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Do I really know what the soul is? No. I have a feeling, a strong feeling. I have a belief, a strong belief. But when I think back, that belief and feeling about what a soul is has changed or at least, has become a bigger picture over the years. I don’t know if I will ever get the whole picture. I may only see it once I get rid of my body and merge again with my source. I want to share some thoughts about the soul with you and I don’t know yet where I will end up.

I love to talk about the soul. Talking about the soul already makes me feel powerful and peaceful at the same time. There is a saying that strength lies in serenity and it is definitely true. The soul doesn’t need to prove anything. It knows it all. It doesn’t need to convince the ego that the ego is not slightly half as wise as the soul is. It makes no sense because the ego doesn’t even want to understand.

Wait…. the ego, the soul…. and I? That makes me think: Are there three? Because when I can decide between listening to the ego or the wisdom of my soul then “I” would be a third party. Yes, I believe that the “I” is an aspect of that huge formation called the soul. It is that aspect that was sent down to earth in order to experience itself and in order to remember who it is.

There are many aspects of the soul incarnating at the same time – our soul mates! And if our soul’s plan has it written in our incarnation contract, then we are even granted to meet our twin soul. I believe that twin souls or twin flames are literally two halves of this soul’s aspect. That’s why they feel more familiar with each other than with anyone else. They understand each other without words and they recognize each other immediately. They have everything in common for a solid base but each of them has exactly the perfect things to add in order to make both feel whole.

When I consciously align with my soul then I feel security and strength coming up within me. I feel surrounded and fulfilled by light. It is a feeling of knowing that all is well – no matter how it is. Because otherwise, it wouldn’t be as it is. It is a feeling of being guided and watched over me. A feeling of love and serenity but also the inner motivation to go for what I feel is my purpose, my dream, my order! And whatever I feel it might be, gives sense to my life. Then I feel where I belong in this life – I feel my place in this world. Is there anything for enhancing than feeling on track with who you are?

I don’t know, but I believe that the soul I belong to is part of the source. Eventually, we all together are the source – the incarnated aspects of a soul, all souls as part of the source. In my book I’m Free I explain that with a cake. All the ingredients you need are mixed together thoroughly. Whatever piece you cut out has the same composition. Even a crumb has that same composition. We all carry that divine spark within. That’s why we are all the same at our core. We have the same origin, we all enter a body, and we all are destined to leave it again. We all are exploring this physical life at different ages. We all have something to give. We all find limitations. We all are meant to overcome them in a unique way. We all have unique stories. We all are breathing the same air, and need food and water to nurture our bodies. We all are walking on the same road but moving differently. We are all – one energy. It cannot be separated, it only comes in different forms. But we are one energy and that’s what mankind needs to understand. We all have this creative power within but only when we consciously unite it we can create great things for everyone. Then we are having a world honoring the things we have in common and even more what the individual has to give in its uniqueness.

Then everybody will be free to fulfill their purpose which again we basically have in common: Experiencing this physical life in its fullness for the sake of everyone!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


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Oh Robert, you truly are accepted and appreciated exactly how you are. What you just wrote is most wonderful. I couldn’t be happier to spread this feeling. Huge hugs, my friend 😊

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Great post, Erika! I often think of all the creatures created and how many share the same attributes, like eyes, we all have eyes but they are in different settings, like dogs, birds, horses, snakes, humans. We are all connected!

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Yes, that is a great thought. Lately I just thought how amazing it is that there are also so many people who look so very similar although they are not related to each other. That amazes me so often. We definitely are all connected, we breathe the same air and have the same longings. Thank you, Vonita 😊

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