Trip to Buffalo Downtown!

My last report has been some days ago. But now I am back on track! I love to share some impressions of the rising City of Buffalo. Buffalo used to be a center of industry up to the 80s. During the 90s and the crisis it all fell apart. Buffalo Downtown was pretty dead and empty. The suburban instead started to grow. When we came back to Williamsville (in the suburban of Buffalo) this July our friends told us to go and see the beginning changes in Buffalo. They are working hard on making the city a new place to explore. Also it started to become a center of medical research – most of all in neurology. All the old factories are remodeled as lofts for the medics and scientists.

When we entered the city it was a wonderful sunny and hot summer day. They have worked on the Metro line and Main street. Also towards the shore things are getting new. When we walked around we definitely felt more pulse and light. Here we go:

All the old and ruinous buildings are replaced or simply removedIMG_4128


 The Metro in the City Centre20140724_154337

Some ImpressionsIMG_4132


The City HallIMG_4150

The Stadium of the Buffalo Bisons. When we lived in Buffalo in 1999 we went there for a game. We thought it was exciting to see a Baseball game when we are living in the states. I guess I wasn’t enough into it…. Anyway, I am glad we took the chance and we had great weather on that day in June 1999.20140724_155340


The Stadium of the Buffalo Sabres. In 1999 the Sabres where very successful and even reached the Stanley Cup Final. It was a 5 hour nail biting game with the Golden Goal of the Dallas Stars in the end. The Sabres did excellent! I bought a little flag for my car and drove around during the Stanley Cup! Since then I am an ice hockey fan!IMG_4143


The Shore and NAVAL Park. When we were there this year they had prepared everything for a big festival on that night in the lawn next to the shore. What a setting!  20140724_165045


I have to say that Buffalo already is worthwhile to visit… and this is only the beginning. Also it is a great place to stay for trips to Canada, Niagara Falls, Amish areas and lots of other trips! Check it out! I’ll be back!!!

In Love and Light!

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