You Are The Reason

I can’t imagine life without
Your presence anymore
I cannot even understand
How I could live before

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#Haiku – Heavenly

Yin and Yang in love
A rock solid bond of souls
Divine connection

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

In Love and Light


Bildergebnis für love across time and space



It doesn’t matter

How much time passes

Or what happens in or outside of my world


It doesn’t matter

What you do or what you don’t do

Or what unfulfilled dreams may still linger in our hearts


It doesn’t matter

Where I am and where you are

Or whether life sends us on separate or shared paths


It simply doesn’t matter


Time has no meaning

Deeds cannot condition

Seas and mountains cannot separate

When love is the connecting link


That’s why nothing’s ever able to

Change my love for you


In Love and Light



That Someone


That someone I am looking for

That one I hoped to meet

To go with him through good and bad

Who makes my life complete Read more ›

The Magic of Connection


We are connecting with each other in various ways daily. More consciously in our jobs, with family or friends, and more unconsciously in the bus, in the supermarket,… But there is something that happens beyond a visible or physical connection. There is something we feel before the first word is said, often even before the first eye contact. It is the radiation we feel about each other. That first impression. It may not give us a clear picture – because how we perceive a person says more about ourselves than about them – but it is very important for the way that encounter continues. It is like extending invisible tentacles in order to scan the other person.


“Love at first sight” is such a mystery! When the radiated energies are strongly matching then the tentacles of each other have already connected before we realize it. That also happens when we “feel” someone near us turn around and there they are! The more a person “shines” the more we can feel their presence without seeing them.


First and foremost those connections are spiritual connections. Our spiritual being is unlimited and not depending on the range of our bodies. Even incarnated its senses overcome the physical limits. Soul mates recognize each other on the spiritual level immediately and feel familiar with each other without any explanation. Modern technology makes it so much easier to connect with our spiritual families or kindred spirits these days.


That is what astounds most of us about social media and most of all about blogging. I believe that thousands of miles apart we are connecting through our hearts in the first place and the mind cannot help it but follows the heart! The law of attraction works even better on this platform where our minds are not able to judge anyone by their outer appearance due to the physical absence!


I am here on WordPress for more than 2 1/2 years and I have experienced often from the first interaction with someone if this is going to be a friendship and closer connection. We are more open here in a place where we feel safer to share our thoughts, experiences, and feelings. That makes us transparent and the real being shines through a lot more. We feel with each other and we are accompanying each other. We inspire and encourage each other. Perhaps we are not always understood and we have different opinions but what counts much more is that we are heard and taken serious! This is what so many are missing in real life! We are there for each other when someone is not doing well and that got proved several times!

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I have never been afraid of meeting my blogger friends. I know there are some who are skeptic about that: “What if they are not who I thought they were?” I dare to say that those who are not afraid of meeting each other definitely are the way they are on their blogs. I feel blessed that I met several bloggers over time and it was like meeting old friends I just haven’t seen for a long time. It felt like a family gathering and the mind got confirmed what the heart already knew!

Images%2FHvøjar Føroyar%2FLitfagrar Føroyar - hendur.jpeg

Connecting by the heart and creating like-minded groups is such a wonderful thing when it is happening in the way we are experiencing it here on WordPress. And as I always say: Our community is a role model for the world out there!

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In addition to my usual Monday posts, this is my take on Connecting regarding the Blogger Bash 2017 in the UK. I have to announce that I cannot meet you wonderful people this year due to a family event on the same weekend. But I don’t want to miss at least joining in this way!

In Love and Light


The Challenge of Challenging People!


The topic for today’s post developed from a conversation with Ann of Grubbs n Critters.We were talking about how it can be that other people are able to annoy us even with things which have nothing to do with ourselves. It took me some time before I wrote that post because it is a big topic. There are so many origins, reasons, and causes which are merging. I touched some and hope I could bring it all in a context. That would definitely be food for a book!


Let’s start with the soul – what a complex thing. I won’t ever grasp it completely. I hope this is understandable: There is a pool of soul aspects. When an incarnation comes up the soul takes a scoop of itself with more aspects of this and less of that. At the same time, many scoops with different aspects can incarnate. Those scoops feel the connection of the soul family – soul mates. That is when you meet someone and they feel familiar or you feel a connection and cannot explain it. Don’t mix that up with that one true love. A soul mate is not necessarily the love of your life. Soul mates are there to support each other in their developments. Often times that support  is not on the funny side. The goal is development and the soul mates have it in their plans to stick to that goal. They can be your worst enemy but of course also your best friends and even the love of your life. How the support will happen was agreed before the incarnation.


The reason we want to incarnate is first and foremost in order to feel and experience things we cannot feel and experience without a physical body. The insight is so much more profound. There is not only so much to experience for us but there are also numberless ways of experiencing the same feeling. There are new things to experience or issues to dissolve (what we call karma). We cannot experience it all in one incarnation. Therefore too we select particular lessons, encounters, and happenings before we come here. Some things are meant for a specific time, some when we are ready. But all is well coordinated and linked with the life plans of others. Each life plan affects another one. What a gigantic organization!! That’s why there can be so many causes for the things we experience here. But that is only the way to the event. In the end, it is about the resulting challenge. That’s why at some point we need to stop finding an explanation and learn to  trust that it happened for a reason. When something or someone challenges us then we can be sure that it is meant for us to look closer. There is something in it for us – not because we did something wrong but to learn something!


Let’s get to another point: Why is it that one person can get terribly annoyed about something which someone else doesn’t even notice? Or the other way around: I don’t care but others go nuts. It can also be annoying that some get annoyed about things others don’t care…. lol! If something is not part of our incarnation program than we don’t care or we are having a natural way of dealing with such things. It can also be that we are not at the place yet to deal with certain issues and that’s why we don’t “hear” it because it has not our frequency.  But when it has then we hear it loud and clearly.  Whether it is a soul mate, someone else, circumstances or a particular situation, if we feel reflected in it then it has always something to do with us too. People can mirror something which we don’t like about ourselves. Or we are provoked to step out of our comfort zone in order to progress our evolution. Whatever it is – it is time to work ourselves through the next lesson (fate). Only when we notice that something feels not right we even consider a closer look. That’s why lessons to learn can be so painful. We can pull back and turn away but the issue will only be solved when we faced it. We will get confronted with it over and over again. Each time gives us another gaze on the subject and helps working it out.


In the end, it is always about how I deal with what comes towards me. Sometimes there are people whose intention is to bother me. Perhaps I mirror something they don’t like about themselves. Some people are not able to deal with what is going on inside of them. They need that illusion to throw it on others. The problem is that this doesn’t work. At one point we need to understand that it is not about us but about themselves. A huge and liberating lesson to learn because it is not in our responsibility. It is something they need to dissolve. That insight can give so much strength that we are gaining the power and nerves to even deal with them on a daily base (which is important when it is about family or work). It is not going deeper anymore because we realize that it is not our war. Whatever may strike a chord within you look inside yourself first. If you cannot find something right now then the lesson for you may be to not let others make you something you are not. Send them love but it is not up to you to join them in their fight. If you don’t align with their energy they have no grip. Either they will leave you alone or the may change their attitude towards you. What defines your life is not what others do to you but how you react to what they do.

In Love and Light

Energy Of Change

Energy of Change

You’re like a fresh new summer breeze,
Like the shade on a hot day.
You’re like a river I am soaring on
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Thoughts About The Soul

Do I really know what the soul is? No. I have a feeling, a strong feeling. I have a belief, a strong belief. But when I think back, that belief and feeling about what soul is has changed or at least, has become a bigger picture over the years. I don’t know if I will ever get the whole picture. I might only see it once I get rid of my body and merge again with my source. I want to share some thoughts about the soul with you and I don’t know yet where I will end up.


I love to talk about the soul. Talking about the soul already makes me feel powerful and peaceful at the same time. There is a saying that the strength lies in serenity and it is definitely true. The soul doesn’t need to proof anything. It knows it all. It doesn’t need to convince the ego that the ego is not slightly half as wise as the soul is. It makes no sense because the ego doesn’t even want to understand.

Wait…. the ego, the soul…. and I? That makes me think: Are there three? Because when I can decide between listening to the ego or the wisdom of my soul then “I” would be a third party. Yes, I believe that the “I” is an aspect of that huge formation called soul. It is that aspect which was sent down to earth in order to experience itself and in order to remember who it is.


There are many aspects of the soul incarnating at the same time – our soul mates! And if our soul’s plan has it written in our incarnation contract, then we are even granted to meet our twin soul. I believe that twin souls or twin flames are literally two halves of this soul’s aspect. That’s why they feel more familiar with each other than with anyone else. They understand each other without words and they recognize each other immediately. They have everything in common for a solid base but each of them has exactly the perfect things to add in order to make both feeling whole.


When I consciously align with my soul then I feel a security and strength coming up within me. I feel surrounded and fulfilled with light. It is a feeling of knowing that all is well – no matter how it is. Because otherwise it wouldn’t be as it is. It is a feeling of being guided and watched over me. A feeling of love and serenity but also the inner motivation to go for what I feel as my purpose, my dream, my order! And whatever I feel it might be, gives sense to my life. Then I feel where I belong to in this life – I feel my place in this world. Is there anything for enhancing than feeling on track with who you are?


I don’t know, but I believe that the soul I belong to is part of the source. Eventually, we all together are the source – the incarnated aspects of a soul, all souls as part of the source. In my book I’m Free I explain that with a cake. All the ingredients you need are mixed together thoroughly. Whatever piece you cut out has the same composition. Even a crumb has that same composition. We all carry that divine spark within. That’s why  we are all the same in our core. We have the same origin, we all enter a body, we all are destined to leave it again. We all are exploring this physical life within our different ages. We all have something to give. We all find limitations. We all are meant to overcome them in a unique way. We all have unique stories. We all are breathing the same air, need food and water to nurture this body. We all are walking on the same road but moving differently. We are all one – one energy. It cannot be separated, it only comes in different forms. But we are one energy and that’s what mankind needs to understand. We all have this creative power within but only when we consciously unite it we can create great things for everyone. Then we are having a world honoring the things we have in common and even more what the individual has to give in its uniqueness.


Then everybody will be free to fulfill their purpose which again we basically have in common: Experiencing this physical life in its fullness for the sake of everyone!

In Love and Light

Weekly Review

Another week has passed which makes this another week closer to spring. All of us from the northern hemisphere are yearning for it. Yesterday I saw the first butterfly of the season fluttering by my window.  It was one like these:Admiral

Let’s flutter a bit back in time!
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Soul Mates – More Than Just The Love Of A Lifetime

My wonderful Australian friend with Swiss roots, Sandra of A Momma’s View published a post about soul mates.  We were talking a little about it and we agreed that I will repost my Soul Mate post from February of this year.  But due to the amazing experiences I made during the past months I completely worked over it. So whoever wrote the first one, please check this one out too!

The soul mate topic is always present. Through modern technology,  the internet, our social media networks it is so much easier today to connect with the whole world. And it is even more stunning to connect with people we might have never seen before but who feel so very familiar. I found many friends here on WordPress who for sure I consider as my soul mates. This is what I believe about soul mates: Read more ›

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