The Power and Meaning Of Dreams!

Follow your dreams, dream big, make your dreams come true, and live your dreams… It may sound naive or thoughtless when you are struggling with daily things. But there is such a big truth behind it.

Deep within each heart
There lies a magic spark
That lights the fire of our imagination
And since the dawn of man
The strength of just ‘I can’
Has brought together people of all nations

This is the first verse of the song The Power Of The Dream already a very powerful message.  Yes, each heart holds one or more dreams. It is a flame that burns within. The more we feel misunderstood or not at the right place the higher that flame burns and calls us to make it a torch to lighten the path toward the places or achievements we are dreaming of.

Take a few minutes and fly freely with your dream for a while. You have nothing to lose. How does it feel? Don’t put any pressure on you to find a way how to get to it. Let the thoughts happen and just fly with the result and see yourself being that dream. Doesn’t it feel like breaking through the clouds and seeing a world you would love to live in? A world that matches the song of your heart? Or actually, doesn’t it feel as if you traveled that song and light-footed jump from one note to the next one? With each note, the song makes more sense. With each little step you make on the step stones towards your dream, your life makes more sense.

It is not naive at all to take the vision seriously. There is a reason why this dream exists. It is the same reason why not everybody has the same dream. We are all a big community and everybody has their own lights to shine for everyone. Only together we can build a rainbow. So we need every single dream to sparkle, to be lived, to be followed. Then we are on purpose – on purpose for us and for everybody.

All great inventions or achievements started with a dream. Progress is a result of seeing and believing in something that wasn’t there before. But the dream was! Today we have electricity, airplanes, little mega computers we call “phone”. We even went to the moon. There were so many inventions prior to the inventions we are having today. Someone had that dream and believed that it was possible. Step stones again in order to be where we are today. If one of those dreams had not been lived something might be missing.

Yes, we are individuals but we are not lone warriors. We are all connected. What one does, affects someone else and how they react, affects others again, and so on and on… Endless ripples! What I want to say is that every manifested dream is an inspiration for others. Only when I add my step stone someone else can step on it gets inspired and adds the next step stone. Every little stepstone is necessary. Perhaps it is the important connection between two meaningful spots. If we believe in our dreams and make it an effort to realize them we encourage someone else to do the same. Let’s trigger ripples of lived dreams in order to support that as many dreams as possible can come true. What is the foundation of it? Love and understanding – first for ourselves and as a consequence for everyone else. Living our dreams brings healing to the world. Because dreams are coming from the soul and the soul is unconditional loving wisdom.

You are here because you have an important role to play. If there is a dream burning within you, please, don’t push it back. Be thankful that you have it because it tells you why you came here and where to go to! Your dream shows your purpose. Or it shows the path towards your purpose. Because one realized dream leads to another one or even many others. One dream prepares you for the next one to be realized. You yourself need your realized dreams in order to make even bigger ones come true and to inspire yourself. You will discover spheres on your journey you never even thought they would exist! Dreams are signposts and we should follow in order to fill our lives with the meaning it was meant to get.

A dream is a melody the soul sings. Listen and sing along. It is your personal melody to sing and share with the world.  Let’s become a beautiful choir where everyone has their specific parts in order to complete OUR composition.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Such a wise post dear Erika.. finding purpose and following our dreams..
Loved this paragraph..
“Yes, we are individuals but we are not lone warriors. We are all connected. What one does, affects someone else and how they react, affects others again, and so on and on… Endless ripples! What I want to say is that every manifested dream is an inspiration for others.”

Thank you for creating many ripples that touch our hearts.. ❤
Have a beautiful week Erika.. what is left of it..
Sue x

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You touched my heart with your comment, Sue! It is an honore, a pleasure, a gift, a joy to, a blessing to be able to create such ripples. Because the ripples others cause from that touch the original trigger again…. what a bigger reward can there be. Thank you for being such a ripple, Sue 💖

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Very inspirational Erika 🙂
I have been writing about same topic some time ago.
We need to live out our dreams, then nothing to regret later.
Not all will be like we dream about, but this we learn by…
I needed this today, thank you.

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I am glad this post came at just the right time for you. We need to live our dreams in order to live our life. Our dreams are the trailer of our life to be or at least of the goals we should go for and see where we arrive! Thank you, Irene!

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