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Essential oils are the pure and concentrated essences of plants. Used are petals, roots, twigs, leaves, resins depending on the plant. For thyme oil, the haulms are the part of the plant that’s used. Since fall has already taken its seat again the main season of colds and flu is on the way again. Thyme oil is not only very effective for disinfecting the respiratory system when a cold has you in its tight grip, but it also works wonderfully as prevention from getting a cold since it disinfects the air for example by evaporation the oil in a fragrance lamp or diffuser (at home but also in offices or public places).


Thyme (e.g. Thymus Vulgaris) 

General information
Thyme oil has a highly disinfective effect, therefore, it is clearing the respiratory system and also infections on the skin. It is the number one oil/herb used in cough syrups, and teas when it comes to cold and bronchitis remedies. It has a hypertensive effect (people with high blood pressure should use this oil like recommended, or under supervision).

Don’t use when

  • taking homeopathy at the same time (it could neutralize the effect)
  • suffering from epilepsy or high blood pressure
  • pregnant (at least not within the first 5 months – it could cause an abortion since the oil supports the menstruation)

Keep in mind that this counts for self-medication. Under supervision, you can trust that the dose is adjusted if given.


General Effects
Hypertensive, activates the blood flow, generates white blood cells, disinfectant, strengthens the body’s defenses, supports menstruation, stimulates the circulation, diaphoretic and expectorant, antidepressive, comforting, nervine, encouraging, enhances the ability to concentrate, stomach strengthening, appetizing, and anticonvulsant, to mention a few effects.

Scope of application

Mental weakness, sleep issues

  • Use as a bath
  • Evaporation (fragrance lamp/diffuser)
  • two drops on a tissue and inhale

Cold, Bronchitis, Cramps, Low Blood Pressure, Exhaustion, Infected Skin, Flu, Gastrointestinal Infection, Stomach Issues, Circulation, Digestion, Lung Disease, Asthma, Insomnia, Anemia, Low Immunity,

  • Colds/Bronchitis (also for prevention): Inhaling; take a bath; evaporation
  • Infected bad healing wounds: Apply compresses onto the concerned area
  • Akne/blemished skin: Apply compresses onto the concerned area
  • Rheumatism: Take a bath; mix with vegetable oil and rub onto concerned area
  • Low circulation/weakness: Take a bath together (add two drops of rosemary oil)
  • For better concentration: Put 2 drops on a tissue and smell on it
  • Cold Sore/blemished skin/insect bites: Apply directly on blisters or pimples
  • Sore throat/Gum infection: gurgling with two drops in half a glass of water
Basic measures – Rule of Thumb
  • For 30 ml carrier substance like neutral lotion or cream, vegetable oil, or distilled water take up to 15 drops
  • For a bath mix up to 4 drops with half a cup of milk, honey, or liquid whipped cream (otherwise the essential oil would not merge with the water and can lead to irritations of the mucous membrane), then mix the remedy with the water in the bathtub.
  • Inhaling: mix 3 to 4 drops with hot water and inhale for 10 minutes. Cover head and water with a towel.
  • Compresses: Add up to 4 drops of thyme oil,  into luke-warm water, put a cloth into the water, wring it out, and apply it on the concerned area, leave it there for about 10 minutes and repeat if needed.
Thyme-Savage Honey

Indication: Cough, Bronchitis, Sore Throat

  • 1 kg (about 2 pounds) of honey
  • 1 heaped TB of thyme leaves (fresh or dried)
  • 1 heaped TB of savage leaves (fresh or dried)

Put herbs into honey and stir well. Make sure the jar is sealed well. Every day or every other day turn the jar around. Go on like this for about 4 weeks. Then heat the honey slowly and just enough for it to run well through a sieve. Pour it through the sieve into another jar in order to separate the herbs from remedy.

Take two teaspoons of that honey-thyme-savage remedy 3 times a day.
Honey itself is antibacterial and together with the herbs, you are having a power team to fight the bacteria. Don’t drink something for about 15 to 20 minutes after taking the honey so that it has time to unfold its healing effect.

About Essential Oils

When you want to apply essential oils to your body, make sure you only buy 100% natural essential oils. This is important regarding allergic reactions. Also, there is no healing effect from artificial oils. The effect comes from the healing power of the plant. But of course, you can use those fragrances for having a nice scent in your room.

Indicators regarding the quality are:

  • The label must say it is 100% natural oil.
  • The Latin name is on the label
  • The price (essential oil of good quality can never be cheap)
  • You know and trust the seller

Use essential oils with care. Don’t overdose! Essential oils can cause allergic reactions. Don’t take essential oils internally before talking to an aromatherapist or doctor.

Complementary medicine is a great way to support your health. Its techniques can teach your body to heal itself. But there is no guarantee if, how fast, or how comprehensive the effect will be. So, when you are having health problems then see a doctor first. 

Photo-Credits: Pixabay

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