nature lately. Spring is visiting and the flow of energy is clearly sensible. The mood is lifted and the whole system gets a power boost. When I was on a walk today I saw the first storks arriving at their homes. What a feeling since they are one of the clearest signs of spring to me. Read more ›

Health & Beauty – Rosemary


Essential oils are the pure and concentrated essences of plants. Used are petals, roots, twigs, leaves, resins depending on the plant. For rosemary oil, the haulms are the part of the plant that’s used. It is another very versatile oil. Remember, I mentioned it as an optional part of my hair mask recipe for hair growth because it stimulates the root of the hair.  Read more ›

A Walk Through My Neighborhood


Last Monday was the first sunny day after a week of rain and low temperatures. In addition to it, it was a holiday too. So when I pondered whether I shall clean the windows or go for a walk the decision was made easily and quickly… lol! Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

Beauty lies in the heart.JPG

Visit my Zazzle Shop and get inspired by lots of daily items or gift ideas designed with my quotes!

In Love and Light

#Haiku – Show Respect


She picked up that stone 

A witness to history

We are only guests

In Love and Light

#Haiku – Uncontrollable Love


First a little spark

Growing into heaven’s spheres

Love burns by itself

In Love and Light

#Haiku – Wings of Summer


Summer waves goodbye

The last butterfly’s leaving

Send a smile along

Inspired by Neha.

In Love and Light

#Haiku – My Time Is Now


No more excuses

Life’s purpose is living life

Spread my wings and fly


In Love and Light


#Haiku – Little Wonders


It’s Sunday evening

Peaceful magical moments

My heart took a pic

In Love and Light

What A Welcome!!


I just have to quickly share a video. A huge thunderstorm went down followed by a scary and harmful hail storm while we were looking for a restaurant for dinner tonight. It shocked me that while we were standing under a roof close to me a pigeon just fell on the street hit deadly by the hail. The hail stones got bigger. It became really dangerous and we had to take shelter inside a restaurant. I took this video to illustrate what I mean.  Read more ›

Turtle Workout


I told you to post more photos out of Hercules’ life. The following picture show what I meant with endurance and determination regarding overcoming obstacles or finding a way out.  Read more ›

When Turtles “Speed”…


Recently, I read a post of Beth’s over at IDidn’tHaveMyGlassesOnShe wrote about an escaped turtle and couldn’t imagine that they are fast enough to escape. This morning I took a little video of my turtle, Hercules, in order to show that they are faster than you may imagine. They won’t ever catch up with you, of course. But they are very strong and determined. Hercules can try to overcome an obstacle for an hour or more. When they are on a mission they basically keep it up until it is fulfilled. That’s why they can escape, to tell from their endurance. Read more ›

The Fairy Garden


My sweet friend Shamira of SmilingNotes published a very inspiring post about 50 Fun Summer Activities. One of her ideas was building a fairy garden. I love fairies and I already have a circle of fairies around my patio.  Read more ›

Tree of Life – Multiplying Life


Yesterday I posted photos from some challenged plants in my garden and the broken big branch of my willow after Friday’s heavy snowfalls. Above you can see the branch I sawed into pieces. Read more ›

O… M… G!!! Flooded Mind and Ground!

What a day! I did not expect me posting today but I really need to relax for a moment with you guys. I’ve had a real marathon day.bitmoji373725694.png

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Look who says “Hello”!

Just quickly! We are having a beautiful spring day. Temperatures are in the upper 60s, the sun is shining and when I got the party sandwiches I discovered these little guys in my garden.


I try to be back later at night! Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!

In Love and Light

What? Already?

I just took these photos from my willow tree. Read more ›

Nature tricks itself….

We have temperatures within the 60s for days now instead of 20s – 30s. This is what I discovered this morning in my garden….. this plant is about to blossom.

In Love and Light

24 Days of Grateful

Alexandra of AlexandraWriteNow  is doing a wonderful challenge from Dec. 1 – 24 and she calls it 24 Days of Grateful and it is about posting one thing a day I am grateful for.  Everybody feel free to join in!

Lisa of Life Of An El Paso Women nominated me for The 12 Days of Christmas challenge too. Although I cannot participate in that one too I try to give it justice by including it in my Grateful posts!

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24 Days of Grateful

Alexandra of AlexandraWriteNow  is doing a wonderful challenge from Dec. 1 – 24 and she calls it 24 Days of Grateful and it is about posting one thing a day I am grateful for.  Everybody feel free to join in! Read more ›


Still spring temperatures between 60° and 65° every day for about two weeks. Nature enjoys it as we do (Thank you, Volkswagen😘) . This will come to a sudden ending on the weekend when winter might be going to show is first appearance. But by then we keep enjoying.  Read more ›

Cloud Avalanche and Sunny Goodbyes

Yesterday on my way home I looked to the mountains and saw how spectacular the clouds seemed like rolling over them like an avalanche. I hurried home in order to take pictures before the whole magic was over. Read more ›

My Butterfly Buddy!

Today it finally isn’t raining anymore. I took the chance, hopped outside, and cut some withered rose petals. I took my phone along in order to take pictures of my first lilies. Unfortunately I missed the best time of their blossom. But they are still lovely. Read more ›

5 Days, 5 Photos, 5 Stories / Day 1

The more than lovely Kritika of From The Soul To The Nib Of The Pen invited me to this challenge. Thank you, Kritika. I really enjoy this. Read more ›

From Storks and Red Kites

I am living in the Rhine Valley. A valley in the midst of the Swiss and Austrian Alps. The flying wildlife is beautiful. I am amazed by birds of prey like eagles, hawks, and all the others. My favorite bird is the Bald Eagle. During the past few years the number of Red Kytes increased a lot. This year is stunning. They are coming pretty close and sometimes I think I could look them in the eye. I made it to take a picture of one. Read more ›

Look who said: Good Morning Spring!

For some years a lizard lives next to my patio. I love this sweet and beautiful creature. It has its home next to a rock in my garden, right at the roots of a juniper. It often sits there on the stone charging it with sunlight which is shining there all day long. When I went by today in order to get to my guinea pigs I saw it sitting on the juniper and slowly waking up. My cold-blooded friend wasn’t scared about me sitting next to it, talking to it, and taking some photos. It is still skinny. But soon it will grow again and get rid of its grey color when it ripped of its skin for the first time. Look how beautiful it is: Read more ›

What a Difference a Day makes!

Looking out of the windows yesterday morning and this morning showed a completely different picture. It snowed over night and there is supposed to be more snow until tomorrow evening.  Read more ›

Take a break of 5 minutes and enjoy this…

Years ago I found one of the most beautiful slideshows. Since that time I watch it sporadically. I just had it in mind again and thought you might light this too. It is so beautiful, inspiring, comforting and empowering.

http://positivepause.com by Ralph S. Marston jr.

Enjoy your weekend!

In Love and Light!

Morning and Evening in the Alps!

This morning when I opened up the windows a beautiful picture was welcoming me into the day. The sky was clear and the sun just reached the mountain tops. The fog was lying to the feet of the mountains like a river.

As you can see I took different exposition. Not always easy to take good photos with a phone.




And when I looked outside 15 minutes ago. I saw the sun setting right between two mountain peaks. I couldn’t resist to take pictures of that too. 20141114_155709


I love nature. It is full of varieties all year-long!

In Love and Light!

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