Today, I would like to share some photos of the place I live or actually what I see when I look out of my windows or being in my garden. I hope you feel the energy and peace a little bit that is coming from this place. To me, it is anything but a challenge to stay at home. I can finally absorb this all a little more and it fills me totally – much needed. While preparing this post, all I can hear is the sound of the birds.

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The Swiss (and Austrian) Mountains

Just dropping in quickly with a spontaneous post. It is dedicated to our Gary of bereavedsingledad.blog. He is a big fan of Switzerland and I told him about the view I have from my house towards the mountains. (I am living in Liechtenstein which is right in between Austria and Switzerland.) Gary asked me to share some photos. Since the weather is not so good right now, I decided to dig out some winter photos I took some years ago.

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Summer Break🌞


Hi, friends, when you are reading this post I am already burying my toes in Egyptian sand, hiding in the shade, reading a book (OMG, I am finally reading a book again🎉), swimming, simply enjoying the sweetness of life. Read more ›

The Imperial Wedding – A Big Fat Liechtensteinian Wedding


Yes, sure, there are much bigger wedding parties. But then again 80 guests are already a lot. And I have never attended a wedding with so much thoughtfulness on all ends like this one. The frames on the table of the bridal couple are one of those little details which amazed me. So sweet. And it went like this the whole evening through.


The wedding party took place at a big and atmospheric vineyard. We were welcomed by the DJ who played on the Saxophone outside for a first welcome drink.HZ_Kaiser_1592_D80_1143

There were separate rooms for the extensive wedding dinner,

(Here is an excerpt of the room. Every table was dedicated to the theme of a Disney movie. The couple decorated every table in the colors of the movie. I was seated at the Frozen table.)

for the performances,HZ_Kaiser_1796_D75_2312.jpg

and there was a place for the “photo box”. Here the guests could take pictures for the couple or themselves and there was a coffer with items to masquerade and make the shootings more fun. The photos were immediately printed and meant that we put them into a book and add some words for the couple. A book for the couple with happy moments of that evening.

Once the couple arrived my son-in-law’s brother welcomed them with his helicopter (he is the European Champion 2014 of model aircraft).

Of course also over here the restoring procedure continued…

There were so many highlights and very touching moments. When the newlyweds exchanged their vows for example. The deep love they feel for each other and the strong bond that connects them, the gratitude and awareness for the gift of each other… really, that touched everybody’s heart deeply. What was extremely beautiful were the gifts the two had for each other. The groom created 365 hearts. On every heart, he put a reason why he loves his bride. The bride created a slideshow about their incredible story of how they met. She sang to it live… of course the songs where Disney songs since both love Disney. They were given the collective present of the guests which is a collection of recipes for the couple individually designed from each guest. We got to see the slideshow of both of their wedding-eve-parties (which was hilarious). But there was so much more like the slideshow of us parents, the gifts of both witnesses, a lottery where 12 people were randomly picked via numbers to gift the couple with something specific each month (I was picked too and lucky to go for an ice cream with them in July… yay), there was the wedding dance, a helicopter show at night, … It would be too much to go into detail of each and every surprise and performance. You know what, I simply let the photos speak. Enjoy!

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Hmm, and regarding my shoes… the second pair could not heal what the first pair had already damaged… it was a big relief to throw them into a corner at 3 am.

In Love and Light


Share Your Light


My dear blog sister, Ritu, had a series going until Christmas. She gave us very useful and inspiring tips about blogging. The first advice she left was to choose a name for your blog which already gives an idea what your blog is about. Read more ›

The Imperial Wedding – The Church


I am sorry that it took me so long to post part two. Once we received the photos from the official photographer it was already December and I had no time to go for this post. But eventually, here we are. In part 1 I wrote about the preparations, the hectic, my and my daughter’s nervousness, and the unexpected challenge we had to face when I was already about to leave for the church. If you want to read about it, please click here. So, once out of there I enjoyed the cool October air when rushing to the car in my full-length, narrow dress, and my high-heels. I was really nervous since I was a little behind my schedule. As you may remember, I still had a job to do in the church which only a handful people knew about. Read more ›

Taking a Break!

Timeout, Uhr, Vormittag, Zeiger, Stunde, Ausspannen

Hi, guys! My time has come. I am off from work until the end of November and I decided to take a full break. No laptop, no social media. Comments are closed on this post because when you read this I am already on vacation. Read more ›

The Imperial Wedding – The Preparation

IMG_20181020_104732.jpgHere we go with the first post of the big wedding. Perhaps you are wondering about the title. Why “imperial”? This is a word play with my daughter’s new sure name which is “Kaiser”. Translated into English it means “Emporer”. I always said that my little princess becomes an empress. Anyway, let’s finally start with the story. Read more ›

💖Just Married💖10/10/18

IMG-20181011-WA0019.jpgLast Wednesday, my daughter married her dream man and my son-in-law his dream girl. It was only the civil part which we all did not think was much of a big deal but it turned out more touching and emotional than expected. It is a gift and a blessing – more than I can express – to see my princess and her new husband so happy. He is one of those men, who anticipates a woman every wish. It is his greatest happiness to see her happy. She is fully aware of that and does the same for him. Amazing how they read each other. A dream couple! Read more ›

10 Exciting Days To Come😍

Wedding, Eheringe, Hochzeit, Heirat, Eheschließung

And they are all starting with this day. Today, my daughter and her boyfriend are going to marry. It is only the civil wedding so far but it is the essential step for them. I am very excited, happy, and ohhhh so proud. They are such a gorgeous couple and love vibrates through and towards both of them constantly for many years. I am thankful that my little princess is marrying a man like Andy.  Read more ›

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