Goodbye, my buddies…


When I sit on my bench from now on

It will never be the same

The enclosure that I look at

Will never be filled again

Whether summer or winter

I was there to care and to clean

For two furry buddies

For their comfort and well-being

My sweet little Elvis

Found you weak on the floor

Still breathing but knew

It was your time now to go

Eight long years you were granted

To live and to thrive

You saw one friend going

And another one arrive

I hope that you knew

What your presence meant

When your former buddy

Grieved for his passed friend

Thank for not just

To leave but to wait

That I could strike your brindled fur

Until your heart stopped to beat

Although tears are falling

I am glad that you’re fine

That your short suffering ended

After a long happy lifetime


Now, my other fur ball

I let you both say goodbye

I know that you noticed

Your reaction didn’t lie

The decision was made

Even before we picked you

That when the next buddy passes

We won’t have another number two

‘Though it broke my heart

When I gave you away

I know you’ll be fine there

Where I left you yesterday

You were the light in your friend’s grief

You, my funny lively guy

You were friends from the first day

There was not a single fight

Now you are the blessing

For another lonely piggy heart

Please forgive me but believe me

Giving you away was so hard

With a heavy heart, I look now

At the enclosure where for years

Four guinea pigs did call it home

And made me smile, now I’m in tears

But one day soon, I know,

That I will smile in gratitude

When I think of my three passed friends

And my brave little Rocky dude

(The pictures I used are from my archive.)

Rest in peace Billie, Jacky, and Elvis… you might have left here but you will never leave my heart. Miss you Rocky but I know that your joyful spirit will bring so much light to another lonely guinea pig.

In Love and Light

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