So Excited!!!

When have you been excited the last time? Did something turn out the way you wished for? Did you meet lovely people? Did you succeed in something you worked for hard? Did things you were waiting and longing for finally come true? How did it feel? Weren’t you filled with adrenaline? Weren’t you filled with a feeling of immense power? There was happiness, gratitude, and contentment in abundance, right? You saw that in the end things are well. You felt what happiness is about, what joy is about, and perhaps even what life is about. But most of all you felt so very deep in the most positive way. And yes, that is what life is about.

The most exciting times in life are those when you completely feel on purpose. When you are one with what is around you, what comes from you, and what comes back to you as a result. I am full of excitement when I am singing, when I am writing my Monday posts, during a lecture or interview… simply when I can live my passion and see that others benefit from it. But also, when I witness how things are working out for others. It touches me and excites me when I see that the effort of other people gets rewarded when dreams come true, and when compassion and justice gain a victory. Yes, pure adrenaline!

In such moments, you are feeling who you are. Then you are feeling your power. You feel like you can conquer the world. Depending on the cause, excitement about success (and success already is when you are happy with who you are and with what you are experiencing) fuels your self-esteem. It fuels your creativity. It inspires, motivates, empowers and most of all it shows you that there is always this door that opens up. Really always! But of course, circumstances and conditions need some time to get into order. Once you have a new way to look at life or a new vision you want to bring to life, you are starting a transformation process. You are creating a new reality from what is to what will be. I don’t want to go into detail here because I recently wrote about it in my posts Choices – Fate – Destiny and Focus On The Outcome.

What I want to bring a bit closer is the importance to feel the excitement. Being excited sets an enormous creative energy free which is like the strong pulse of pushing your creative vibrations in a pipeline towards the desired outcome. It connects powerfully with the reality you want to have in your life. The more excited you are, the more convinced you are, and the more determined you go toward that new reality. You know it is already there and only has to manifest physically. But it is there! No matter how long it takes. This knowing gives another powerful boost towards the realization of your vision. Once the first signs are visible, your motivation, your conviction, and your enthusiasm get fed. It accumulates and helps to open more doors, clear the path, to bring things even faster in order. The more excited, the more energy you set free and…. you infect others.

Infecting others with your conviction causes this co-creation. The more people believe in something the more powerful the creative process. That’s why I am careful about telling too many people about my plans. I only pick those I know feel with me, believe in me, and share my visions and ideas. On one hand, I do it because I don’t want to be discouraged (actually when I am convinced about it, I won’t give in, but it can dim the excitement). On the other hand, I cause more energy to support the desired outcome. The more signs show up and the more solidified my own conviction is the more people I tell about it and then I even tell those who might doubt it all. At a certain point, that motivates me, even more, to show them that it will happen. A positive aspect of my stubbornness…. lol!

Since I discovered the correlation between excitement and manifestation I am more excited about new ideas. I already see the result and I feel it clearly as if it had already come true. Yes, I already feel the excitement of the manifested imagination. An awesome feeling. It is a matter of fact that we can have all and everything we can imagine. We only need to feel the joy and the enthusiasm that sends out the message that we believe in the existence of what we wish for. It is doubtlessly reaching out for something and pulling it closer. The only thing that might come in the way is our soul’s plan. Some things won’t happen in order to keep us on track… but…. I believe that we can only be wholeheartedly excited about things that actually are in our soul’s plan. That’s why we don’t all have the same dreams and longings.

When we are in “it won’t work out” mode most things will take longer, will not unfold in their fullness, or won’t show up at all. Since we are aware of our creative power so why not use it the way it brings joy? It starts with you, what you feel about yourself, and about the content of your life. So be excited about your life and your life will be exciting. Be excited about all the things you can create for your life, about all the wonderful things you can experience. We are creating with the energy we feel. When you are excited you will create things that bring, even more, excitement – most of all because you prove to yourself that it works!

In the end, who decides how you want to feel? No, not the circumstances, not the people. Whatever they show you, try to convince you, force you, the last decision is made by you. Nobody can compel you to feel anything. Choose excitement and be excited about what life has in store for you. You yourself have the power to make it blossom!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


The power lies in the energy of the excitement we radiate. Being excited for something is a proof that we strongly belief in it and feel it as a truth and reality…. that is all it needs to create great things. Thank you very much, dear Carolina 😘

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Oh you are very welcome Erika these words are precious and it is totally true how much we can change our realities through feelings and beliefs! I am very happy and excited for what is happening in your life I wish you all the best for your new job and all that comes with it! Congratulations in love and light 😉

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That was very touching, Carolina! Thank you for your lovely words. I totally feel this flowing through your lines. You are a wonderful friend! Feel strongly hugged!!! 💖

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